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[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 21 BUSINESS DAYS] Niche Security Product National Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Exporter #100

$2,000,000 + SAV Ref: 1023292

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TThis is a High Net Income, Organically Growing, Electronic Key Management and Locker Systems Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor, Exporter & Market Leading Supplier. Offering A Large, Diverse and High-Quality Product Range, As Well As Great Paying Clients. These Include Large, Notary, Multi-Nationals, Many Government Departments, Corporate Companies, And Businesses Etc. Also Offers Multiple Exclusive Distribution Contracts (Which Secure 90+% Of the Total Annual Sales). Enjoys A 90%+ Repeat Product Order Rate, Making This an Extremely Unique & Financially Secure Business, Ready to Be Owned, Experienced, And Developed.

  • This direct importer, exclusive product-based, national wholesaler/distributor, and exporter has traded long term within this niche Electronic key management and locker systems product market segment. Remaining the long term contracted and exclusive distributor to many reliable suppliers, both on and offshore. This is a direct importation business, this fact, naturally plumping up net income returns and gross profit margins.
  • Able to offer its clients a range of exclusively distributed ‘own brand’ products. This only serves to lift the ‘barrier to entry’ even higher and fortifies its market-leading, high import volume-based industry positioning.
  • Includes a very high percentage of repeat product order transactions – on-going, this being for nearly all of its large and diverse product range. Having the majority of all products distributed protected by exclusive supply and distribution contracts means that competitors struggle to get a look in.
  • With large, notary and constantly returning clientele on the books as active clients, including a high percentage of government department supply, as well as supplying top name, market leading brands and companies with all their product supplies, it is easy to understand why this importer/distributor is one of the top sellers within the southern hemisphere.
  • Having held the exclusive rights for the majority of these business’s top selling product range means that clients must return to this business to place their regular product orders (for required across a high number of different industries).
  • Let’s discuss clientele. This business can boast having one of the highest quality, calibre and notary clients operating in Australia today. We were left stunned as to just how many different industry sectors is supplied by this niche market player. The trust in this business’s brands, runs deep among clients, with most business owners only being able to dream about this level of recurring and repeat ordering!
  • Diversity of clientele is also a boon for this business, in addition to a diversity of products offered its fast-expanding client base. There are multiple suppliers on hand to ensure that minimum orders remain low, and high-volume importation orders continue to be fulfilled.
  • These are highly relied upon, long established and respected product brands, and suppliers also drop-ship product orders on behalf of this business. The nature of these products is that they are needed everywhere, by so many different clients and industries. This business’s products represent an always required “spoke within a wheel”. Therefore, clients return to purchase often, needing these products to complete their client jobs, so they can also continue to trade profitably.
  • This business has remained the long term and preferred supplier to thousands of clients, across a diversity of industries. There are a very high number of government departments, multi-nationals, great paying clients, and notary clientele who are industry leaders in their own right. Includes schools/universities, commercial/businesses, corporate clients etc. They all contribute to this business’s ever-growing sales and strong ‘inbound’ based and proven product distribution system (Sales growth experienced each and every year, for a minimum of the last 5 years!).
  • There being no large premises required, thanks to the afore mentioned drop-shipping services extended and relied upon, being provided by suppliers.
  • 90% (approx.) of existing clients return to purchase from this niche Electronic key management and locker systems product supplier and national wholesaler/distributor. This also includes a good number of top and leading security industry members who are recurring purchasers. This high rate of return purchasing is due to this business having the exclusive distribution rights for these in demand products.
  • Product exclusivity extends throughout Australia and NZ, with an additional exclusive agreement in place with one of its top selling product suppliers, to develop client markets and dealerships throughout all the major countries within South-East Asia. The latter, being something that the current owner has yet to explore.
  • Providing any new owner (requiring no specific skills or prior industry knowledge) or strategically aligned industry company, with a long list of unique benefits. This business offers an investor what most other businesses can’t! There are extremely high ‘barriers to entry’ in place that effectively reduces competition. This results in achieving a high rate of quote acceptances and recurring client orders for the future.
  • The financial future of the new owner can be secured and made safe for decades to come. By way of multiple distribution and supply contracts and already traded long term means that this has since become one of the most popular product distributors of its kind within this fast growing market.
  • High upfront customer deposit payments with orders ensure positive cash flow for this business to finance its imports and operating costs and maintain a market share that continues to grow organically. This is one quality client and product list for any new owner to claim and an open opportunity to substantially grow the business both nationally and internationally.
  • Local, state, and federal government departments are clients, and there are so many ways that this business could be actively grown by a new owner. This long standing original owner not needing to, thanks to an already bulging ‘bottom line profit’ return, earned year after year.
  • Existing, and new client orders continually stream in, with tens of thousands of dollars in confirmed client orders currently being processed and converted. This is one blue chip business investment to own and appreciate for its extremely high returns.
  • Here, you can enjoy the lifestyle that most just dream about. There is ample “low hanging fruit” ready for the picking. Feast on the growing profits already being generated organically, and revel in the many commercial protections in place, as with the potential for further development and business expansion.
  • The long-term client loyalty, high volume based ordering and sales just keeps the money flowing, continually. Sales have just increased, every year, without this owner doing anything too differently. New clients means more income, which creates increased sales, then results in even more return business and thus higher profits. This all occurring naturally.
  • This owner wants to achieve the ‘right fit’ owner or company for this transfer, one who can continue this business’s enviable and long-term legacy. For the right investor, this business is one that can set a new owner up financially for the future.
  • We encourage you not to wait, so email us now, and whether you are approved to receive the highly detailed profile of this large, market leading investment or not, this will be left up to the owner. The profit rewards are boundless!
  • This business has the industry stature and secure market positioning which keeps competitors out – long term!
  • The existing distribution contracts offer a new owner the ability to simply continue receiving the constant client product, government purchase orders and inbound based product orders. The net income to sale ratio offers such an extremely high financial reward for building this already profitable endeavour. If you initially qualify as a potential buyer of this business, you will be more than appreciative to receive the highly detailed profile of this business and this one-time, unique opportunity to procure a one in a million investment!
  • This owner has not had to actively market this business for many, many years, but if it were, even more returns could be enjoyed!

Retirement is the main reason for this genuine conveyance, being made available now for the first time in many, many years. Open to genuine offers, as owner is motivated. All this for just $2 Million + SAV ($300K approx.) 

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