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[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 19 BUSINESS DAYS] Staff Managed, High Net Profit & Sales Growth, Removalist Service #048

$589,000 WIWO Ref: 1023053

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This is a Staff Managed, High Net Profit & Sales Growth, Greater Brisbane Removalist Service. 90% (approx.) of Client Moves are Within the Local Greater Brisbane Region (Residential & Business/Commercial Clients). The Balance is North to Sunshine Coast & South to the Gold Coast. The Fast-Growing Annual Sales and High Online Ranking Generates this Owner a Passive Income, Thanks to Having a Great Online Presence & a Highly Systemised Business Model. There is a Growing Demand for These Local Moving Services, Within the SE/QLD Corner…Due to Fast Population Growth!

  • This highly profitable and successful local region only, removal service has grown substantially over the years, reflecting the fast populating region of greater Brisbane and SE/QLD.
  • This operation is managed by staff, which includes a general manager, 2IC, financial controller staff, staff/job co-ordinator and a large team of well trained and reliable removalist staff. The payment terms are favourable, receiving funds for jobs within 7 days on average. This business is able to be successfully operated by staff, due to having a unique and highly systemised model (this is not a franchise). This is simply a well respected and renowned brand, which has become vastly popular, especially online and among its large base of client referrers and repeat users. Its staff reflect this business’s internal culture, which is built upon providing a friendly and highly professional, care based service.
  • Utilising a business model that is not only unique, but one that generates time freedoms and passive income for this investor owner. He remains home office based, as operates another business within a different industry.
  • The time and money has been invested in making this a highly systemised operation, clients provide comparisons to competitors constantly! This is simply a highly systemised operation, able to be managed by staff. In turn, able to make any new owner proud of owning this passive income, service based investment. It is obvious from this business’s year on year sales growth, that the market requires an operator such as this one. Able to deliver on many fronts. Includes highly advantageous price arrangements with suppliers, when more trucks are required, in addition to the already large fleet being used and owned. This means that this business has been able to easily accommodate the growth in client demand over the years. In expert fashion, has created an online sales, enquiry and client booking “machine” of a business.
  • This would be an obvious acquisition for any existing removal company or associated industry business, who wanted to generate this high profit, whilst having staff in place to manage and provide ample free time for its new owner/investor. Why not use this free time to continue building the value and presence of this business within the market.
  • The systems support the management and many staff who operate this business on behalf of this owner. This owner having since opened another business and is currently focused on this new business, ready for this transfer.
  • This is a well renowned and highly cost effective option for both residential and business clients to choose when moving items from one location to another, within the greater Brisbane or SE/QLD corner. It can be the movement of a few personal possessions or an entire home or office of furniture etc. All packing services are being outsourced, which offers a new owner or investor the option to bring this service in-house and make even more money.
  • There are business clients referring this business regularly, as with having a large and existing client base of clients to transfer to a new owner (very little direct marketing to this existing base has been done). Client bookings can be 2-4+ weeks in advance. This is the company that most know will provide value for money and a dependable service, having such a large team of well trained and friendly staff, who know how to handle precious possessions and furniture etc.
  • This would have to be one of the smartest and most efficient removal companies you’ll find, able to make robust profits while under full staff management. You’ll take pleasure in reading all about it, when you email for your copy of the detailed business profile.
  • Service businesses such as this one will always remain in high demand. There will always be people moving from one house into another, or from one business into another location, within the growing and greater Brisbane region.
  • This provider of passive income provides ample free time for growing sales and the client base and to simply continue to build on what is already working extremely well, day to day. The detailed profile will inspire you in relation to how to make this much money, for investing so little time.

A high net income for only $589K WIWO

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