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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 63 BUSINESS DAYS] Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility #169

$19,980,000 Ref: 1023521

This Is One of The Gold Coast’s Best and Most Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility. Centrally Located Within an Idyllic and Fast-Growing Area, This Is An ‘Always in Demand’ Staff Managed Investment. It Offers Ample Potential for Additional Levels to Be Added, The Immediate Addition of More Beds/Rooms Without Any Major Building Works (Having Less Beds/Rooms Than the Government Has Approved!) Nearly Half a Million More Dollars Per Annum Could Also Be Added to The Already Multi-Million-Dollar Revenues - Being Added Quickly (Without High Costs). This Is No Ordinary Nursing Home and Is Being Transferred to A New Owner for The Very First Time Since Inception, Being Decades Ago. The Current Owner Is Now Retiring from This Freehold/Building and Business Investment…

  • This is one of the best located and most reputable nursing homes operating over the long term, within the fast growing Gold Coast region. This facility is a highly rated, staff managed investment, having a long term and extremely experienced and high performance Facility Manager, Director of Nursing in place, multiple 2IC’s and a large body of nursing and care staff in support of a high number of on-site residents. The staff having remained loyal to this brand for many years, due to its personalised service focus and unique business culture.
  • Its existing clients, their immediate and extended family referrals, recommendations, and reviews have continued organically, supporting the status of one of the Coast’s most ‘sought after’ aged care facilities and nursing homes. It enjoys a long waiting list, as is positioned centrally and conveniently within its growing local community, being surrounded by a potential and quality client demographic catchment.
  • This nursing home has been proud to have always maintained a ‘higher than the average industry’ standard of care and patron servicing, being renowned for maintaining its residents over the long term. Proud to support extending resident’s lives by supporting their health, happiness, and comfort. This facility has in fact defied the industry’s statistics for length of tenure – tenant’s remaining for more years on average!
  • The culture being maintained for nearly a few decades, is certainly one to be proud of…hence its reputation and reason for always having ample demand for its beds, large and comfortable rooms.
  • This investment package includes a large block of improved land, its value being a high percentage of the transfer amount and its value increasing fast, and this is not expected to slow, due to the area this nursing home operates within.
  • This is also an elevated established nursing home site, offering a gorgeous leafy and landscaped vista which tenants enjoy.
  • This is a rare and unique package of both prime located nursing home freehold land and buildings (large block of valuable and prime positioned land), and an extremely well operated and fully staff supported aged care facility.
  • Even the nursing home’s greater design and layout is conducive to providing a superior level of nursing care.
  • There are a high number of government approved beds being transferred to a new owner/investor, with the rooms being large in size, including ensuites and other design benefits.
  • The future capital gains of investing in and owning this enviable block of developed land (acres of area), means that this centrally positioned freehold land and buildings, plus its multi-million dollar sales revenue, aged care facility can now be transferred for the very first time since inception!
  • Here is a high-quality service and care, nursing home facility which can be defined as ‘boutique’, due to lifting the bar higher than the norm found within the industry, and it proudly does so.
  • There is an extremely reliable, capable, and highly effective facility manager in place, having remained over the long term and a large number of nursing and care staff who support this large bed investment (rooms being a mix of both larger than average double and single rooms).
  • The only reason for the transfer of this ‘rare find’ aged care industry investment package is that the owner is now ready to retire from this business, having received such high profit yields over the long term.
  • The freehold land/building and business ownership is now being transferred for the very first time ever in its many year history!
  • The multi-million-dollar sales revenues have been organically generated over many years, thanks to the manager, multiple 2IC’s and the extended body of nursing / care staff, maintaining a high level of consistent servicing. The team provide residents with that ‘all important’ feeling of always being there for the residents, which puts them at ease – they have all come to trust the staff.
  • This is a staff managed facility and has made ample profits over the years, having a near multi decade trading history to offer a new owner/investor. There is now ample potential for future premise and site development, and even immediate low cost, sales, and profit growth to be transferred for the benefit of a new owner / investor.
  • For an existing aged care industry member or related industry business, this packaged investment equates to being a ‘find of the century’.
  • This nursing home having never been made available for transfer until now! We don’t know how long this lucrative, always in demand, government funded packaged investment will last on the market…especially having such a high land value at its base.
  • This is a large, aged care facility and establishment, having more beds approved by government than what are currently being made available, this is simply due to the current owner not being as motivated to generate additional sales, as the current income has been ample enough (owner already draws down a substantial income, per month).
  • Receiving such a high monthly yield supports a comfortable lifestyle and lack of motivation to make more, for the owner of this prized investment. There is quite simply ample potential for a new investor to further develop this established business and aged care facility, so that a new owner can step in and benefit from the massive rise in land values over coming years (capital gain values are expected to be high in future), due to having such a prime, large, and central position on the Gold Coast.
  • Take this great value, well established nursing homes, being one of the very best located properties and sites, being fully government approved and accredited, as with a high number of rooms being funded, including the ability to add more rooms, meeting the government’s total number of rooms approved for this business. So, a new owner can make even more money quickly, without major building works or costs being required!
  • This is a government funded investment, secure by way of an upward climbing trend, whereby the demand for nursing home beds by Australian seniors continues to grow and is expected to peak within the next 10-15 years.
  • More rooms being added and therefore contributing even more income to the top and bottom lines. Providing these additional rooms will not be at a great cost. The preparation has already been done by this current owner, ready to be implemented rapidly by the new investor (more details will be provided).


  • Renowned for offering a higher than industry service level, the residents of this facility have a tendency to live that much longer, mainly due to maintaining a high staff to resident ratio.
  • Many more citizens within our communities will require care and support during their later years, with there being a waiting list for this facility’s rooms and further development potential which could double, even triple this facility’s capacity in future. This bright and profitable future will all be for the benefit of a new owner. And, let’s not forget the passively growing land value which is expected to rise in line with the growing demand for land and properties on the Gold Coast.
  • This is one of the ‘top picks’ for a new investor within the fast growing and always in demand aged care industry. We’ll come to know which investor is intelligent enough to see a wonderful investment opportunity when it presents itself. This is now sitting right in front of you now, and is ready for the taking…

Land, building and long established aged care facility is being transferred as one package, all for $19.98 Million – A detailed profile will be provided upon receiving your emailed request.  Owner open to offers

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