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One of a Kind Pet Product Supply and Online Business #329

$275,750 + SAV Ref: 1024205

This One of a Kind Pet Product Supply and Online Business Offers its Organically Growing Clientele, a Unique and Niche Range of Pet Products. Differentiated from Most Other Pet Product Providers within the National Market. Enjoying a Prime and Well-Located Position, this Business Offers Multiple Income Streams – Via its Pet Product Outlet and Online Webstore. The Net Income Generated is Supported by Staff and a Product Range That’s Easy to Courier. This Enables Growth in National Product Sales, for These Unique Products Ordered Online and Delivered to Any Home in the Nation...

  • Well established, this business has since secured a position within the national pet industry and market, and becoming one of the most unique of its kind, including its entire product range offering. Able to provide its clientele, of all ages, not only proven saleable and standard products, but offers highly customisable products for client’s pets within the home.
  • This is a highly lucrative niche product market segment, meeting an organically growing client demand and need for this type of product within the home, for people’s dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards and the like.
  • Plus, offers a range of related pet products, accessories and general consumables. This business has not needed to actively market or promote its webstore, and yet still receives online client orders and inquiries on-going, due to the sheer ‘pulling power’ of supplying this type of diverse (both standardised and customised) product range.
  • The game changer for this business was the fact that its products are also ‘flat packed’, making it easy and convenient to ship to anyone in the country, via courier. Clients can select from the unique range of proven and standard products customised, ancillary products and related accessories, including purchasing the live animals. Or, to simply order a customised animal product/s, uniquely tailored to the client’s own home and personal needs, wants, and desires.
  • Since COVID-19, there has been a surge in home-based pet ownership throughout Australia, especially the demand for ‘lower maintenance’ pets, in addition to cats and dogs, which this business also caters to (to a lesser degree than your standard pet shop). As, this is no standard pet shop or related product provider to the local and greater national client markets.
  • There remains ample option for this business to be actively expanded, marketed and promoted more than it has currently needed to, to generate its return on investment.
  • Even the current product offering and large range could be readily expanded upon by a new owner. This remains a unique and independently owned brand, occupying, oh so ‘snugly’ – set within a growing niche segment of the multi-billion-dollar pet industry, (both outlet and online based). We are left to imagine just what could be done across the national market, online, if a new owner was to harness the true power of this type of product range and do it even more justice with business development and marketing initiatives implemented. Clients who champion these types of products are also very happy to share their ‘product pride’ with their friends, family and associates. Word of mouth is rife…
  • Therefore, this business enjoys a massive social media following to boot!
  • For an existing pet related business this ‘bolt-on’ would be a boon, and for any other pet lover looking to crack into the pet industry, and profit big from it, this is your unique ticket that offers less competitors overall. And it is difficult to compete against this type of business, due to what it offers, unlike most others in Australia.
  • There is potential to expand the current product range, which has already proven popular, with referrals being the main source of all new business and sales. Very little marketing and advertising has needed to be done to date, compounded by the fact that this business’s prime and main road position brings in clients constantly. Only open for part-time hours, per week (having trained their clients).
  • There is literally ‘so much more than meets the eye’ with this business, as its average dollar sale is higher than most other types of pet product businesses, and it enjoys a commercial landscape that has so few direct competitors, able to provide what clients want to buy. Supplied by this well trusted and renowned brand, in-house.
  • There is also immediate option to import more products and to achieve an even higher gross profit margin.
  • Simple type of business, diverse in its product range, yet has proven to be a powerful player, securing a market position thanks to its ‘flat packed’ products, which are able to be sent out of this door and arrive on many more client’s doors around the country – if they were to be reached, via more campaigning.
  • What has been done to date, have been mostly organically generated, to date. Proving that the product demand is self-sustaining – without actively marketing and promoting this range. The prospects for growth of this operation are just plain exciting. Just wait until you read about its product range, trading history, and financial performance – It is ready to delight any animal lover or existing pet industry player.
  • Who wouldn’t want to profit from owning a business securely set and differentiated within the massive pet product industry (outlet and online based). The ‘barrier to entry’ is much higher than one would expect, and the average dollar sale per client just puts a smile on your face…
  • This is certainly a ‘one of a kind’ business, like no other that this owner knows of the nation over. Hence, its popularity and natural ‘drawing’ of clients to its fold, needs so little encouragement. Clients have found this pleasing pet option and range, and its popularity continues to billow! This business is waiting for a new owner to support its growth trajectory, and due to a family situation, this is the first time this business has been made available to transfer to a new owner or company.
  • So, get amongst it and peruse this business’s highly detailed business profile, so you can enter a world that most don’t know even exists, until they find out about these products and they can’t help but purchase one or more of these options for their pet and home.

Being genuinely transferred for family reasons, and for only $275,750 + SAV ($120K approx.)

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