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[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 35 BUSINESS DAYS] Online Only, Wholesale Distributor & Supplier of Childcare/Primary School/After School Care, Early Learning Aid/Resource, Workplace, Health & Safety Products #053

$64,500 + SAV Ref: 1023001

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This is an Online Only, National Wholesale Distributor & Supplier of Childcare/Primary School/After School Care, Early Learning Aid/Resource, Workplace, Health & Safety Products. Offering Any New Owner an Extremely High Gross Profit Margin, Across this Large Product Range. The Client Database Is In Excess of 14,000 (approx.). This is a Very Low Time Input, Relatively Passive Online Based Business. Being a Long Term, Preferred Supplier to Thousands of Government Subsidised Schools…

  • Established 26 years, this would have to be the epitome of a home based (locate anywhere in Australia) online business. Requiring only a small floor to store these always in demand products.
  • The business only requires a few par-time hours per week to pick, pack and dispatch orders via courier.
  • This product range also includes hard to source and even exclusive to this business only products. This large range of unique, school, early learning aid/resource and workplace, health & safety products supply a niche market segment.
  • Majority of all income is receipted via a monthly email campaign and passive, inbound based website sales.
  • The main client market for this business has always been supplying a large network of national childcares, primary schools and after school care organisations, plus more.
  • This investment is an inbound based, extremely low time input investment.
  • This owner is needing a change after so many years of ownership, being for family reasons. A new owner will do this business even more justice, as very limited time and marketing has been devoted to the growth of this operation for the last 5 years.
  • There being ample more sales and subsequent profits, if it were to be given more attention and more business development initiatives implemented. A new owner needs no specific skills or background to generate this income. It supports a largely free time lifestyle, with more hours able to be devoted to building upon this already large and loyal ‘fan base’.
  • The net income derived now, converts into a high hourly rate! All thanks to products which are always required within the nation’s childcares, primary schools etc. Including legislated products. Also, an exclusive, long term and on-going supply contract for the contract manufacture of these popular products is included. There being an on-going demand for this range. Includes being a registered / approved supplier direct to primary schools (listed as a supplier of early learning aids/resources, WH & S products within their internal ordering system).
  • A high number of primary schools’ access and order products from this business, due to this pre-approved supplier status. A large group of state based primary schools and childcares devote more money on average, per facility than those within the remainder of Australia (although supplies many products throughout Australia). Investing in children’s safety, and early learning / development is this large, highly populated state’s priority. The clientele’s budgets are also subsidised by the government, providing a great paying & financially secure clientele for the owner of this business to rely upon. This clientele of childcares & schools would have to be one of the best types of clients for any business to wholesale to and supply. A new owner would have instant access to an extremely large and loyal client database – being in excess of 14,000+ being emailed regularly.
  • There are many advantages in being a niche product supplier, including enjoying many commercial protections.
  • This business has been left for years to simply produce passive, inbound product orders. This being just fine for this owner who has other interests. Treating this business as a ‘hobby” business. But, is so much more potential to tap into immediately…there being no outbound sales or business development activities implemented for years. This owner is simply comfortable with this annual return and overall earn, and the very few hours required to receive it.
  • This may be a small business, but it most certainly packs a proverbial “value punch”. Able to offer a new owner the ultimate online business, and entry into this highly lucrative, safe and financially secure market segment. Who wouldn’t want to wake up each day, being required for so few hours. Orders being generated by clients who will always be required to purchase these types of products and be required to operate within our growing communities.

Enjoy this low cost, high profit margin distribution business, which simply offers a wonderful financial reward for anyone who wishes to capitalise on what has already been built. Being an extremely long term, well established and well entrenched national supplier within the childcare/school markets. There is so much to capitalise on here…ready to make this your own and get started!…$64,500 + SAV ($3K – fast stock turn)

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