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‘World First’ Patented Product Range #121

$23,890,000 WIWO Ref: 1023329

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After 7 Years and Millions of Dollars of Current Owner Investment, This Business Involves the Exclusive World-Wide, Patented Rights and Business Ownership of a Range of ‘World-First’, Revolutionary Road Creation, Road Stabilisation, and Dust Suppression Products. There is No Product Like this Range Anywhere in the World! This Product Range Saves Small Through to Major Corporations, Public Companies, Key Government Departments and Businesses from a Wide Range of Industries Millions of Dollars in Labour, Material and Related Road Building and Dust Suppression Expenses. Including Land Rehabilitation. Being 100% Environmentally Friendly, this Product Enjoys the Approvals & is an Australian Licensed Product. Providing the Option for Any New Owner to Profit Big from Owning this Commercially Protected and Internationally Unique, Product Distribution Business. Clients are Adopting this One of a Kind Product Range within their Organisations and Work Sites. Clients Include Major Mining and Public Companies, Multi-Nationals, Governments/Departments, Private and Corporate Businesses, Who Are Already in The Process of Purchasing $393 Million Dollars of Product from this Supplier and International Distributor. These Product Formulas Have Been Proven and Tested Over Many Years, and Are Changing the Way Roads are Being Built! Saving Clients Millions in the Process. This Business Offers the Most Cost Effective ‘Key’ To Road Creation, Long Term Road Building, Stabilisation, and Dust Suppression, on Earth! A Big Claim, But It’s all True. Wait Until You Read About it, and See It for Yourself…

  • Established for 7 years by the current owner, this is a ‘once in a lifetime business investment and product type’ as the world and its industry businesses who build or who are reliant upon load bearing roads, are set to save millions when this product hits the ground – literally.
  • This product range saves companies’ money and saves operational costs (labour, materials, and time etc.) with these savings being staggering and being millions of dollars. The product is the answer to problems that cost companies a lot of money, day to day, and now there is an alternative, being the key to building, maintaining, stabilising roads, hard stand, storage areas and the like. There is also nothing like this dust suppression product on the world stage, until this product was launched.
  • The true power of this business and product ownership is set to reshape the road building, maintaining and dust suppression related industry members. Any supplier and user of bitumen, concrete, aggregate, water, the list goes on.
  • Just wait until you see the power of this product and how it can transform dirt! The world-wide expansion of this business is what is on offer, for the right, strategically positioned company and owner, it will be life and business changing, for the better. These laboratory tested and field tested and approved, licensed products are internationally patented, and even being unalterable, if the desired outcome is to be effective upon application and use.
  • With major mining, resource, renewable, government, public, multi-national clients already complimenting this business with a heightened interest and forward product orders of $393 Million (approx.), clients have been amazed at just how much this product range saves them, when incorporated into their daily operations.
  • Making it logistically easier to suppress dust, and to create, stabilise and maintain roads, even rehabilitate land area after use (being required by law and the cost of this running into the millions, per week, for those responsible for land restoration after extraction.)
  • The demand flows through to a diversity of different industries, including energy companies, renewable energy farms, fuel transport/storage, mining companies, government departments etc. Simply using this one and only – revolutionary product range makes lawful road creation, on-going road maintenance, stabilisation (which includes service roads, mines, unsealed roads, fuel storage depots, creation of hardstand/storage areas and dust suppression) a far less task.
  • Everyone knows just how expensive road building and maintaining is, and yet, there is a product range that enables anyone who applies it, to take any dirt, including sand and transform it into a legal, load bearing road. In fact, an area treated with this product can bare more than double the legal load bearing limit! Proven and tested.
  • The major companies who are already in the know, understand what this product does to their bottom line profit. Making the abiding by environmental and general operational laws, easier and far more cost effective than ever before.
  • If you are reading this, then you have struck upon a once in a lifetime product range invention, mark this day, as this is the day that the right company will take complete hold of the internationally patented rights to a product range and own its formulas, that will have a mighty impact on those within all the industries above. And, who in business doesn’t want to earn more profit and reduce their overall costs?
  • This business and its product formulas falling into the right hands will be one of the most powerful combinations on earth.
  • Just wait until mining companies operating throughout the world understand the cost saving power of this one and only product type.
  • These opportunities only usually come past the desk one of two times in a lifetime and this owner knows that for it not being for retirement, and a lifetime already invested in business, this would not be available for transfer now.
  • Globally, this product is the answer for so many.
  • It is hard to describe the sheer magnitude of this business investment, its high barrier to entry, its unique constituents that make its formula so difficult for anyone to duplicate, anywhere else in the world.
  • This is an invention like no other for the road building, maintaining and stabilisation industry. With the international market being a multi-trillion-dollar segment of our society.
  • For the right business owner, these products have also been sanctioned by key Australian Aboriginal tribe and Black Business Network, and is a fully licensed, Australian product range, set to be expanded around the world.
  • This business will set up a company for life, financially. This niche product range is fast becoming the talk of the land…especially throughout major (gas, coal, iron ore etc mines, renewable energy farms, transport, all three levels of government, forestry clients and related industry etc.). They are all in need of this product and its unique benefits.
  • Every homeowner, who has an unsealed road/driveway can benefit from this business’s product range. This being said, the consumer market is not this business’s main clientele. Product purchases on mass is what defines this client list and forward product purchases. The diversity of target markets that can all benefits from the full-time use of this business’s product range is vast.
  • So impressive is this products performance, clients are clamouring to get a hold of this vastly effective and industry changing invention.
  • This is a game changing product range for the world at large. Just wait until you see the same of what this product does to the ground. See photos in the detailed profile.
  • A new owner will step into a sales pipeline of $393 million of product sales.
  • When the right company sees the ‘writing on the wall’, they will do everything in their power to ensure they are the ones who lay claim to the sole and exclusive world-wide ownership and rights to market and distribute these internationally patented product formulas and reap the mega profit that is this business’s outcome. This being the result for not only the new owner of this business, but for every client who administers this product for the benefit of their business or department.
  • This is a product supply and distribution business, that does not require the owner of this business to install or apply the products, for clientele.
  • There is a network of teams who can be assigned to apply products in field, being 100% outsourced.
  • The most profitable role and task for a new owner would be the business development and marketing of this product range around the world.
  • This business offers a diversity of income streams.
  • There are no direct competitors offering anything like this solution for any of these industries or government departments.
  • This is primed for a company to ‘bolt’ this business onto an existing operation, adding many millions of dollars of turnover to its operation, and owning a niche product market segment, that can solve a diversity of client’s problems.
  • The growing market share, its high-volume product purchasing and client conversion rate is astonishing.
  • Enjoy this life changing product and business opportunity, and request your own highly detailed business profile, as this read will be life changing, we can guarantee that.

With this one of a kind (no direct competition on earth) business and product invention. This is an industry changing range, which is only the beginning of an international growth and expansion that will take your breath away…For the right strategically positioned business – $23.89 Million WIWO

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