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Online Only, Baby Product Gift Box/Hamper-Based Webstore Business #112

$45,900 + SAV Ref: 1023276

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Established for More Than the Last 7 Years by This Current Owner, This is an Online Only, Baby Product Gift Box/Hamper-Based Webstore Business. A New Owner Can Base This From Any Home Office in Australia. This a Niche & Unique Concept Business, Which has Resulted in a Passive Income Generated From the Online Supply of a Large Range of High Quality, Great Value, Organic Baby Product Gift Boxes, Gift Hampers, and General Baby Products. No Marketing or Advertising Has Been Done for the Last Year, as This Owner has a Full-time Job. This Being a Side-line - Hobby Business Only, Requiring Only 8-24 Hours, Per Week. Ready to be Grown and Expanded by a New Owner…

  • Being so well established, this online only webstore has continued to generate tens of thousands of dollars in inbound based, passive income, providing this owner with a great supplementary income to her full-time job.
  • With a passive stream of paid upfront, online sales and profits, this niche market, baby product gift box, hamper and essential baby product supply and online distribution means that anyone in Australia or offshore can receive these most beautiful products and gifted options.
  • This business has a very large, existing client database. With all the hard work having already been done establishing an existing client database of more than 7,000 (approx.). Being coupled with thousands of social media-based followers.
  • Clients are both personal product users who order upfront online, via this popular and organically found webstore, and there being thousands of commercial/corporate and business clients located in Australia and offshore. These business to business clients purchase products and gifts for staff, management, work colleagues, friends, and associates etc – regularly (also paying upfront).
  • This webstore and product range is also popular among clients who live within the UK, Singapore, US, and Europe, all contributing towards the relatively consistent website orders being receipted, inbound. Clients simply fall in love with these products and the novel and well-presented way they are packaged into a gift box or hamper etc.
  • This business owner has many new gift box, hamper, and product ideas, which could instantly grow and expand upon this already well built “business base”.
  • There is a diverse client base in which to actively market to, but this owner, having a full-time career within a non-competitive industry means that very little marketing and advertising, or proactive building of this business could be done.
  • This owner hasn’t actively marketed for at least a year, and still client orders, consistent sales and profits are still being posted, to date. This gives you an insight into just how strong this online business actually is – organic is the word!
  • Don’t be fooled by the small investment amount being requested by this owner, as the exchange includes an extensive, under marketed client database that includes both personal users of baby products, and a very large list of business and corporate clientele who span the nation and offshore.
  • The products are many of the highest quality in the world, with this business being the approved distributor and online supplier of many of the industry’s market leading suppliers and brand names.
  • This business does have it all, but is simply missing the benefit of the devotion of free time and energy from its owner, who does not have the time to support the overall marketing or developing of this online store.
  • Already successful, which also leaves little motivation for this time poor owner to do anything different from just receiving paid upfront money, pick, pack, and dispatch client orders, everywhere in our great nation! All being within 8-24 hours per week.
  • With such a large, well established supplier base, these high quality products are packaged in one of the most desirable and unique ways. Adorable and beautiful to touch and see, these products simply entice the senses.
  • These are such highly-quality, attractive but well-priced gift options. Clients just love the value for money received every transaction.
  • Clients just can’t resist purchasing, as, once they find this website, they usually refer others or return as an existing customer.
  • This owner is extremely proud of the product mix and overall offering, taking pride in providing what most others don’t. The average transaction amount is kept high, per order, as there is a whole lot of value being transferred to every purchaser, and they know it! It being obvious to both gifter and giftee…
  • The market is shifting fast to more and more online product purchasing, not only for the convenience of it, save travel restrictions and the general state of the world, clients within Australia and around the world are also seeking out ecologically sustainable and organic products that are kind to mother, baby, and mother earth.
  • There is so much more than meets the eye with this business, so simply email your request to receive your very own copy of the highly detailed profile. This is just an under marketed, gift box, hamper, and related baby product online business. Representing a wonderful ‘bolt-on’ for any existing, online or baby related industry member.
  • For any new owner, all will be trained, which could give access to the online world of making money, passively.
  • There is so much that could be leveraged within this business, as the sales volumes are already present, the existing client base, all be it not being communicated to or actively marketed to.
  • Simply operate from a home office, anywhere, with this owner teaching any new owner what to do to maintain and grow this business. After 7 years of establishment by this current owner, this is the first time that this online only, product supply business is available for transfer. This investment now requires a new owner who can give it the love, time, and attention that it deserves. Its potential warrants such business development action!
  • If only more people knew what this business offered, it would dominate online…
  • There are many more gift box and hamper product theme ideas that this owner wants to impart upon a new owner. Enjoy all that this online business amounts to, for such a low amount – This being a reflection of the underlying operational strategy of this business, “offer a lot of value, for an attractive amount…”
  • This is plump with potential quality products/suppliers, and a presentation of gifts boxes and hampers adored around the world.
  • Ready to be transferred, due to this owner not having the spare time to give to this business. With its sales having remained relatively consistent since the owner stopped marketing, a year ago. No direct mail campaigns to the large, existing client database, for example. This owner does not desire further sales or client growth, for obvious reasons (already holding down a full-time career).
  • Now, being best for everyone involved, a new owner can take all the opportunities present, latent potential and continue to grow and extend this online store’s, market reach. The world is literally your oyster.

When clients stumble across this gift box and hamper company, they think they have hit the jack pot for high quality, baby goods, and so much more! Priced at a bargain price, so to be transferred quickly – all for only $45,900 + SAV ($17K) fast moving stock

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