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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS] Fast Growing, National Niche Food Product Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier #253

$799,000 + SAV Ref: 1023874

This is One of Australia’s Fastest Growing, National Niche Food Product Wholesalers/Distributors and Online Suppliers (Via its Popular Webstore). Offering its Small through to Large Volume (Includes Palletised Ordering) Business Clients with a Large Range of these Always in Demand, Niche Food Products. With a Massive 19.56% (approx.) Sales Growth in 21/22. Organically Achieved, the Repeat Ordering of Own Brand and Bulk Wholesaled Products is Something to Rave About! The Vast Majority of Wholesale Clients Located Nationally, Pay Upfront Before Product Orders are Couriered…

  • Established since its inception many years ago by the current owner, this specialist and niche food product wholesaler/distributor and online supplier collects profits on a national scale, as it enjoys several areas of income, much of which is inbound and recurring, making for an organically growing operation. The pace of sales growth is simply a reflection of what is happening within the larger, multi-billion-dollar food industry within our nation.
  • There are only signs that the collective demand by clients nationally continues to see orders for this business’s 180-200 (approx.) niche product range. The sales activities continue to bring even greater financial yields for the owner of this business, as the business clients themselves continue to expand and their demand is growing.
  • Be it a new owner or any background, skill or industry experience that enjoys being involved with a ‘feel good’ and healthier product business, or it be an existing food industry business who wants to add this business’s rocketing sales and profits to its base, all is possible due to the very propensity for the greater client market to want to consume this business’s particularly high quality and unique product range.
  • There is a warehouse manager in place, including support staff for the everyday admin and client order processing and fulfilment activities of the business. This 5 day only business offers its owner the option to enjoy flexible hours and time input, a lifestyle that most owners are left to dream about. This model and way of operating allows for this owner to work on the business, rather than be wedded to its day-to-day activities.
  • Much of this business’s fast-growing sales are generated by repeat and return client product ordering, being a larger national wholesale/distribution business than it is online, direct to consumers. Both present ample option for further growth, but this owner loves the thousands of dollars of net income generated by a business client (food manufacturer, wholesaler, product brand owner etc.) logging into the website, submitting their order, many a time paying upfront, and the forklift simply moves the pallet of stock to the door, ready for the courier to take to any area of Australia.
  • The fact is that people within the general populous consider these food products healthier options and are therefore driving a demand never seen before in our world’s history.
  • This business has become one of the nation’s fastest growing niche food product and related market providers, offering one of the largest ranges within this niche segment, which is not only highly lucrative, but provides a high barrier to entry. There are so few competitors in the nation able to rival this provider. The owner said, “If only more business clients within the food industry knew about this wholesaler/distributor, the sales would likely double overnight.”
  • But very little in the way of active marketing or promoting has been done in all its years of operating ($7,530.22 in 22 only). As, simply hasn’t needed to, due to its large and diverse product offering. Clients keep referring and existing clients are continuing to grow and expand their own operations, as the market for these products is massive! The natural by product is an organic growth for this popular, diverse, and always in demand product supplier.
  • This investment would have to be one of the very best businesses to own for the feel-good sake for starters (helping others to be happier and healthier), or great for any existing food industry business, as this niche food industry segment could be claimed and its dominance continued, nationally!
  • Importing more volume-based products is also being planned, as this could increase the existing product margins.
  • This is certainly a business to explore further, so request the detailed business profile now, as it offers financially security, a wonderful cashflow, flexible/part-time hour owner input and the luxury of being able to grow this business’s already naturally increasing sales.
  • This investment marvel is all thanks to a greater food industry that has seen to it that this niche product business remain in greater demand as each year passes. Unsurprisingly, the statistics underpinning the growing client demand will shock you, as will the overall consumption statistics when they are presented. 

All for just $799K + SAV ($60K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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