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$2,195,000 WIWOKnown and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Service #143

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Established by This Current Owner for The Last 30 Years, This is One of the Best Known and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Services Businesses Currently Operating in SE QLD. A New Owner or Existing Fire Industry Business Could Add More Than 2,500 Active Client Sites Instantly! Let Alone Profiting Immediately from This High Net Profit Yield. This Is a Near Predictable, High Repeat and Growing Sales/Net Income Fire Industry Provider. Its Core Business Is Providing Pre-Schedule Servicing/Maintenance Visits Bi-Annually and Supplies Related Fire Products. Renowned for Providing ‘All Things Related to Fire Safety’ To Great Paying, Loyal Over the Long Term (Decades), Notary and High Quality Clients, Across A Diversity of Industries. Owner Does Not Complete Servicing Visits, Being Office Based Mainly. The Many Long Term Fire Technicians Support the Clients of This Extremely Popular and Trusted Fire Industry Player...

Established by the current owner for many decades, this business is one of those well protected, ‘high barrier to entry’ investments. Its long-standing SE QLD reputation continues to fuel its passive and inbound based stream of new, referred client jobs. This rate of new clients being generated without active marketing or advertising spend, means that…continue reading

$1,450,000 + SAVLarge Landscaping & Building Product Supply Wholesaler and Direct Supplier #145

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Established for Many Decades, this Large Landscaping & Building Product Direct & Business/Trade Wholesale Supplier is Not Only One of the Largest within this Fast-Growing Region of SE QLD, But it is Highly Profitable. Experiencing Double-Digit Growth in 20/21. Its Cashflow, Being Generated by High Repeat Purchasing Business and Trade Clients (Thousands of Them) Mainly Pay Upfront! There Being 20-30 Credit Accounts Issued…Just Offers a Diversity of Both Products and Clients – Making for One of the Most Secure & Financially Rewarding Investments You’ll Find Anywhere!

Being established for many decades, this unique and sizeable building and landscape product supply business leads its fast-growing market. It is one of the largest of its kind, offering a vast array of always in demand products, which provides a very consistent and even growing – double digit sales growth, YTD 20/21. Being centrally positioned…continue reading

$335,000 WIWOEstablished 16 years, General Medical Practice, Fully Staff Managed Investment #148

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Established 16 years, this General Medical Practice is a Fully Staff Managed Investment for this Non-Medical & Retired Investor. There are a Diversity of Passive Income Streams Being Generated by the Long-Term Practice Manager, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. This is a Vastly Popular, Prime Positioned Gold Coast Medical Clinic which Provides Any New Investor (No Prior Medical Industry Skill or Background Required), with a Proven, Financially Secure & Profitable Medical Clinic Investment. Even More Money Could be Made if the New Owner was a Medical/General Practitioner (GP) or Allied Health Professional!

Established for more than a decade and a half, this extremely well-located medical practice has been operated under staff management for more than the last decade, as this owner/investor is not a doctor or medical practitioner. There is a high quality, socio-economic patient demographic surrounding and supporting this clinic, including a fast-growing region being serviced….continue reading

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