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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 10 Business Days] Online, Home Based, Importer of Designed Products #280

$139,000 + SAV Ref: 1023977

This is a 100% Online, Home Based (Base Anywhere in Australia), Minimal Hour, Direct Importer of Mainly Own Brand and Designed Products (Owns the Moulds/Designs), which are Contract Manufactured Offshore. Includes Exclusive National Product Distribution, Being a Unique and Highly Sought After Supplier of a Popular Range of Daily Use, Baby and Children’s Products. Includes a Large Client Database of Both 100% Paid Upfront Orders from Wholesale Business/Reseller Clients (Online and Outlet Based), Plus Ample Online Purchasers. Includes Mainly Passive, Inbound & Repeat Online Ordering. 100% of All Product Order Processing and Fulfilment Being Completed by an Outsourced 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Operation.

  • Established for more than the last decade and a half (14+ years) by this current, all be it a largely absent owner, this business is operated from the comfort and convenience of a home base (base from anywhere in the nation), as it outsources all its product storage and online order fulfilment to a trusted and large 3rd party logistics warehouse operation.
  • This is a direct importer and 100% pay upfront before despatch of any product orders, online-based supplier of a unique range of exclusive and own brand baby and children’s products, bar 1 – which sells out quickly. This national distributor of products, including exportation, includes the transfer of a very large and loyal, national network of wholesale business clients and resellers (online and outlet based), and an extended client “fan base” online (including via social media platforms).
  • Clients have proven to be devoted purchasers, as this business is ideally presented as gifts by relatives, friends and work colleagues of mother and child. These types of everyday use products not only look good and there is no other brand that shares its same popular styling and product features. The products are well designed, offering mothers and child functionality that makes these products fun and special when used. Mothers and children seem to adore this product range, hence the organic sales-based client activity and transactions which continue to put money in this mainly absent owner’s account!
  • Minimal hours consist of 5-10 hours per week (approx.), able to be completed by an unskilled casual, based remotely from home, or an owner can invest this time, leaving the balance of the week to do as one pleases. As, no stock holding on-site Is necessary or touching of stock needs to occur for the new owner, as all is entrusted to a specialised 3PL service operation and warehouse.
  • Hopefully, given the sheer value that is already being included with this business’s transfer, it reflects all that has already been built and established over the long term. A new owner will receive the direct benefit of all that has gone before, no matter their prior skill, knowledge, or industry expertise.
  • There is so much in this business package that it would take much more money than what is being asked here to create all that is being transferred here. All the hard work has been done; the next stage is to literally continue following the “time proven action plan” that the new owner will be given…no prior online business experience necessary to profit!
  • Much has been put into place, including a highly time and effort efficient software management system, marketing systems, a large database, brand awareness and recognition, own product moulds and many designs created, which prove to be core and popular sellers. All of this being a decade and a half in the making. Step in and profit from day one.
  • As this is a product range and supplier of products that young children and mothers require and use every day, it is easier for sales and gifting of these stylish and well received products to continue selling organically and remain largely an inbound based, order response business. Due to these products being so differentiated in the market, it also means there are fewer competitors that this online business has to contend with.
  • A higher direct importation gross profit margin has always been achieved, therefore, the same sales activity for this business yields this business’s owner even more profits than what others can make in the same space. It is hard to compete against this business directly, as its price point offers any online purchaser ample value for money, for sought after and well-presented/packaged products.
  • These products have remained attractive to a diversity of clients, with more marketing and advertising activity only able to yield up even more “paid up front cashflow and profitability”.
  • Clients also return and make regular purchases (especially business resellers online and outlet based). These unique to this business only, therefore exclusively distributed are much appreciated products, specifically designed for babies and young children.
  • There is a list of new products which have already been created and sampled, waiting to be released into the national market.
  • The combined benefits of supplying functional, daily use, uniquely designed and own-branded products, is certainly a “Wow” factor. These elements have continued to support the overarching popularity of this business brand, which it has continued to enjoy over its long 16 years of trading history online within this national market (including offshore clients).
  • There is something to be said about having the right products to distribute, and a 100% paid upfront purchasing clientele. These products also appeal to a client market segment that will always have money available, no matter the state of the economy. This entire range being ideal as a high-quality, stylish, and much-appreciated gift!
  • With little marketing and advertising needing to be done, to generates its existing profitability already having thousands of clients on this existing client database. There is much love and favour of these options, which continues to generate new sales.
  • This is the ultimate “scalable” business, not needing any staff or an expensive warehouse. In fact, for an existing operation, who has floor area available within an existing warehouse, the existing 3PL’s could be absorbed and the profit increased as a result.
  • In short, these paid upfront (always) online sales, comes with this business that enjoys a client diversity; wholesale/resellers/business clientele mixed with online consumers surfing the net to find that perfect gift idea or item to use in the home for the convenience of a parent or for a young child.
  • With the clientele already built and ready for more active communication by a new owner, more social media posting, adding products to affiliate websites and even the major marketplaces such as Catch/Kogan etc All could simply add to the sales being generated now, and almost immediately.
  • Why not enter the online space and own your very own e-commerce business, having a 16-year reputation for providing high quality at the right price, online. Also offering commercial protections which provides a high barrier to entry!

No one could duplicate the value and the many benefits being packaged here, for this transfer amount, nor within the short time a new owner can begin profiting from all that has gone before… Only being transferred due to this personal situation of this owner. All this for just a small transfer amount of only $139K + SAV $20-25K – fast moving)

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