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[Offer Received Within 1.5 Months] Conveniently Located Pool Services and Pool Product Supply Outlet Business #309

$619,500 + SAV Ref: 1024154

This is a Gold Coast Based, Over 20 Years Trading, Pool Services and Pool Product Supply Outlet Business. Includes a Manager within its Outlet and a Business that’s Conveniently Located and Boasts up to 500 (approx.) Regular Pool Services per Month. Includes a Large Database of Both Residential and Commercial Clients. This is the Ideal Gold Coast Operation to Own and Become Investor of (Be Present or Absent). This Owner is Offering to Remain Employed for the New Investor, and the Outlet Already has Long Term Manager in Place. With Many Pool Technicians on Team, its Sales have Remained High Despite Spending Only $331 Advertising in 2023. Become Well Funded by the High Rate of Pre-Booked and Regular Pool Servicing and Enjoy the Positive Cashflow Spoils of a Regular Product Supply Income - All Received Upfront. Oh, Such a Constant Demand…

  • Long established, and a team proud to supply such a high volume of always in demand pool products and services to a diversity and large number of business and residential clients. Its value for money and quality servicing and support of clients is 2nd to none, leading the way when it comes to defining this business’s culture and reputation, within the fast growing and population region of the Gold Coast.
  • It’s well positioned and easily accessed pool product supply outlet brings clients in from far and wide. Clientele stretches from the north to south of the Gold Coast and includes the hinterland. With so many well-trained pool techs and a fleet of vehicles on the road, this owner invests flexible hours per week, supporting the business and staff, where needed.
  • Interested in supporting the new owner or investor, the offer is for this owner to remain employed by the new owner, making this a fully staffed business for both the pool outlet and the pool servicing side. The long-term pool outlet manager treats the business as if it were a staff owned business. For another existing pool industry business looking to instantly add another 500 (approx.) regular pool servicing clients to their fold, this would be the case from day one, plus the direct financial benefit of adding this high level of sales and profit return achieved over many years.
  • Due to this business being so large and set conveniently within the fast-growing Gold Coast region, pool ownership per capita is at one of Australia’s highest within this area. And many more pools are continually added by the week. Especially by the southerners who are making home here, needing a pool to support them to climatise to the QLD’s hotter weather.
  • Existing clients includes both residential and commercial clients, many of whom have remained loyal to this popular business for many years. The staff are more than capable, being well trained and can successfully manage the day-to-day tasks of this business.
  • Much of this high-volume income is receipted upfront, and the staff generate income on behalf of this owner.
  • This is one high sales investment, and now is the first time that this business has been offered to a new owner since this investor’s ownership. This would be one of the most commercially secure businesses and industries to become involved in and to profit from – on-going.
  • The passivity of regular, pre-booked servicing income and a staff managed outlet is something that would delight any new investor. Compounded by the fact that this owner wishes to remain employed by the new owner, confirms the stature and quality of this pol product and service business. This should delight any new, flexible hour operator or absent investor.
  • The best thing about owning a pool business on the Gold Coast is the fact that it means that any new owner can soak up the idyllic lifestyle benefits of this most sought-after region of Australia. When the cashflow is literally flowing constantly and reliably, what’s there to complain about?
  • This business offers the freedom of time and input. Have it managed completely, or partly (outlet managed only).
  • When you see the profitability, especially of the pool servicing side of the business, you’ll understand immediately why it is so difficult for this business owner to let go. Making for one extremely financially secure and reliable pipeline for on-going profitability! We invite you to view the highly detailed business profile, and request the detailed financial statements, as these prove the high sales volumes and profitability over its many years of trading.

This owner never needed to actively market this business, as the money rolls in continuously, even during the winter months (due to its large book of scheduled pool services). Why spend money on advertising when existing client referrals and a long-standing market reputation continues to do justice to this business’s bottom line. All this naturally generated income is due to the dynamic nature of the pool industry and its client’s on-going needs and wants!

$619,500 + SAV ($50K-80K – fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers

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