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Fully Staff Managed and ‘Passive Income Generating’ Health Spa #209

$249,000 + SAV Ref: 1023775

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This is One of Greater Brisbane’s Most Frequented, Staff Managed and ‘Passive Income Generating’ Health Spas (One of the Very Best Passive Investments!) 100% of Income is Paid Upfront Providing a Positive Cashflow! Has a Prime Location within a High-Quality Socio-Economic Area and is Part of a Dual Business Package… Also Includes a National Wholesale/Distribution Business Which Supplies Products to Health Spa’s around the Country. Staff Manage in Owner’s Absence (Optional Owner Input). This High Net Income is Easily Earned, So Any New Owner Can Maintain this High Profitability While Your Clients Get Happier and Healthier!

  • Well established within the fast growing and always in demand health industry, this is one of the most popular health spas operating within SE QLD. Remaining renowned for its high-quality services and unique equipment. By having so few direct competitors, it makes it even easier to maintain this dominant market position, as there exists ample ‘barrier to entry’ providing commercial protection of any new owner/investor.
  • This fully staff managed investment is the ultimate provider of a positive cashflow and paid upfront passive income!
  • This passive and experience-based service menu offers anyone in the community, not matter their age, size or health issue, a highly supportive health and overall wellbeing session, using mainly purpose-built equipment. Clients, whether they be a stressed mother, father, teenager, worker, business owner, athlete, or elderly person (including those seeking relief from pain, discomfort, or illness), can usually find relief within this business, utilising what most other health businesses don’t provide them.
  • This business appeals to thousands who have since made themselves known as avid ‘fans’ of this way to achieving health and happiness. This health equipment has been proven to support good health, well-being and can reduce mind and body related issues. This array of health equipment and related services provides clients with what more and more need, a way to reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Covid-19 having played a large role in dramatically increasing the national population’s mental health issues, which are usually related to stress and anxiety.
  • This business operates within a highly sought-after niche market segment.
  • The health industry is ever growing and is in constant demand. This owner knows this to be a fact, as the 2nd and complimentary wholesale product supply business included with this transfer makes its passive income by supplying bulk product orders (usually palletised), from many health spas located across the nation, as they place repeat orders direct via email or the main website. These health spa’s volume of purchasing confirm that they are also experiencing sales and client demand growth. This national distribution business also posting sales growth.
  • There seems to be a greater interest from those within the broader community to turn to health enhancing businesses such as this one, for overall support of their well-being.
  • This includes the transfer of a high plant and equipment value, as well as being a fully staff managed and passive income-based business model. There is ample money being made, and even more in future, this type of business supporting the health consciousness trend. This is perfect for anyone who wants to be proud of a brand that helps people to be healthier, no matter their age, sex, or physicality.
  • In fact, this business is renowned for its high-quality health enhancing and supportive equipment in house. These items being referred to as the “client’s therapists”. Plus, actual therapists also support clients within the multiple practitioner rooms also offered. This business offers its large returning client base with a diverse and mainly pre-paid service offering.
  • This owner is proud to say that very little marketing and advertising has ever needed to be invested since its inception, as the strength of what this business offers holistically, combined with its diversity of services, packages, and all that it does, compared to all others in the industry is being used to supports athletes, the average stressed out mum and dad or citizen, or anyone who just needs a break and rest from the demands of their life.
  • This would have to provide any new owner, no matter their skill, background, or knowledge with the ultimate passive income investment, for the pure fact that there are such low labour and related operational costs involved. This health spa is centred around its unique, niche market equipment, with there being so few competitors that exist within the fast-growing market niche within the greater Brisbane region.
  • All client income is received in advance or paid upfront before they begin their session with the equipment. This is why this owner has never experienced any money issues or need to generate more sales actively since its inception, many years ago. This business has provided a consistent and inbound flow of clients, posting a very high return visit rate.
  • There are such minimal wage costs, as the owner can leave staff to manage the operation. This owner’s input and time devoted to this highly systemised operation is by choice. This is not a franchise (providing passive income at its very best).
  • When you realise how well this investment is structured internally, this business could remain fully staffed, as so little is required for staff to do, day to day. This is quite simply a health haven for all clients young through to old.
  • This business has a distinct lack of direct competition within this growing region of SE QLD. This is also a destination business for thousands of active “fans”.
  • Health and happiness supportive, this business has proven highly attractive to clients, as they regularly purchase hundreds of dollars of services upfront, being pre-paid, online, or direct. With such low operating costs and such a high rate of success in supporting client’s overall health and wellbeing, clients are known to travel far and wide to visit and experience its health maintaining equipment.
  • Set apart from the rest, the many client testimonies confirm the market dominance of this business, as does its high net income being the financial reward it provides for its mainly absent owner.
  • This centre is being consistently relied upon by its clients, month by month (not being a seasonal business), as, stress, injury or illness of a human being does not occur sometimes throughout the year.
  • With a wave of new clients finding this business by way of referral and organic word of mouth, there is ample potential for a new owner or investor to market, advertise and grow sales further. This owner has been extremely content with what this business has achieved in every aspect of its operating. Even without this owner’s active encouragement or even needing to be present within the business full-time in order to earn this high yield, per annum.
  • Come and explore why this business is not your average health spa and national wholesale distribution business (majority of orders are receipted from national business clients – other health spas, via the main website). More products could be added and this additional wholesale product supply business could also be expanded greatly, by a new and enthusiastic owner or absent investor.

All for just $249K +SAV ($35K – Fast Moving Stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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