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One of the Largest Cutting, Sawing and Drilling Service Provider, Niche Demolition Company #326

$5,950,000 WIWO Balance on Vendor Finance Ref: 1024215

Established for Decades, this is One of QLD’s, if Not Australia’s Largest Cutting, Sawing and Drilling Service Provider, Including Being a Specialist, Niche Demolition Company. No Marketing or Advertising Needed, Thanks to this Market Leader’s Preferred Service Provider Status with Many Government Departments. Includes a High Repeat and Return Order Clientele (Mainly Tier 1 & 2 Corporations). Provides an Organically Growing Sales and Profitability, Enjoying an Extremely High Quote to Job Conversion Rate. Constant Inbound Client Orders! Includes On-Going Service Contracts Providing Ample Financial Security and a Supportive Cashflow. Managers Includes, Plus a Large Trained Team within this Business. A High Value of Equipment Adds to the Value of this Total Business Package…

  • Established for decades by this current owner, this is one unique operation which has since rose to the heights of “largest of its kind” within QLD, if not the nation. Operating locally through to servicing clients around the country and classified as being one of the largest and most dominant players of its kind, providing the quality services within not one but two protected and “high barrier to entry” niche market segments.
  • Its services include providing cutting, sawing, drilling and demolition services for many government departments; road, utilities and infrastructure, remaining as a fully inducted and internally registered, preferred service provider to not only government funded clientele, but to the “best in these industries” clientele. Servicing and receiving constant purchase orders from many of the nation’s multi-nationals and major tier 1 and 2 corporations, having remained staunchly loyal to this brand for more than the last decade or more!
  • This brand is well known and respected for having the multi-million dollars of plant equipment available to complete a high number of client jobs at once! Very few, if any other market player can offer this company’s level of dependability, offering all clients a predictable and consistent job quality. By having the equipment to complete the intended jobs, speaks volumes of the power that this business wields.
  • Having an average of triple the equipment available to it when compared to other competitors, which means being able to complete jobs more time efficiently for its clientele, which is of utmost importance, especially for large businesses that need to be shut for routine maintenance.
  • Able to constantly outdo the rest, hence why this brand has remained market leader within its multiple niche client markets. Able to convert a high number of inbound based quotes which constantly stream in (this operation is not tender based).
  • This trusted and heavily relied upon service only business, enjoys the commercial luxuries of not needing to seek out any new client work, as it has been many decades of “doing right” by its major government and quasi-government funded clients, including notable corporate and large value clientele. These clients including the highest order of clients within the national business community. Even includes offshore drilling platform clientele.
  • This investment continues to make the money without expending on advertising, sales reps or marketing.
  • Investment in a high value of plant and equipment has meant that this business has been able to provide its services to large industrial, manufacturing and commercial construction clients, choosing to expand nationally over the years, and already having multiple sites nationwide.
  • It has a growing client demand both on and offshore for the recycled products that it is paid to remove as part of its niche market segment, specialised demolition works. There is an immediate opportunity to increase the recycling income generated by this business, including export sales. But, waste product recycling, although it is in high demand both within Australia and abroad, has never been this business’s core focus. This niche demolition service is required on a regular basis for these large, high quality and great paying clients, remaining regularly reliant on this preferred provider. It helps to be a specialist within a high barrier niche, within the demolition industry. These services also serve to increase the client’s operational efficiencies!
  • Yes, this is one unique and well differentiated operation, having multiple managers in place and a well-trained and long term experienced team in-house – providing this owner with a freedom to choose tasks, which are mainly completed via, email, phone, as is largely office based.
  • There is a diversity of services being offered by this business, which underpins its commercial strength. For decades, no one has rivalled this player within its two distinct niche markets.
  • It remains more versatile and has the resources; labour and equipment, plus the knowledge and skill on team to take on the larger, highly profitable and always in demand government, major corporate, mining and industrial work. Proud to have captured the lion’s share of QLD’s ongoing business client and government demand for this always required element of business, construction and manufacturing/mining etc.
  • Plus, offers any new owner or strategically aligned company the option to continue to expand its multiple niche services nationally, already based in Victoria and QLD. Ready for sites in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. This owner hopes that the new owner can say yes to further expansion across the country, as the business has been primed for this lucrative move!
  • There is no official trade for these niche market services, which also secures this business’s position, having all the knowledge and understanding on team, which can be trained of anyone. All will be trained the new owner, as this owner is offering to remain on for a medium-term transition, (doesn’t work on site or on the tools). Happy to remain employed for the new owner to provide a fully supported transition and direction.

This investment package is packed with commercial securities, contracts and a high value of equipment, all for just $5.95 Million (includes stock of $200-300K approx.) Balance on Vendor Finance

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