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Staff Managed, Crystals, Gems, Stones, and Related Product Business #274

$295,000 + SAV Ref: 1023981

This Staff Managed Business Offers One of the SE QLD’s Largest Range of Crystals, Gems, Stones and Related New Age and Alternate Product Options – Having Thousands of Clients and Active Followers. Having So Few Direct Competitors, a High Barrier to Entry and Decades of Trading History to Support the Organic Growth of this Well Known and Respected Brand (Up by 10.85% approx.). The Positive Cashflow is Provided by Paid Upfront Transactions, Plus the Potential to Grow the Wholesale Supply. This Niche Market Leader Offers Flexible & Minimal Hour Input, Providing an Ultra-Lifestyle Supportive Way to Profit. This is a ‘Gem’ of a Business to be Funded By!

  • This is one of the south east’s longest established providers that has traded for many decades. This niche market and organically growing new age, crystal, gem, self-improvement, alternative product business offers any new owner (one who wants to enjoy and become financially funded whilst supporting the health and well-being of thousands of people) with the myriad of benefits that are sought out by the ‘fans’ of this brand.
  • Clients are continually seeking out the help, support, and benefits of this business’s extremely large range of new age and personally engaged products. These products believed to provide clients with a sense of peace, calm, and are believed to support positive improvement in one’s life, possible across all levels of the being (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Even supporting client’s immediate environment etc.
  • COVID-19 has since fuelled a naturally occurring sales and product demand growth within this niche market segment, as thousands of local residents are choosing to seek out more natural and alternative ways to improve their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With mental health becoming a major issue within our society, businesses such as this one feel proud to support people with positive and helpful products.
  • This business even went a step further and provides a high number of tarot readers for client’s use. This service is not only popular but generates this business owner a passive income and represents an additional ‘pipeline’ to the products supplied and being paid for upfront.
  • This business is also plump with ample potential for further sales growth, as this business has not yet embraced the promotion and marketing activities that are possible across all the social media platforms or online. Hardly posting every few months on Facebook, this being the extent of any marketing activity. This owner has remained content for years with the total revenues and net income return from owning and only needing to invest minimal hours per week. Able to make use of a home base for ordering stock and completing financial management tasks relating to the bank account etc. Frankly, this owner has not needed to do anything different to what has always been done.
  • Proven system that works, and without many direct competitors of this size within this niche market segment, there has been ample market share to relish in.
  • This operation, being managed during the week by staff is able to offer any new owner the option to grow sales via a national, online webstore. These products and their overall demand being on the rise, proving popular in this ever changing and fast paced modern world.
  • This business’s staff are extremely trustworthy, being impassioned by what they do, and their product knowledge is 2nd to none! They generate the vast amount of this business sales volumes on behalf of this largely absent owner.
  • This business having always proven as ‘lifestyle supportive’, being the main reason for this owner remaining for so many years. But, being at retirement age, this owner is now wanting to enter a new chapter of life and to transfer this enjoyable business to a deserved entrepreneur.
  • There is so much more to do with this brand, especially in the way of online marketing and promotion.
  • When entering and profiting from this new age product investment, you can’t help but smile – knowing just how many people appreciate and are personally benefiting after purchasing these products. They believe that the range on offer supports positive change within them and their lives. Ownership of this business provides that wonderfully fulfilling feelings of owning a business that does right and helps others to live a happier and healthier life.
  • This operation offers a new owner flexible and part-time hour Input, able to base oneself within a home office.

Make a positive change in your life, by investing in products that will always be sought after, all for just $295K + SAV ($180K – $200K of fast moving stock)

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