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Niche Marine Service and Product Supply Business #131

$199,000 WIWO Ref: 1023401

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Established for Nearly Two Decades by This Current Owner, This Is a Niche Marine Service and Product Supply Business (Being Best Suited to Anyone with A Glazier or Auto Glass Industry Background – But, All Can & Will Be Trained a New Owner). This Business Has So Few Competitors Within SE QLD, As It Provides What Most Others Don’t… Sales Up By 13.53% 20/21! This Is a Supplier Which Includes a Major International Yacht Product, Being A Preferred Product Reseller, Receiving On-Going Referrals of New Clients, In Addition to A Large Volume of High Repeat, Existing Commercial/Business & Privately Owned Vessel Sales. These Clients Require This Well Renowned and Trusted Product and Relates Services…On-Going!

  • 18 years of establishment by this current owner constitutes long-term ownership. This owners near two-decade tenure is confirmation that this business has been an attractive financial and lifestyle investment. The growing number of client jobs is occurring mainly within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.
  • This is a unique and niche marine industry product supplier and service provider, and there being so few businesses of this kind within southeast QLD, hence its growth in sales – up 13.53% in 20/21! This business has built a reputation for providing quality for these always in demand products and services.
  • This brand is a proud and preferred product reseller of one of the most respected, offshore, and well-known yacht product manufacturers and international suppliers in the world. This business is also a trusted and respected market player within the SE QLD region and beyond.
  • This business owner is now ready for retirement, only after a medium-term transition and highly supportive hand over. A company or owner who has a background within the auto glass or glazier industries would find this an extraordinarily well-paid venture, a ‘leap up’ in annual income (the marine industry pays more for glass repairers and fitters etc.).
  • There will be introductions to many existing, marine businesses and commercial clients who are constant referrers of new clients.
  • Minimal dollars are invested in advertising and marketing, as the high rate of repeat clientele orders far out ways the need to spend money inviting new clients actively. There being more clients than this business owner even wants to service currently… now preparing for retirement.
  • This business is already booked well in advance, as there are so few competitive players operating within this niche market segment (many even forget that this type of product range and services are being constantly required for vessels and are needed to be purchased, extremely often thanks to weather, salt erosion and wear and tear etc).
  • Due to this business’s 18 years of trading history and well-established market reputation, there are a high volume of clients being referred and who are always returning, which makes the phone ring, constantly. This is just an extremely popular business, due to the type of marine products and services supplied to a diversity of private and commercial vessel owners.
  • A new owner (does not need any particular industry background to profit from owning this lucrative investment – although having an auto glass or glazier background, could be highly supportive). A related marine industry business would do well to profit from “bolting” this business onto an existing operation.
  • The profit margins are high, and the net profit is extremely reliable and growing! When you have this high level of on-going client demand and sales volumes, the owner and the staff are kept busy throughout the year (not a seasonal business).
  • When you own a business that is so trusted and renowned for its product and service quality and is required by anyone who owns a vessel (no matter the size or use), it simply means that the market for this niche product and service is extremely large, it stands to reason that business remains an extremely busy provider.
  • Nearly every type of vessels requires this type of product and service at some time or another, mainly due to the effect of sea salt and the harsh Australian sun.
  • It has now become obvious, due to the growth in SE QLD’s population, and with so many southern state residents making QLD their home, that boat ownership numbers continue to climb.
  • This business’s “sales flood gates” are ready to be kept opened by a new owner. There is enough client demand and sales potential for any new owner to add two more staff to the fold, immediately.
  • Again, due to retirement, this owner does not wish to grow this business exponentially. But, it would be the best thing for this business. As the trading results suggest, the more clients that are serviced and supplied with products, the more clients return – organically…
  • Proudly, this owner has never had money worries. Clients pay well, having a high percentage of business and commercial businesses to support. Includes private clients who own expensive toys, who want to keep their boats seaworthy, so they invest the money when it’s required.
  • A new owner or existing marine business, could double or quadruple this business within a relatively short time, as the on-going and inbound client demand far exceeds what this owner and his staff want to respond to.
  • There is ample more money to be made by a new, motivated owner or marine company. This business’s base offers one of the best options in which to be funded by owners of boats, both commercial and private.
  • There being a large referring network of boat builders, boat brokers, boat product distributors, commercial fishing companies etc. who outsource to this niche service and product provider. This is a very lucrative niche segment within the marine industry.
  • Water and weather is always the enemy of all vessels that adorn our seas.
  • Just wait until you enter this business’s ‘marine world’. Peer into this highly detailed business profile and become aware of just how cashflow positive it is. Having an ample flow of funds being banked as clear profit. This being a low cost business model.
  • The swelling client demand should not be ignored, but responded to…but, planning to retire always dampens enthusiasm for further growth.
  • This business puts any new owner or marine industry business into a luxurious commercial position. These clients needing to spend money with this operator, for the benefit of their high value assets and commercial companies must keep operating to make their profits.

Here, you can enter the marine industry and expand a business within it, using the spoils of a well liked and revered operation, as staff can continue carrying the torch with you. Priced well, due to a genuinely retiring owner. Only $199K WIWO

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