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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3 MONTHS] Long Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Business #139

$299,000 + SAV Ref: 1023468

This is One of the Greater Brisbane’s Longest Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Businesses, Being the Preferred ‘Go To’ Business for Nearly 6,000 Different Products and Thousands of Local and Surrounding Region Clients. This Business is Responsible for a Massive 60+ Years of Trading and it Being a Quarter of a Century for this Retiring Owner. This Business is an Immensely Enjoyable & Lifestyle Based Business, Hence… the 25 Years of Ownership to Date. This is a Positive Cashflow Business, and Has Long Tenure Staff Who Can Operate this Business on Behalf of this Owner (Has Done for A Year or So) …Sales Continue to Grow!

  • Being one of the longest established produce, pet and hardware, including water tank, fencing product supply businesses, means that only a very small local area marketing and advertising spend has been required to make its high annual sales amount (even more money is being made in 20/21, to date).
  • This operation has needed so little support in the way of marketing and advertising, due to the large client catchment surrounding this vastly popular and extremely convenient located pet, animal and hardware supply business. There are a fast-growing number of clients who simply need to return and purchase feed and supplies for their animals, as well as tools, fencing and general hardware supplies for the on-going upkeep of their properties.
  • In fact, sales are continuing to grow in 20/21, as the local and surrounding area continues to be a ‘must live’ destination. This vastly popular area continues to increase its population, due to its proximity to Brisbane, which in turn has pushed local property values to records heights!
  • This business also offers the business with the freehold land and building – as an investment package that just makes sense. With this land being a very large multi-lot block. All the better to land bank and develop later. There is ample land (thousands of square metres) to expand upon, even extend the existing business premise, renowned for being rustic and welcoming, providing ample stock storage (undercover and lockable), including being where clients want to visit and purchase their always in demand products.
  • This business offers a ready cashflow that never stops, as is the demand for pet, animal and related produce products, which are always needed to feed and look after much loved extensions to each client’s family.
  • Properties are always in need of upkeep, repair and maintenance, and with such a diversity of products on offer, this business is able to supply the local client catchment with ‘direct from farm’, high quality products, including nearly every product that any client could ever want and need.
  • This is a ‘safe as houses’ business, and if combined with the ownership of its freehold land and building/s, then this becomes a veritable “golden nest egg” for future decades to come!
  • The main fact to take into consideration is the potential for monstrous capital gains and the subsequent profits to be made from rising land and building values. All due to this being such as well located business and freehold. There are so many reasons for the growing popularity of this particular region. Its proximity to a capital city being one of them. By being the owner of this produce/hardware business and freehold means that it also pays you a monthly rental. Providing a passive income for operating on this particularly large and unique site.
  • This is conveniently located (central to tens of thousands of clients who surround it – and have money to spend at this business). All can be owned, as this would provide the ultimate freedom do what you want with both business and freehold!
  • No need for a landlord, just the freedom to develop, extend, and even add more premises – the list of options is long…even build more shops or add a landscaping yard. The business is also available as a leasehold business. But, the option remains for both.
  • This is a business that offers one of the largest and most diverse product ranges, being the region’s one stop outlet, and becoming one of the region’s most popular and frequented. It also offers products in bulk and even re-packaged to achieve an even greater profit margin. Clients can pick up or have delivered to their home or business.
  • By offering so few business and trade credit accounts, money is never an issue, as it is always rolling into the till like clockwork.
  • When you own an ‘always in high demand’ product business such as this one, client liaison becomes the team’s joy and focus, with clients usually returning often, and knowing what they need. If they don’t, there are very long tenure and well trained staff, having the back up support of the owner to support clients with their product choices.
  • This site is convenient for clients to visit, being large enough to accommodate up to 15 client vehicles on site, including horse floats, utes, 4WDs, trailers and the like.
  • It is fun to own a business that ensures that all the local area properties can be secured and continue to be well maintained, even improved. This being the main market player, being responsible for the supply of products which supports the welfare of all client’s animals, be it a chook, guinea pig, dog, pig, goat etc. – on-going.
  • Being part of a few national groups and these brands being well known groups, means that this business can bank a higher gross profit margin overall and still enjoy the freedoms of remaining independently operated.
  • There could be a webstore added to the existing website (even upgraded), with this initiative being left to the new owner, as with a cloud-based point of sale software management system. By adding one, it could instantly save 15 hours per week of manual data entry that this owner completes, the ‘old fashioned way’ – manually, during operating hours, as is not tech savvy.
  • The staff are well equipped, with all the stock and even the style of premise being supportive of a new webstore, even expanding online orders by adding an eBay store. Staff are capable of picking, packing and despatch via courier product orders to anyone around the country.
  • With highly competitive pricing, high quality products that this owner and team are proud to present to clients, makes this is a veritable ‘gold mine’ of what could be done in the way of active promotion.
  • Even with a 25-year absence of active marketing and advertising initiatives, such as sending texts or emails to the extremely large and existing clientele, including having the bonus passive income of an online webstore, means that the ‘die hard’ loyalty from the existing returning base of clients have simply ensured the on-going financial success and viability of this operation. There being a bedrock of on-going sales which could simply be built upon.
  • This freehold land and building offers ample opportunity for future development and ‘scooping the pool’ when it comes to land banking for future gains. The return on the freehold currently also generates a passive and constant monthly income, paid by the business’s proceeds.
  • This business itself continues to profit, as it can continue to do so, as long as there are properties that are lived in and animals that need to be fed, which surround it.
  • Being the main preferred supplier of all things animal, pet and hardware supply, within this fast growing region, serves to support those clients who are sparing no expense in maintaining and improving their properties, “making it their castle – which can yield up more value in future”, and spending what is required to ensure the welfare and comfort of their animals. Clients are seeking out the very best products to purchase, the best the market has to offer.
  • The added bonus of offering large array of hardware, fencing and water tank options etc. is that it ‘all’ simply adds to the total sales and profits earned and makes for one attractive ‘one stop’ supply business.
  • Why not enjoy the next decade or more, supplying what will always be needed by your clientele. Let this positive cashflow business and/or freehold investment, become your ‘bedrock’ of financial security and well-being, for decades to come, for you and your family.
  • This is also a wonderful ‘bolt-on’ option for an existing industry business, looking to cash in instantly, on this business’s large local area market share which has been maintained for many decades. Achieve ‘economies of scale’ by adding many hundreds of thousands of dollars of product purchasing power. Lock in even more sales and profits by rolling this investment into an existing venture. This property and site offers ample option for further stock storage.

This is a genuine and motivated transfer due to retirement. All for just $299K + SAV $100-140K (fast moving stock), plus the freehold land and building as a packaged option for $1.59 million WIWO

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