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[Under Offer] One of the Region’s Fastest Growing Kitchen, Bathroom and Associated Product Suppliers #219

Sold Ref: 1023889

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[Under Offer] Established for More than 1 ½ Decades, this is One of Byron Bay’s and Surrounding Northern NSW Region’s Fastest Growing Kitchen, Bathroom and Associated Product Suppliers. The Net Income Grew by a Massive 54.05% in 21/22! With No Sign of Product Sales or Client Demand Slowing…Being Pre-Booked Solidly for the Next 6 Months (Minimum). Renovated Kitchens Increases a Client’s Property Value and with a Growing Population there is a Constant & Growing Demand for this Business’s Home Related Products. All Client Payments are Receipted Upfront – So Low Risk (No Exposure to Builders). Being a Financially Rewarding Product Supply Business, Able to Fund Anyone Wanting this Same Idyllic Lifestyle & High Income…Net Income $147,985.05 p.a. (21/22)

  • This business is a niche market business, specialist in supplying mainly kitchen and related home products for those who wish to tap into and improve their home’s value, by renovating it. Plus, this is a ‘one stop’ supply business, able to provide a large range of many other related home products i.e., bathroom vanities/products, laundry vanities, cupboards, and wardrobes etc.
  • This dual ownership team utilises a very ‘smart’ time and labour efficient business model, one that has proven to make ample money, per annum. In fact, this business’s net income yield has since grown organically by a mega 54.05% in 21/22 (approx.)! Some would call this a profit ‘spike’, but this owner will confirm otherwise, as nearly half of the 22/23 financial year has already been pre-booked, with confirmed deposits paid for all client orders.
  • The client’s product demands are actually greater than what this owner wants to supply due to health concerns.
  • The role of the owners of this business is to mainly receive the client’s product enquiries, requests, and orders, confirming what they want, so that those who take over the process can complete the job. This is only once the order has been confirmed and receipted. Therefore, this ownership role is largely a process of outsourcing product delivery, by way of a highly trusted and proven team, who delivers to the homeowner, local business, or industry-based referrer.
  • This means that for a new owner or existing industry business who is motivated towards immediate sales and profit growth, this is already occurring naturally for this business. The local Byron Bay and surrounding region client market and its highly supportive socio-economic community provide ample opportunity to ‘scale’ this business up!
  • This is already a highly financial and successful operation, so come and actively grow this business to one’s heart’s content. So little is being spent on marketing and advertising, the proceeds of owning this investment are extremely rewarding!
  • Due to health concerns, this owner is only motivated to respond to the many referred, passive inbound based client orders and on-going inquiries received. This income has been enough to provide for a wonderful lifestyle for this well-funded owner…This endeavour also provides for a very comfortable and financially supportive lifestyle, as the money is not only great it is only a 5 day a week business.
  • Simply enjoy liaising with clients and be part of meeting a growing client need and demand to cash in on their home’s capital growth. With such a financial and fast-growing population base surrounding this Byron Bay based operation, so much latent potential is ready to be tapped into.
  • Being renowned for and establishing its position as a high-quality provider of a large range of kitchen and home related products, this owner knows that this business’s products are the key for clients to enjoy their homes even more and to be able to invest in them, to gain many benefits.
  • This business specialises in the supply of the products that clients require to have their home renovated and improved, by adding kitchen, bathroom, laundry vanities and wardrobes etc. This business has remained within its high growth and profitable niche, which involves mainly providing clients of all ages from the local Byron Bay and surrounding northern NSW region.
  • This business has not been available for transfer for the last 7 years and there are good reasons for the long-term ownership. Advertising and marketing were put on hold around 2 years ago and has not been needed to be increased since. As, the sales and profits continue to grow, despite doing nothing different (just saving advertising money)!
  • Products include flat packed – DIY products which could be supplied via a new online webstore.
  • This business has not needed the assistance of website marketing campaigns, direct email campaigns to its large client database, nor even social media posts to generate its growing product sales volumes!
  • Should a new owner or an existing/related industry business choose to receive this income and add another large and comprehensive product showroom to the mix, then this business could add to its existing product range.
  • Proudly, this business provides ample money and 100% is paid upfront by clients before any products are supplied or despatched in the way of flat packed products etc.
  • There are so many more products to cross-sell and up-sell to existing clients, which can result in even more financial dividends received quickly and easily.
  • This is a financially supportive business that makes for an extremely comfortable lifestyle (no matter the new owner’s industry background, skill, or knowledge). This owner had no prior experience with this product or industry and has gone on to make a complete success of this investment.

This is a genuine and extremely high return business investment, ready to be transferred due to health reasons. All for just $159,950 + SAV ($15K approx.) – Open to all genuine offers

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