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[SOLD] Staff Managed Discount Store, High Net Income #147

$399,000 + SAV Ref: 1023948

Established for More than 3 Decades by this Same Owner, this is a Large, Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment. Having Remained a Consistent “Cash Cow” for this Owner for 30+ Years (Being So Profitable, You’ll Want to Remain Funded by it for Many Decades, Too!) There is Exclusive Product Supply, and a Prime Location, Having so Few Competitors. This Unique Business Even Supplies Councils/Schools & Businesses with Products Cheaper than their Own Wholesalers. With a High Net Income Posted Year on Year – Sales Growth of 17.34% 20/21, is Just the Beginning of All its Advantages. This Business’s High Sales Volumes, Receipted Upfront & Consistently being Just One Part of its Success Story!

  • Being established for more than 30+ years, this business’s sales are 17.34% higher in 20/21! During tougher economic times sales boom, and any trading time historically has continued to post high net incomes and a consistent sales volume. This business posts millions of dollars of sales annually. Stock is extremely fast moving, due to having so few competitors and being central to fast growing and ever populating regions of SE QLD.
  • This double-digit sales growth is all thanks to its culture of providing anyone within the greater community, including businesses and quasi-government clients such as local schools and councils etc. with quality products, stationery, school and office supplies with the ultimate ‘value for money’ prices (cheaper than their own wholesalers).
  • This large and diverse range of top selling products are numbered in the thousands, and include many well-known and trusted brands, being core and top selling product categories. The vast majority of its core suppliers have been in support of this independent business brand, over the long term (for decades), maintaining exclusive product supply to this business and this business alone!
  • This business owner is a ‘baby boomer’, who’s only reason for transferring this highly profitable, staff managed investment is retirement.
  • Not keen, nor interested in taking the business to a new stage of sales and profit growth, a new owner could upload the thousands of products to an online webstore, via the existing website (could add another passive income stream) or even create an eBay store. Supplying the nation’s many online product resellers is also an immediate plan, which could come with ample rewards for the next owner.
  • This business could target and attract many more schools, councils and businesses to the fold, further adding to the existing, multi-million dollar sales revenue base. Suppliers provide up to 30% discounts, due to the high volume product buying that this business is responsible for – and purchases consistently.
  • More products could be added, expanding the already sought after, existing product range. With such fast moving stock, palletised ordering is the order of the day. This is a highly systemised operation, with this business ready and itching to be taken to its next stage of evolution and sales growth…even though, it is getting there already, without owner encouragement!
  • There is ample option to add many more pipelines of passive income, so all that is needed is a new, enthused and non- retiring owner, who has the interests in making the greatest use of all the unique and competitive advantages that has made this business one of the largest of its kind within this idyllic area of SE QLD.
  • Nearly all income, other than that from councils and local schools is receipted upfront, providing the financial security and comfort that every business owner wants to have. With 30 day credit accounts offered by suppliers, bask in this positive based cashflow investment.
  • The management team are long term employed, allowing this owner the time, lifestyle flexibilities and freedoms that amount to going away for months on end.
  • This already strong, stable and consistent positive cashflow, sales and net income base is enough to set a new owner up for life, or for at least the next 30 years+.
  • A new owner needs no prior industry skill, knowledge or trading history – as, all will be trained. This business is fully systemised, and computerised, having a remotely accessed POS software management system, which has been customised to this large and market dominating operation.
  • The diversity of this business’s product range, pipelines of income, core supplier base makes this a formidable market player. Ready to own brand its products, have them contract manufactured offshore and import many more products at even higher profit margin than is already being achieved. 200-220% profit mark-ups are being achieved for quality products!
  • Which business owner and investor doesn’t want a product range that appeals to 80-90% of the entire community… Being cheaper than wholesaler’s pricing for products, also means that this high volume sales business lends itself to being able to expand into being a wholesaler.
  • Even without any online / web based sales of products as yet, the total advertising spend of this business was only $550 so far in 20/21 and still, this part year 20/21’s net income has already eclipsed the total annual profit of 19/20! 

Retirement is the only reason for this lucrative business’s transfer. Being for only $399K + SAV  Open to all genuine offers

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