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[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS] Online Only, 4WD Product Supply Webstore Business #113

$319,000 WIWO Ref: 1023300

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Established for Nearly a Decade, This is an Online Only, 4WD Product Supply Webstore Business (Products Mainly Drop-Shipped). Base Anywhere in Australia and Invest Minimal Hours, Per Week. Offers Any New Owner a Vastly Popular 4WD Specialist Webstore, With a Large Product Range (3,200+). Including Many Top Brand & Unique Product Distributorship & Supply Agreements. This 30,000 (approx.) Strong 4WD Client Base Offers a Lucrative and Immediately Scalable - ‘Bolt-On’ for Any Existing 4WD Industry or Related Business. This is Simply One of the Best Ways to Enter the Online World of ‘Making Money’ From the Growing 4WD Product Market…

  • Established for nearly a decade by the current owner, this owner operates this online business investing only minimal hours per week, as is holding down a full-time position within another, non-competitive industry. To support this low hour input, the vast majority of all client orders are being drop-shipped by the large number of suppliers. This means that this owner doesn’t have to stock, pick, pack or dispatch many client orders at all! This time leveraged business has proven highly successful over the years, resulting in the generation of tens of thousands of clients (30,000+ approx.) – With the vast majority of these being currently active and subscribed. This is quite simply a specialist, online and 4WD only product investment.
  • The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales being generated is thanks to the unique, quality and highly sought after products on offer by this website and business. There also being commercial protections in place in the way of holding many main and unique product supplier, distribution, and fixed price agreements. A government client represents one of the largest volume clients, being supplied a unique to their department, product range.
  • This is a secure and enjoyable way to make money, as all the hard work has been done for a new owner, who will be fully trained in how to successfully generate income and new clients online. For any 4WD related product or industry business, this represents an instant ‘bolt-on’ of a highly effective, time efficient, passive income stream. Imagine the cross selling and up selling opportunities that exist for a company if more products were introduced to these 30,000 targeted 4WD customers!
  • Base this business within a single lock up garage area, anywhere in Australia. The time saving product fulfilment is being outsourced and completed for you, by your suppliers. Use this free time and continue to build, grow, and expand on an already ‘working and highly successful’ specialist online business.
  • The overheads are low, no need for staff. Continue riding on the growing 4WD product demand segment. The grey nomads or anyone who owns a 4WD usually want all the accessories and mod cons added to their vehicles. This assures the greatest level of comfort, enjoyment, and safety. These enthusiasts spend tens or thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands on their vehicles and equipment.
  • This is a growth industry, with the national client demand high. Why not import more products, enter this market, and enjoy a home based lifestyle, building it to your heart’s content. Not many businesses offer you so much free time, as well as a relatively consistent, inbound, and passive transaction rate from clients (orders you don’t even have to fulfil yourself).
  • There will always be 4WD vehicles and their owners, seeking out products to fit to these vehicles, and that’s because it’s just part of the greater Australian culture. Also receive the many time and money saving benefits of tapping into a highly integrated and fully systemised, even most part, automated way of transacting and operating your very own online business.
  • This popular and highly ranked website just so happens to supply what the majors don’t, (including major brand products), being differentiated from the rest, as with the website’s effective and user friendly/easy to navigate design pleases clients – transactions ensue.
  • It also comes with a customised, and unique to this business, software management system that allows marketing to be done at a touch of a button, offering all the reporting you could ever need, and a way to integrate it with your suppliers, clients, and your accounting software. Just wait until you read about this one!

Enjoy being part of this secure industry and enjoy your online, business life…

All for just $319K WIWO – Owner is giving away stock for free, Owner Open to Offers

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