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[UNDER OFFER – Offer Received Same Day!] Dominant Pet Produce, Food/Feed, General Supplies and Product Suppliers #331

$489,000 + SAV Ref: 1024214

This is One of the Area’s Largest and Most Dominant Pet Produce, Food/Feed, General Supplies and Associated Product Suppliers. Includes Providing its Thousands of Clients with Prime Located, Multi-Site Locations, Plus a 30,000+ Product Range to Purchase From. To Top it all Off, the New Owner Will Be Financially Rewarded with a Webstore that Draws Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Additional Passive Income. Being an Inbound Passive Income Stream. Cashflow is the Best of All! Paid Upfront, with the Support of a Buying Group’s Supportive Credit Terms and Savings! Giving a Strong and Stable Gross Profit Margin as a Base. Never Needing to be the Cheapest, Just the Best. Offering the Highest Quality Products, which its Thousands of Clients (as Members) Clearly Attest to… They All Voting with Both their Feet and Wallets!

  • Established for more than the last quarter of a century, this is one “solid as a rock” and stable investment to own. Able to provide a comfortable and consistent living and related income for both you and your family – even for decades to come, as it has for this current owner, who is now setting sights on retirement and entering the “grey nomads” travelling Australia (after a full transfer and highly supportive training has been provided, including recruiting and training replacements for the hours this owner invests). Suitable for an investor located outside of this fast growing regional area.
  • There is great comfort that can be taken from becoming the owner or investor of this “essential” pet product and produce supply business (includes rural supplies, fencing, garden/landscaping products etc.).
  • Stepping into for the first time, or already being part of the multi-billion dollar pet industry, this business and brand has proven to be a reliable source of on-going and consistent funds and net income for its owner. Remaining in demand constantly throughout the year by its thousands upon thousands of local pet owners, residential property owners, renters, hobby farmers, including working farms and livestock owners.
  • As you all well know, Australian’s have a world-wide reputation for owning and caring for their pets. This business knows just how true this is, just by reading its trading results. With a caring staff and overall team in place, this owner invests flexible hours, shared between the premise and the convenience and comfort of a home based office.
  • If its financial safety and security that you are longing for, then for any business owner or investor (active / part-time or otherwise), this business offers a base in which to build upon. You are currently reading about one of the region’s most dominant market players, made popular by its diverse product range and servicing of its clientele. Equally able to reward them for their custom, on-going.
  • Its online presence and website sales put most to shame, as it generates a mass of income as a passive pipeline leading right into this owner’s bank account!
  • Sales are tracking up by 13.3% (approx.) year to date.
  • With clients living on small residential blocks through to larger working farms, products fly out the door, and its buying group membership ensures that robust gross margins are maintained. With it being no secret that this business is never the cheapest, just the one that prides itself on offering clients the complete product package, with the service that makes it all worthwhile for the client.
  • Continue to build this low advertising spend based business, as clients come to collect and pick up all their regularly required, consumables on a repeat cycle. Little else needs to be done, due to the word of mouth mill producing all that this business desires, they end up walking through this door and staying for years, if not decades!
  • What client credit accounts? This owner prefers always maintaining a positive, paid upfront cashflow, and what a business that this policy has made. There are no qualms about it. Want to leave with the goods, then clients must pay in full, then and there.
  • This is certainly not the cheapest, not by far, but we know by way of the massive, “higher than benchmark” client database – we mean an active database, not just some list filed away in a computer from some time past. This loyal client membership is one of the most popular for clients to spend their money within this fast expanding and ever populating region of FNQ.
  • Clients want to know that what they purchase for their pets will keep them healthy and support their overall well-being, so these clients come to where they trust the products and support they receive instore by the team. Includes free delivery within the local area, and clients also purchase the many other ancillary products, such as lawn and garden care products, among many other items etc.
  • Owner is willing to recruit and train staff to replace time and task input, to support an investor owner, or company seeking out other sites to expand their veritable empire up the east coast of Australia. And what better major town and business centre than the government backed and supported economy of Townsville, FNQ!
  • All in all, just wait until you feast your eyes on this detailed business profile (request your own copy now), making this much money, and having to spend so little to generate it. This being a testament to just how solid the foundations of this pet product supply and produce business is, that’s being transferred now, due to retirement.
  • Hoorah… for a business that can take all your financial worries away, for decades to come, as it has done for the current owner. Providing untold personal rewards and monetary rewards, when compared to most other types of businesses that you could align you and your family to.

All for just $489K + SAV ($55K – fast moving stock, across multi-site outlets)

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