1. Here’s How To Receive a FREE Business Value Appraisal!

– How Best to Prepare for Sale and Exit

  • You’ll get to know what the market could pay for your business, upon Exit.
  • Identify the area’s that can increase your Business’s Exit Value.
  • You’ll understand the formulas the market uses to pay you Money for your business.
  • You’ll receive valuable feedback about what you can do to increase the value of your business now and for the future

Whenever you decide it is time for a change of business or life, for any reason, Prepare now to exit, profitably and receive that long awaited cheque in exchange for your business.

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2. Benefit by Becoming a ‘Priority Member’ of Mercury 5 Sky – A Free, Personalised Service!

  • You’ll receive regular updates of all new businesses, as they are launched to market.
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3. Find out just how much you can borrow for a business…

How to achieve competitive Commercial Finance Options … Fast!

With the assistance of major banks who support Mercury 5 Sky Business Sales, we are able to provide you with the ability to quickly and efficiently determine, with no obligation how much money you can borrow.

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 4. Receive Your own Free Business Seller’s Guide (valued at $39.95)

 This helps you prepare your business for transfer, whether it be now or in the future. This is a compilation of the must have, must know, tips and the guide to help you to prepare to exit your business.

The information detailed in this book alone, can save and make you thousands when you come to achieve that final cheque which confirms the value that defines your business; reflecting all that you have to offer the market and what you have invested into your business.

This is a collection of many of the must know do’s & don’ts of preparing and marketing your business for transfer to prepare you to achieve the best possible cheque as a result!

It is possible to prepare well to reap greater returns and reward from the market. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to planning your exit strategy.

This is a FREE guide taking you step by step through how to get the most out of your business investment, the money you truly deserve, upon transfer. Having the “know how” and “know what” when it really counts!