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Mercury 5 Sky Business & Commercial Sales is a unique agency, being differentiated from the typical “business broking firm”. We make the greatest use of unique, proven, effective operational and marketing methods in which to evoke the best possible results for our clients when compared to traditional approaches.

We are proud to offer two distinct company divisions;

The first division is an active facilitator of highly effective marketing, presenting and transferring of a diversity of small to medium business enterprises across many high demand industries. This is all whilst implementing processes which always protect business client’s confidential information.

The second division specialises in facilitating the strategic acquisition, transfer or merger of larger organisations where discretion is key. These clients may never be advertised publicly, our clients are matched to our pre-qualified buyers and investors.

We facilitate the transfer of businesses in a far more time & cost-efficient method as we match key buyer criteria. This process is kept highly confidential and executed without the knowledge of any other party.

Now after more than a decade of operating, our systems are fine tuned to match thousands of pre-qualified and financially capable buyers both on and offshore to exiting business and/or corporate owners. We provide all clients with a highly effective national and international marketing reach, supported by our head office based in the CBD of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our buyers also span the globe (including many immigrants and migrant agents).

We have enabled a high number of business owners to achieve the freedoms experienced when exiting their businesses and enjoying the profitable outcome of having money in their bank accounts as a direct result of adopting our service and proven systems!

Our infrastructure is highly systemised and unique, being renowned for maintaining a level of confidentiality which protects all parties throughout this well managed process.

Mercury 5 Sky Business & Commercial Sales are renowned for having buyer’s compete for businesses, which only fortifies the high conversion rate achieved for more than the last decade! Our buyer demand is always greater than our supply of businesses due to this high conversion rate. Able to match businesses to a buyer at a ‘touch of a button’…

We are not only focused on confidentiality, we also support our business owners in often achieving a transfer of their businesses within a short amount of time.

The businesses we represent include; wholesale/distribution, retail, franchises, services, manufacturing, import/export, online distribution businesses, transport/logistics, to name a few…

Transferring businesses is a demanding process which requires the highest professional standards. We have decades of experience presenting, marketing and transferring businesses across many industries. So, when it comes to achieving our business client’s exit or entry strategies, our team do apply their experience to making the process of transferring and purchasing a business simpler, easier, and far more efficient.

For our business buyers/investor’s we do all their ‘leg work’, which includes providing them with a high quality, fully detailed profile on all businesses, which facilitates favourable offers and saves valuable time and money. Hence, we have remained a popular source of new businesses over the long term, among a very high volume of existing buyers.

Receiving accurate information is the key to making good investment decisions, so we are committed to providing both accurate and timely information, also being proud to protect the interests and confidentiality of our clients.

The following is “worth its weight in gold” when considering representation to market and transfer a business to prospective buyers:

  1. The business transaction process and activity are protected by our proven systems and remains highly confidential.
  1. The business is presented in such a way that it evokes the best possible response from our pre-qualified buyers.
  1. Our business owners are kept regularly informed of all buyer’s interest, progress, feedback and activity. Communication throughout the process is vitally important to our clients. Adopting highly effective marketing systems finds our business owners the ‘right’ buyers who are the ‘best fit’ for their businesses, which ensures that their business’s legacy continues long term.