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Mercury 5 Sky Business and Commercial Sales is a specialist agency, facilitating and managing the dynamic process of business and commercial property sales for clients.

We represent business and commercial property owners and present businesses in such a high-quality way that our qualified buyers and investors find it easier to take that next step of making an offer and executing a final contract of sale.

We can offer our clients the infrastructure and know-how that protects their confidentiality throughout the sales process. We are a company who can convert businesses confidently and professionally, as confidence comes from selling a high number of businesses, consistently.

Success breeds even more success.

Mercury 5 Sky business and commercial sales is the company to call when you know it’s the ‘right time’ to sell your business or commercial property. We are here to manage the process for you, making it all that much easier and more efficient. Our method of engagement saves our business clients valuable time and money, as our performance statistics sit above the industry average.

We sit in the unique market position of having a long-term trading history resulting in offering our business clients extensive experience, and a high rate of conversion to sale. Clients receive their sale funds due our firm being a specialist within this field, remaining focused on what we do best.

Our clients can capitalise on the value of their business and commercial assets, able to convert them into funds that they require to enter their next chapter of life.

We have had direct experience with our many target industries, able to assist clients with the buying, selling, and appraising the value of their businesses, be it a small, medium or a large operation.

Our clients are given exclusive access to our unique and extremely effective ‘business conversion system’, which has been proven successful in converting businesses into funds for our business clients over the long term. This experience in turn offers our clientele many unique benefits, which sets us apart from the rest.

Our business presentation and conversion processes are not only highly effective but have been proven highly efficient, saving our clients both time and money throughout the process of their business transfer. Having traded over the long term since 2006, we have the extensive experience to apply to business transfers.

Our clients have access to and utilise our proven ‘exit strategy’ which is well executed and managed by our team, who have extensive industry knowledge, experience, and skills. Our internal process dramatically increases the probability of our business clients receiving offers and exiting their businesses within a reasonable time frame. They can confidently entrust their business and commercial property with us.

If you are looking for a business agency to represent you, you have found one who can provide an efficient and personalised approach to this dynamic process. Cashing out of your business or commercial property has never been so effective, due to our extensive track record and ability to increase the probability of your business being transferred to a qualified buyer.

Prior to clients engaging our services, many tell us that they have come to realise that selling their own business is thwart with many challenges and demands. There being more involved than first thought, which makes for a very time demanding undertaking, proven even more difficult when attempting it alone. The steps to a successful business sale are extensive and the process can be complex to navigate.

So, choose a specialist who is highly trained and has many years of experience in successfully selling businesses, so that your campaign is highly effective and your chance for a successful sale is dramatically increased.

 Call or email us now to receive your free, no obligation, fully customised and highly confidential ‘Business Value Appraisal’ (normally valued at $595).