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Staff Managed Outlet One of the World’s Leading Sandwich Makers #196

$639,000 + SAV / $499,000 + SAV / $845,900 + SAV Ref: 1023583

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Long Established, this a Staff Managed Outlet that Shares the Branding of One of the World’s Leading Sandwich Makers. The Masses are Attracted by the Great Smelling & Tasty Bread, Plus Wide Range of Fresh Ingredients - Flocking to Make their Preferred Sandwich…This Predictable Income Investment is Highly Systemised and Income is Made Passively for this Home-Based Owner. Left to the View Sales and Activity Reports of this Top Financial Performance and Internationally Renowned Healthy Food Provider!

  • Established for many years by this current owner (who has never worked within this outlet or any other he has owned over the last few decades), he had enjoyed over the long term, a business that is not only internationally renowned for its unique and diverse sandwich offering but is in fact the multi-national leader for providing sandwiches!
  • So good is this proven and tested business model the world over, that this owner has simply remained a passive investor for the entire period of ownership, even though, for a new single or dual ownership team, there would be an even higher net income reward for being more active within this business.
  • By having such a prime and convenient location has made this business’s net income almost predictable. For the group of staff managed stores that this owner is proud to have generating continual income, the collective sales growth over the last 5 years has been a whopping 60.8%! This multi-store investor has not even had to do anything different to generate this increase in top line sales. In fact, has implemented less, including both time and money into local marketing and advertising over recent years.
  • This ‘fresh’ sandwich making investment or should be say “money making machine” of a business, which is experiencing a growth in popularity within our local community, makes it pleasurable to earn money, thanks to the work of staff and management in place.
  • There is untold value in owning a percentage of this global ‘sandwich’ phenomenon. Any new owner able to “piggy back” on the renowned and respected brand package and transferrable system which continues to add stores around the globe.
  • It is undeniable that this brand is powerful, having tens of thousands of outlets and the thousands of other national outlet owners would agree that this is a sure-fire way to secure your financial future – many of whom own more than 1 store.
  • This owner laps up the lifestyle freedoms and the flexible, non-set hours, being based from the comfort and convenience of a home office, being reluctant to give this financially supportive investment up to a new owner, but the truth be told, the time has come to retire from business ownership after so many decades of being an ‘arm’s length’ owner.
  • With such a prime and convenient location, as with thousands of loyal and high repeat purchasing clientele, who continue to frequent the outlet, even daily, these fans return for the diverse, choose your own ingredient sandwich.
  • This type of business also generates 100% cash upfront payments. A cashflow that can make any new owner financial relaxed and extremely content, always. The money simply shows up in the bank account and the suppliers are paid 30 days end of month.
  • There are many local businesses who order sandwich platters. The catering men and business to business income could be grown, if a new owner was more motivated that this retiring owner.
  • Enjoy the delight in tapping into a wealth creating system that ‘gives back a plenty’ and one that represents the very best convenience food brands on the planet, mainly due to it promoting healthier and bread baked daily on site and fresh ingredient options, made anyway that any client wants it, no matter their age or social standing – as everyone can also afford this meal option.
  • No wonder its popularity, as an investment and as a destination for all things tasty, fresh, and healthier…Being the alternative to most of the other fast food giants we all know!

Three businesses for transfer; $639,000 + SAV $5-7k (approx.) / $499,000 + SAV $5-7K (approx.) / $845,900 + SAV $5-7K (approx.)

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