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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 2 MONTHS] Profitable, ‘Bulk’ Food Product Supplier #108

$1,795,000 + SAV Ref: 1023323

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This Would Have to Be One of the Most Profitable, ‘Bulk’ Food Product Suppliers You’ll Find. Offering a Staggering Net Income, Per Annum. This Being Achieved Consistently Over Many Years. This is Most Certainly an Industry to Invest In…This is a Staff Managed Investment, Supplying a Large Range of Products Direct to Thousands of Clients (Includes Healthy, Organic, Staple & Always in Very High Demand, Food Products). This is a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Generation Business, its Sales Growth is 10%+, on Average, Per Annum. This Being Achieved For the Last 3 Years! All Client Money is Received Upfront – Providing a Positive Cashflow That Simply Secures Your Financial Base, and Puts a Smile on Your Face…When You Earn this Amount of Money, Who Wouldn’t Be Smiling!

  • Established for nearly a decade and a half by this current owner, this is a unique, staff managed investment, offering a ‘mind blowing’ profit generating and positive cash flow. The double digit sales growth, on average has been achieved over the last 3 financial years.
  • This business is most certainly one of the most unique and is a dominant market leader within the niche, bulk food supply industry. Offering thousands upon thousands of loyal clients their always required, food items, at lower ‘value for money’ prices, than if they purchased them from the supermarket giants; Coles & Woolworths.
  • This healthy, staple food, gluten free, organic product range is not only large, but offers clients one of the highest quality food ranges to choose from. Including one of the very best, and most popular tasting organic coffees.
  • This business’s clientele continues to grow organically, due to existing client referrals, social media, website, and organic word of mouth activity. This is all thanks to the support of the large and growing communities that surround these businesses.
  • This business thrives, no matter the state of the economy, or the demographic groups being supplied. Any man woman or child can not only find something that they want to eat from this supplier, but most importantly items that fit their budget. As, those without money, come to save and enjoy great tasting, high quality foods, achieving that all important, ‘value for money’ purchase. With most items being cheaper than what’s found in the major supermarkets. For those with money and anyone in between, value for money is still appreciated, but these clients can make their money go further, able to purchase even more items, as they enjoy investing their money into the upkeep of their general health and wellbeing.
  • This business has a 7,000+ client following on social media alone, and hasn’t had to actively market for the last 4+ years! Its budget, without the online store is around $2-2,500 p.a. That’s it.
  • This staff managed investment has emerged as one of the most unique of its kind, as clients have come to trust this bulk food provider, the repeat and return client purchasing activity is simply staggering. Enjoying an 80-90% client loyalty, once a client finds these businesses.
  • This multi-million dollar sales revenue investment is so stable a provider for its owner, who need only oversee the operation and invest barely 30 hours per week. As, there are managers and staff who operate the businesses and manage the day-to-day, on this owner’s behalf.
  • This is quite simply a stable provider of paid upfront, cashflow. Even the cash money receipted is a high percentage of the total daily takings.
  • The core range of products have remained popular for years, which includes, nuts, seeds, flour, confectionery, eggs, coffee etc. These are always in demand products, and with this market leader’s overall buying power, prices remain extremely attractive and competitive. There being opportunity for any new owner to lift prices, over time. No one being cheaper than this business, but yet, high gross and net income profits are still being receipted! What a formula…for success!
  • Having built a reputation for only sourcing the highest possible quality of health/organic food products, clients continue to return weekly or even more often – and pay upfront, always.
  • This large range of products is sourced direct from the farm (where possible), or locally/within Australia, mainly. This business is conveniently plugged into one of Australia’s fastest growing, niche market segments, able to provide health food/staple products (being predominantly organic) at prices that makes everyone happy within the greater communities being supplied.
  • These bulk products can prove to be $8 cheaper than competitors. This business doesn’t discriminate and is not limited geographically, able to generate a passive income stream via an on-line store, which has been created. There exists ample more room for further sales growth, via this cash flow positive and passive income based platform.
  • This business’s products are consumed by those aged between 8 and 80 years old. This business also caters to a growing number of wholesale business clients, which could be expanded upon, immediately. This business has a great mix of all the right commercial elements. This extremely well-established and time proven brand is not only highly profitable, it is duplicatable.
  • Ready for a new owner to take it to its next level of growth, as it continues to post 10%+ sales growth per annum, anyway, without much encouragement, so imagine what is possible with more love and attention from a new, enthused owner. This owner has made ample money over the years, no longer motivated to grow sales.
  • With this high net income being received, predictably, it is little wonder that this owner is ready for retirement from this highly rewarding industry segment. Transferring this investment to another fortunate owner, who will become set for life financially, as after nearly a decade and a half, this owner is exiting for change sake.

Now, this is your chance to become the recipient of this staff managed, and not so small fortune being generated – on-going, year after year. This business being a ‘rare find’. Just wait until you see its net income and read about how easy it is to sustain this high level of profitability, for many years to come. Become well-funded owner by first requesting your highly detailed business profile. Read all about it… Foods, offered in bulk, saves everyone money, makes you an incredible amount of money – and makes everyone happy & healthier! $1,795,000 Million + SAV ($140K approx.)

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