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World Leading E-Bike Product Brands & Accessories #085

$699,000 + SAV Ref: 1023175

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This is a SE QLD Provider of One of the Largest Ranges of World Leading & Renowned E-Bike Product Brands & Related Accessories. This Business Being One of the Most Popular & Well Renowned Providers Within this Fast Growing and High Demand Product Segment. Having a Strong Online Presence & Social Media Base in Which to Continue to Grow Sales & Client Numbers. Includes a Conveniently Located Outlet, Passive Income Based On-Line Store…Staff Are in Place and Has a High Average Dollar Sale & Convenient Outlet Location!

  • Established since its inception by this current owner, this is a fast-growing product market segment, having taken hold within the local SE QLD region on a massive scale. The sales volumes have continued to grow year on year, with this business brand being one of the leading e-bike suppliers within the greater SE QLD region! It offers one of the largest e-bike ranges of anyone and has remained vastly popular among its high volume of online clients and loyal ‘fan’ followers (product range views of 250,000+).
  • The many highly supportive suppliers extend long credit terms, and this business being one of their preferred dealers and distributors/suppliers, of their high quality and well-known e-bike brands. No product is despatched without first receiving full payment, providing a positive paid upfront cashflow for this business and its owner to benefit from. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are being made every few days…with these pedal assisted e-bikes presenting one of the best ways to engage in and enjoy exercising.
  • This is one of the best business investments you’ll find, as it has become one of the most popular and trusted “go to” outlets for a large, high-quality range of e-bikes. The existing client return rate, including referral rate continues to rise, as with its popularity online, across its many social media, affiliate and online portals (including website – owning multiple domain names), as with enquiry boosting platforms. The average dollar sale, per transaction for this provider is high, just one more element to be proud of.
  • The large percentage of market share this provider has gained is all thanks to having built a proven product sales and supply model, which offers what any e-bike rider requires. Happy clients make for a happy business and owner.
  • Being an authorised dealer for so many well-respected brands has been one of the reasons for this business’s overwhelming popularity and financial success. There being ample number of new and existing e-bike owners who have provided growing sales volumes and has kept these reliable suppliers loyal and highly supportive of this operation, over the years.
  • New client activity is being generated online via website visits, Google’s top key word search target marketing, social media activities and video posting, including a large percentage of existing client referrals. E-bikes simply makes it easier for clients to have more fun and exercise even more effectively. Whether it be commuting to work, just riding for exercise or for the simply joy of cycling, taking to the bike trails, or effective training for an elite athlete…An e-bike simply makes training and riding for leisure far more supportive physically, allowing anyone to take even longer rides, translating into more enjoyment to be had by anyone, of any age.
  • Having one of the largest product ranges on offer for clients to choose from has made it all the more attractive to visit this business’s website, posts, and outlet – over others. It simply puts consumers at ease when they are provided more choice and can then find exactly what e-bike suits them best.
  • This differentiated product range heralds the success of this business, remaining unique when compared to its few competitors.
  • This business is capable of double-digit sales growth per annum, with there being no signs of this trend slowing, in fact it’s speeding up. The general market’s demand and need for a pedal assisted e-bike seems to be on their personal radar.
  • So much so that this owner knows that the more education of the general consumer market, the better, as this is a fast emerging market (also booming within America, Asia, and UK). With this investment, it means that a new owner is entering at the right time, after all the hard work has been done in building a strong business base, which is being met by a growing client demand.
  • This business brand’s awareness continues to grow and is firmly entrenched within the local and greater regional market. The client following has simply continued to gain momentum. When you realise the trajectory of the sales of this operation, you soon come to realise just how lucrative and financially supportive this business’s product type, actually is.
  • Integral operational and online marketing/social media systems are working effectively to generate new client and returning client sales and would be transferred, with all training provided to a new owner. This business has a diverse supply chain and staff hours have been leveraged, for the benefit of this owner’s lifestyle and flexible hour input.
  • This is simply a growing sales and net income growth operation. Having few direct competitors vying for the same market share or even able to represent the same product range of this business. This e-bike range is one of the largest on offer within SE QLD.

Located in one of the most convenient and enviable locations in Brisbane. Its sales graph proves the continued client uptake of this distributed product range, making this a unique and extremely exciting opportunity to benefit from. A new owner will be in the right place at the right time, offering the right products which so many clients want to purchase! Ready for transfer for only $699,000 + SAV ($250-275K)  Owner Open to Offers

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