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$749,000 + SAVLarge, Highly Profitable Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet #302

This is a Brisbane Based, Large and Highly Profitable Essential Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet. The Net Income Return is Truly Staggering, Proving to be a Highly Profitable and Financially Secure 18 Year Trading Operation. This is Also a Dual Brand Operation. Is a Preferred Pool Servicing Provider to Nearly 500 Homeowners, Real Estates and Body Corporates, per Month. Having Thousands of Clients on the Database and Spending within this Outlet! Providing a Predictable Income and Positive, Paid Upfront Cashflow. Having a Large and Fast Populating Client Catchment Area Around its Large and Abundant Premise!

This business’s brand diversity, longevity within this fast growing client market, and its financial strength and returns will leave you speechless. Why not let it pay you for the next few decades, as it has done for this owner. Includes relatively new vehicles. All for just $749K + SAV ($100K – $150K approx.) Photos Used…continue reading

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$2,490,000 + SAVStaff Managed Fastener Product Wholesaler, Distributor and Direct Supplier #303

Established 14 Years by this Same Owner, this Always in Demand, Staff Managed Fastener, Trade Supplies and Related Tool Product Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier, is One of the Largest of its Kind in SE QLD. Having So Few Competitors to Share its Well-Maintained Market Share, this Multi-Million Dollar Sales Operation is Primed for its Next Stage of Active or Organic Sales and Profit Growth. This Being Ready for Any New Investor or Existing Industry Business Wanting to Add Ample Value Immediately, to One’s Business & Financial Life!

This investment is the provider of a great ownership lifestyle, providing ample time to grow its already substantial sales, supply network and resultant high net income return. Take this “profitable vehicle” and it can also work for you… All for just $2.49 Million + SAV ($350K – $450K approx. – Fast moving stock) Photos Used…continue reading

$399,000 + SAVHigh Gross Profit, Low Time Input Vending Service #299

Established 13 Years, this Greater Brisbane Vending Service Business’s Sales have Increased Every Year for the Last Half Decade! This Would have to be One of the Most Resilient, Time Efficient and “Easy” Ways to Make a Passive Income! This Net Income is High for Minimal Time Invested Per week. Also Transferring a Large Number High Value, Quality Brand “Combo” Machines. It takes approx. 3 Days to Collect Cash Money & Replace Stock. This Cashflow Positive Operation Offers Ample Free Time for Any Home-Based Owner. Enjoy Extended Long Weekends - Every Week! This Higher than Industry Gross and Net Profit is Based Upon a Diversity of Income Receipted from a High Number of Quality and Long Term Business Sites (Loyal for 7-10+ Years).

This owner is now transferring this business package for “change sake” only. This business is ready for a new owner or existing vending industry business to “bolt this on”. This investment is the provider of a great lifestyle, ample free time and gives convenient access to ample net income returns. This is the reality for…continue reading

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