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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 24HOURS WITH 4 COMPETING BUYERS!!] One of SE/QLD’s Largest Produce, Pet Product Supply and Distribution Business #125

$689,000 + SAV Ref: 1023290

This is One of SE/QLD’s Largest Produce, Pet Product Supply and Distribution Businesses. Offering a Very Large Range of Top Selling, High Sales Growth and Always in Demand Pet Foods and Related Goods. There are Thousands of Products, as With Clients. The High Volume Clients Enjoy ‘Home/Business or Quasi-Gov’t Site Delivery’ & Repeat Purchasers are Grateful for this Conveniently Located Outlet/Warehouse. A Massive 92.39% (approx.) of Sales are Paid Upfront, Providing a Positive Cashflow to Any New Owner (No Money Worries Here). In Addition to this High Net Income, Which Has Grown Each and Every Year for More Than the Last Half Decade, an Additional $500K Has Been Added Organically Within the Last 3.5 Years - Alone. This is Already a Growing, Multi-Million Dollar Sales Pet Product Supplier, Which Has a Part-time, Flexible Hour Owner….2IC, Assistant Manager as with Support Staff to Operate Day-to-Day.

  • This is one of SE/QLD’s largest and longest established produce, pet product suppliers and distribution businesses. This investment only ever having 2 owners during its 35 years of trading. This fact alone is testament to not only how profitable and therefore well-funded this part-time hour owner is by owning this investment, but just how supportive this enviable lifestyle really is. Frankly, this multi-million-dollar sale business supplies a larger product range than most, and they are always in demand. Clients who return regularly pay upfront, as they need to purchase these products!
  • Its list of business-to-business and business-to-quasi-government funded clients, are not only long term loyal, but purchase in high volume, and often. Having a large 3,500+ product range and thousands of dollars of repeat and return purchasing activity. This business is currently experiencing yet another near 10% sales growth in 20/21! Just add this growth to the consistent sales growth experienced every year from 2017 to date…
  • Clients include hobby farms, agistment centres, horse riding schools, schools, animal related charities, racehorse owners, government departments, and general pet businesses who all require products to keep their animals happy and healthy. There is a benefit in being able to offer such a large range of animal feed etc.
  • With little more than an average of a $2K p.a. marketing budget over the last half decade. Even less was spent on advertising – $22 in 20/21. This is like no other produce business you’ll find…
  • This business’s naturally occurring sales growth is due to the growth in the surrounding areas population. Clients are enjoying the company of animals, which continues to see more money falling into the till.
  • With a growing market share, as a result of expanding the range and a constant rise in population numbers within the greater Brisbane region, more and more clients are choosing to make their homes and properties even more self-sufficient. Investing in their own chicken coups, for example. Purchasing guinea pigs to help them fertilise their vegetable gardens etc.
  • This is a recession proof business, posting increased sales, every year for more than the last 4.5 years!
  • This is not a discretionary spend business, able to lap up the on-going demand of those needing to feed and look after their beloved pets and animals.
  • This business includes long term staff; an assistant manager, a 2IC and staff that clients just adore being serviced by. Always warm, helpful, and providing that wide smile. With the product knowledge and pride in this brand, staff can manage this business in this owner’s absence, as the owner chooses to remain part-time, retreating to the comfort and privacy of his own home, and office if financial activity reports are to be viewed.
  • This owner chooses to support staff when required, and leaves the majority of all customer service and transactional duties to the manager’s and staff on team.
  • There is immediate potential to add a new website and create yet another passive income stream (no e-commerce webstore, as yet). This business takes bulk products, and creates many higher profit margin packages for clients to purchase 1kg, 500g bags etc. This only serves to support the high and robust gross profit margin enjoyed by this upward climbing sales business.
  • After more than 30 years supporting the community of pet owners throughout the greater Brisbane region, there is so much to be said about a business that does not require a dedicated advertising budget, nor an online webstore as yet.
  • Yes, this is a pet and product supplier that is now available for transfer for the first time in more than the last decade. Due to this owner being able to retire well-funded – all thanks to owning and operating this business. This can be the case for any new owner, requiring no prior industry experience, nor skill or background. All will be trained. As this is a highly systemised operation, all be it completely independently operated.
  • This too can be the road taken for a new, enthused owner, who can see just how much more money could be made if a new owner was to initiate regular communication with the large, diverse, and loyal fan base.
  • There is an instant income to be generated by posting these many products to eBay, Amazon and supplied online, via a new webstore. Upgrading the existing website has never been a priority, as this brand’s reputation has continued to do all the talking for free, receiving constant existing client referrals, and enough word-of-mouth activity that continues to circulate within the community, that bring clients from far and wide…
  • Once clients find this business they have no reason to ever leave.
  • Let loose, enjoy a flexible hour lifestyle. Make an extremely profitable living by simply helping others love their animals.
  • Make this outstanding net income with an investment that gives back – tenfold!
  • Enjoy this natural sales growth, thanks to increased population and an inclination towards clients becoming more self-sufficient. Owning pets can bring pure enjoyment, sometimes being the very best company to keep. 

This being a genuine transfer due to retirement of the owner, all for just $689K + SAV $110-130K (fast moving stock)

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