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Fully Staff Managed Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmeceutical Clinic #101

$495,000 + SAV Ref: 1023287

Beauty Face. Beautiful Female Face Before Plastic Surgery

Established for the Last 30+ Years, this is a Fully Staff Managed Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmeceutical Clinic on the Gold Coast. With a Surgeon Contracted to this Clinic and a Decade Employed Manager & Long-term Nurse Staff on Team. Staff Include Multiple Nurses as Support Staff. Sales are Up by A Whopping 59.99%, Within the First Period of 20/21. Also Includes a High Value of Equipment - $400K, and the Capacity to Double the Sales (Which is Currently Happening) …. Pre-Booked Many Months in Advance!

  • After trading for so many decades, this well-known and trusted cosmetic surgery and cosmeceutical clinic on the Gold Coast, offers a large range of cosmetic surgical and cosmeceutical skin & beauty treatment services, with these services always being in high demand. This business enjoys being booked many months in advance. Ample room for instant hiring of an additional cosmetic surgeon or locum.
  • The key to this clinic is its service diversity, and the fact that this business investment is under full staff management. With a surgeon contracted to the practice for the benefit of a new, absent owner/investor.
  • A doctor would make an extremely high net income yield by owning this fast-growing clinic. An absent owner could also profit from having a business run by staff. Leaving the week free to build, market, grow, develop, and generate even more sales revenues.
  • Clients from nearly every demographic segment of the community are choosing to spend money on themselves and the enhancement of their looks and body presentation.
  • This business has never been so busy, posting relatively consistent sales for many years, and a massive uptick in client demand. There are literally many thousands of clients on the database. Very little marketing has needed to be done. There is ample money being spent on cosmetic and beauty procedures, such as high profit laser treatments. This extremely long-established business is suitable to young through to older clientele. The baby boomers are motivated like never before to defy the natural effects of ageing, entering retirement age. With cosmetic surgery and cosmeceutical enhancement treatments able to turn back the hands of time.
  • Over many decades, this business has enjoyed a constant stream of repeat clientele, having a massive database to transfer to a new investor, owner, or company. New clients are constantly being referred, and often; friends, relatives, and work colleagues of those who have been made to look and feel better about their bodies. The quality of this business’s work can be seen on the faces and bodies of its clientele, the quality being obvious to others. Larger lips, bums and breasts, now a normal procedure for so many, accepted into the mainstream, for those as young as 18 years old. They are calling it the ‘Kardashian effect’.
  • This business has since built up an extremely large, existing client database, who not only return regularly, but continue to boast the benefits of this trusted practice, its decade+ employed manager and high-quality medical staff – who all wish to remain on for a new owner/investor.
  • This investment leaves ample free time for all the latent ‘profit pockets’ to be converted into additional income. This business simply exists organically, and could benefit from a strategic, business development and marketing approach. Having so many spare rooms available for more doctors, nurses, or even GP/allied health professionals to occupy and make even more money from etc.
  • This is a large practice, with the existing team able to be quickly expanded. There is in excess of $400K+ of equipment on site (2nd hand value), being transferred. This business has already set this owner up financially, for life…and his forte is not in the expanding, marketing nor growing this business. This has occurred naturally.
  • This owner’s skills are not in the marketing or building a business, or implementing development initiatives. This high-quality team care and make clients feel at ease.
  • You can’t help but begin to understand just how commonplace cosmetic surgery and advance beauty treatments have become, confirmed by way of clients being 3 months, pre-booked in advance.
  • This unique and first time available business, having never been available in over 30 years is offering an investor, doctor, nurse, allied health professional, industry company or any new owner (requiring no medical or cosmeceutical or cosmetic surgery background or experience). The valuable ‘free time’ so that sales and profits can be built – deliberately! The database and online presence, able to be quickly maximised.
  • If a new owner was a cosmetic surgeon, nurse or assume the manager’s wage, even more money could be made. There also being ample days when the procedure room remains free for use.
  • There is ample option to hire additional staff over time, expand the total number of services offered clients, even bolt this onto an existing company. Being such a long-term trading business, it lends itself to cross marketing and up-selling its services or products, to its thousands upon thousands of quality, high repeat, and upfront paying clients.
  • Yes, this is a positive cashflow business, and would be an ‘ideal’ acquisition for a strategically aligned, medical or cosmeceutical industry company or clinician to own and profit from.
  • With all the latent potential sitting in this business, this owner knows that this business could more than double its sales and sustain this level of financial performance, mainly due to the massive population growth being experienced on the Gold Coast (southerners relocating), even though clients travel from far and wide to visit this clinic.
  • This is a $2 million business being transferred for $495K + SAV, due to the owner’s genuine belief that a new owner could do more with this business, than is currently being done (in the way of business development). This owner knows that the business requires a new owner’s input. Fresh ideas, new energy, and enthusiasm.
  • This business’s already high and consistent sales volumes do well to prove its value and potential. Generating sales totalling $738,919 in just the last 4 months!
  • This could also suit a cosmetic surgeon wishing to benefit from living in SE/QLD and cashing in on 30 years of trading history. Why not step into a medical business that has had its trust among clients, already built.
  • There is a great loyalty to this independently owned brand and practice.
  • Thousands of existing clients still haven’t been actively marketed to. There is also a large floor area on offer, a high number of treatment rooms/surgery, and a high value of equipment being transferred with this package (including an on-going contract with the surgeon and even manager if the owner / investor required it).
  • Being fully managed, reduces any risks related to this business’s transfer, there being very little change needing to occur upon transfer.
  • Everything that any investor/owner could want in a medical business investment is being offered in this package. We advise you don’t delay, as entry into high quality medical businesses are hard to come by.
  • Opportunities arrive, and can pass you by as quickly…
  • Go forth and continue providing clients with the ability to change their bodies and facial appearances, which leaves them feeling and looking better.

In this day and age, looking and feeling great is of utmost importance, especially for the ‘selfie’ conscious and active mobile user community, as with the ‘baby boomers’ who don’t want to just sit back and abide by what natural ageing process. This is a genuine transfer for only $495K + SAV ($35K) – Includes ($400K+ of Equipment)

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