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Uniquely Designed, Exclusively Owned & Patented Sports Equipment Products #017

$799,000 + SAV Ref: 1023036

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This is One of Only a Few of its Kind in the World…Having So Many Uniquely Designed, Exclusively Owned & Patented Sports Equipment Products, Being Produced, Distributed Nationally & Exported Internationally. There is a Growing Client Demand Within the US, Australian & UK Markets. With Clients Including 800+ Councils, Government, Agents/Distributors & Sports Industry Companies. This is Largely an Organically Grown & Inbound Order Based Business, Receiving Mainly Repeat Orders & Being a 5 Day Operation Only.

  • This is a multi-decade, national market leader within this niche product segment. Offering its diverse clientele, across many sports, a unique range of products, many of which can’t be sourced anywhere else. There being only a few of this type of business within Australia, if not the world. 
  • This is a producer, national distributor/supplier and exporter of owned and unique designed, and patented sporting equipment products into major and growing client markets such as the US & UK. For multiple decades (same owner), this business has supplied many notary stadiums, courts, and playing fields with top quality and innovative products. Hard to beat this player, given its well established market positioning. The on-going demand for these niche products exist within every state of Australia and continues to spread internationally. There is literally a long list of owned and unique products which are required by many different sports. 
  • This business is an ideal “bolt-on” opportunity. Offering millions in top line sales and a robust net income yield. As with all the patent based, commercial protections of its growing market share. 
  • The product range is large, able to be supplied relatively quickly (compared to its few competitors), making this a “go to” operation for many private businesses and government departments/councils, related to the sporting field or equipment industry. Many of this business’s clients purchase these products so that they can continue making money. There are international agents/distributors, many national schools, and many more clients who rely upon this product supplier. The demand for this product range has led to expansion into the US & UK markets. 
  • There still exists ample opportunity for further sales growth. Having internationally certified products, which most others don’t! 
  • Governments and major sporting associations and governing bodies are in full support of this business’s range and brand, actively referring new clients. 
  • This business has not been available for transfer for decades. For the right owner, industry or associated industry company this would offer that prime and strategic “bolt-on” opportunity. An in you might say to the “movers and shakers” within the sporting equipment industry. 
  • There are a diversity of products and sports being supplied. Also an ability to target and drive many new clients to the fold, with there being ample capacity for further sales growth. Sales and marketing being the weakest area of this business, always has been, not being the strength of this baby boomer owner. Who is now retiring from business ownership, but is offering to remain on as an employee. As there is much excitement about new and existing product roll-outs, internationally, occurring now and for years to come. He wishes to remain on, in support. 
  • The financial success has rested upon having a large number of high quality and unique products, which have been responsible for the largely inbound, high repeat ordering, organically generated sales and high net to sale ratio and overall yield, enjoyed for years. 
  • This owner, even after many decades is loving what this business represents and just how unique it actually is. It now is ready to be marketed well by a new owner. 
  • Being a unique player nationally and internationally has allowed this business to achieve what it has to date. 
  • This is most certainly a rare acquisition opportunity, due to this being such a unique business and never being available for transfer, until now. Currently, it is in expansion mode. There even being further diversification of its total product offering being possible. 
  • This can represent an instant market share ‘grab’ for an aligned market player.

This genuine transfer could make all the difference, as the potential of this business is ‘mind-blowing’…Ample value on offer for $799K + SAV ($150K approx.)

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