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[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 32 BUSINESS DAYS] National Provider of Water Jet Cutting Services #084

$1,390,000 WIWO Ref: 1023141

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This is a Well-Renowned 22-Year-Old National Provider of Water Jet Cutting Services, Currently Operating in SE/QLD (Could be Relocated to a New Location in Australia). Enjoying a High Gross Profit Margin, Multiple Passive Income Streams, and a Lucrative Net Profit. Staff Manage the Workshop and Requires No Marketing or Advertising to Support the High Repeat Ordering Clientele Who Have Made this Business their “Preferred Supplier” For Many Years… Clients Include Multinational, Public Companies, Government Departments, Military, Small Through to Large Businesses, As, They Require These Services For Their Own Endeavours to Remain Profitable!

  • Established for decades, this is one of the best known and most relied upon SE QLD based, but national ‘water jet, laser and plasma’ cutting service provider. Offering a diversity of cutting services, able to cut nearly any material, of massive thickness, that you can name (outsources all cutting other than water jet cutting which generates multiple passive income streams).
  • This being a veritable ‘one stop’ any material cutting service business. Priding itself on saving clients’ money, and providing a personalised approach which keeps them coming back for years, even decades. The core and high rate of repeat ordering clientele will delight any new owner.
  • A new owner needs no prior industry knowledge, skill or background, as all can be trained within just a few days, thanks to having a near automated software which plans each and every cutting job. There is the support of well trained and capable staff managing the workshop, and the machinery and operating software is one of the world’s leading brands, saving hours of staff labour and able to produce what clients want quicker, and more efficiently, requiring less material cost to do so.
  • When clients come to understand the vast cost savings, and efficiencies of water jet cutting; for the cutting of steel, aluminium, plastics, tiles etc then they usually become life-long converts, remaining steadfast in their ordering, on-going, as it simply makes sense to remain with this highly trusted provider, who saves them money, for every job.
  • Other cutting methods usually take longer, are more restrictive of thickness and material, and usually prove to be far more costly. One cost is not being able to cut as many products per sheet of material than alternatives.
  • It is also exciting to know that this business is a ‘blank canvas’ when it comes to marketing and advertising its trademarked brand and service benefits. Nothing has been done to generate this business’s annual sales and profit yields, it simply rests upon its nation-wide reputation for providing for decades a great job. Its client loyalty and return ordering rate are major indicators of this companies overall trading success.
  • This business has diversity in spades, including a diversity of industry clients, services, suppliers etc. Making this “go to” business an attractive option for any client wishing to cut any product, out of any material. The wide spectrum of national industries who resort to using this cutting service is due to them making this brand their preferred supplier. When you receive your copy of the detailed business profile, you’ll soon realise that this is no ordinary business, so we welcome you to check out all the facts, as they will truly amaze!
  • The process of operating the machinery is relatively simple, the costs of operating being relatively low overall, making for a high and consistent gross profit margin and resultant net income yield.
  • This would be the perfect ‘bolt-on’ business for an existing engineering, fabrication or finishing business, as this large and high-quality client base, service offering, high capacity for growth with current equipment, and profit outcome could be transferred to any new owner or company, immediately.
  • Able to be relocated to any location in the nation, as the majority of products cut are couriered to clients throughout the country.  Uses a world leading machinery brand.
  • The flow of sales enjoyed throughout the year is a result of organic, inbound, and repeat job orders mainly, plus free – existing client referrals.
  • This is a once in a lifetime acquisition, not being available for transfer to a new owner for the last 22 years! Frankly, this business is commercially secure, due to the status and demand of its high number of quality business, government and public company clients, who require products to be cut on-going, which allows their own businesses to remain profitable. A great position to be in, when your client base becomes so dependent upon your servicing of them. This owner chooses to oversee this operation part-time hours per week, as the workshop is managed. This is definitely one profile to get a hold of and read all about, so request your own copy of the detailed business profile now. Also includes a high plant & equipment, intellectual property value. 

You’ll be more than delighted when you find out just how profitable and scalable this service business actually is…All for $1.39 million WIWO  Owner Open to Offers

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