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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 2.5 MONTHS] Trusted and Relied Upon Branded Workwear Screen Printer and Merchandise Product Supplier #160

$159,000 WIWO Ref: 1023555

Locate Anywhere…This is One of This Local Region’s (Gold Coast & Northern NSW), Most Trusted and Relied Upon Branded Workwear Screen Printer and Merchandise Product Supplier to Businesses/Trades/Schools etc. This Investment Has Been Established for the Last 33 Years! Being a Specialist Uniform and Workwear Screen Printer, Outsourcing the Balance of its Large List of Products on Offer to its Business Clients, Which Generates a Passive Income (i.e. Merchandise, Embroidery, Signage, Stickers etc). There are Literally Hundreds of Regularly Returning and Repeat Order Clients – Needing No Official Advertising Budget! Posting a Sales Growth of 28.31% (approx.) in 20/21!

  • Being established for 3 decades means that this is an extremely relied upon screen printer of branded workwear, hi-vis and polos for businesses, schools, and quasi-government clients etc. Offering its large base of business-to-business clients a ‘one stop shop’. The balance of all its products are outsourced, providing it with a lucrative passive income to add to its already high growth sales percentages. The income generated by outsourcing to other trusted companies, simply involves adding a profit percentage to the client invoices for the job handling and processing.
  • This current business model is not only very profitable, showing a high – 57.62% (20/21) approx. gross profit margin, equating to an average markup on products of a massive 115.24% (approx.), across the entire product range (a long list on offer, which also keeps businesses coming back to this diverse product provider).
  • This is a smart operation, which also includes multiple support staff, and a massive sales growth rate of 28.31% approx. experienced in 20/21. There is no sign of this reducing, as this business sits in the centre of one of Australia’s fastest populating communities (Gold Coast and Northern NSW). Orders continue to be received inbound.
  • Clients include schools, sporting clubs, government departments, local trades, and general businesses across a wide range of industries. If a client needs a branded uniform, then this business can supply them.
  • This business’s sales are increasing and mirroring the trajectory of new residents arriving in the surrounding regions, many are relocating up from the southern states. This mass migration of people wanting to live and work within this idyllic and lifestyle based region is truly staggering.
  • The home building, home improvement and renovation market is currently booming, catering to this movement of Australia’s population. This is occurring around this very business, with existing local businesses also booming as a direct result. These clients are here to stay, as with their clients (new residents etc).
  • This business has proven to be a big winner as a result of COVID-19 and the population boom, and is in the position of being able to be scaled up, quickly, with this operation able to cater to the growing demand for branded workwear, safety – hi vis wear (which offers a very high gross profit margin). This business supplies a good volume of hi-vis gear to clients within both the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions.
  • Now, after 14 years, this owner is ready for retirement from this industry. There is so much to be said, and is confirmed within the highly detailed business profile, including its scalability or being able to be quickly bolted on to an existing market player. The commercial benefits abound!
  • Either relocate this business or remain secure with a long term lease in its current position.
  • There are 7-8,000 approx. business clients in the database, a high profitability and growing sales and profit margins. This business operates by enacting simple tasks, with staff being easily trained.
  • It enjoys and offers a new owner or industry business a passive income stream from outsourcing other than its specialist area of screen-printing branded workwear.
  • A marketing company could simply continue to generate even more sales volumes, and have others complete the jobs on its behalf – making for a very smart business model! Only $1,703 has been spent on advertising, so little needs to be done to achieve the current level of high inbound and repeat re-ordering, including organically generated referrals and word of mouth activity within the greater business community.
  • A very high percentage of the existing sales are from repeat and re-ordering clients, who simply return to the same branded products again and again. (Clients can re-order monthly and even weekly!)
  • So, bolt this business on to an existing industry business, or grow this investment to your heart’s content by launching an online webstore, promoting the recently upgraded website and even marketing directly to the 7-8000 (approx.) clients on the existing database (which hasn’t been done as often as could be). The current owners are not motivated to grow, as they are on the exit.
  • When so little is needed to be done to earn this high net profit, the new owner’s input and growth will be just cream on top! This investment provides such as strong base of existing and highly profitable activity that the new owner, needing no prior industry training or background, is able to step in and be trained, including being financed by this stable and solid business over the long term.

Enjoy this stand out player who doesn’t sacrifice its profit and maintains a very reasonable pricing structure for the business clients its supplies. A new owner could add more casual staff and do even less within this business, as they are easily trained. Or, even outsource more and focus on growing the marketing and business development activities of this investment instead. This inhouse screen printing of workwear logos onto garments is easy to master, no matter the new owner’s background.

Genuine retirement after nearly a decade and a half of ownership. All for only $159,000 WIWO

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