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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 27 BUSINESS DAYS] Profitable 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Distribution Company #089

$899,000 WIWO Ref: 1023179

Established 15 Years, this is a Profitable Brisbane Based 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Distribution Company. Call this a “Well Oiled” Profit Making Machine - Offering Predictable Net Income Returns, Year on Year…No Matter the State of the Economy. Online Purchases and the Need for 3rd Party Logistics Companies to Provide National Distribution Services, is Why the Sales Volumes are So High For this Investment! Includes a Long Term Contracted Warehouse Manager in Place. This Business ‘Picks & Chooses’ Only the Best Quality Clients, With the Majority Remaining Loyal for More Than Half a Decade! Internal Client Sales Growth Continues to Put More Money into This Owner’s Bank Account - Organically.

  • Established for 15 years, this 3PL Warehousing & Distribution Service is on trend, its diverse services being in high and growing demand. It offers clients throughout the nation long term proven processes and systems, enabling a high degree of accuracy and speed when unpacking, storing, picking, packing, and despatching a large number of diverse business client’s products.
  • This investment being the ‘ultimate’ in generating a new owner, of any background or prior industry skill, money made consistently and highly efficiently.
  • The 3PL industry continues to grow and remains a high demand industry, especially for this well known, long established and respected Brisbane based market player.
  • By making the greatest use of technology, this 5 day a week business utilises its systems and processes to secure a client loyalty which has spanned more than the last half decade (for more than half of the existing clientele). Clients are heavily reliant upon this provider, keeping them invested and loyal to this brand. This provides a security of on-going income for any new owner.
  • This owner enjoys a secure and high annual net income return.
  • This type of business provides for a near predictable income, with sales and client demand for 3PL services being on the rise in 20/21. Once a client has experienced this level of servicing and comes to enjoy the acute management of their stock, they don’t want to leave.
  • This business has boomed during the COVID-19 period, and the rate of new client demand continues to encourage growth into multiple warehouse sites.
  • 3PL service needs are met efficiently and effectively by this operation, with much of this business’s sales growth being supported by high quality, great paying business clients, who are online providers, wholesalers of their products and continue to grow their distribution/client base nationally.
  • This business also makes high profits from its freight forwarding services, and simply shares in the financial success of its diverse client base. If a secure and high-income business is the order of the day, this unique investment option most certainly fits the bill! There being ample demand by new clients wanting to be welcomed into this business. This business is in the luxurious commercial position of being able to pick and choose only the very best clients.
  • This operation is renowned for fast, same day and most importantly accurate picking, packing and distribution of its client’s varied products (choosing to outsource its transport to many trusted and proven providers). This outsourcing allows for a lucrative bolt-on to an existing operation, to take full advantage of ‘economies of scale’. The accuracy of picking orders for its national clientele is 2nd to none, with the majority of these businesses importing their products, and trusting this brand to manage the movement of their stock, for the nation. With thanks to a highly effective central software management system, this business is quite simply a time efficient and effective email based operation, with few phone calls, and even having the trust and full access to the back end of a myriad of client’s websites and inventory software systems, for a diversity of industries. This ensures that stock levels are always accurately maintained.

Much of this business’s high annual sales volumes are being passively generated. Manager and staff make for a highly supportive lifestyle for any new owner/investor. This being a genuine transfer due to health reasons. $899K WIWO, Owner Open to Offers

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