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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 17 BUSINESS DAYS] Prime Located, Staff Managed, Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet #207

$689,800 + SAV Ref: 1023876

This is a Prime Located, Staff Managed and Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet. Offering Any New Owner or Investor High Gross Profit Margins & Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Net Income Per Annum. Enjoy ‘Ultra Supportive’ Supplier Product Prices, Due to the High Sales Volume and Large Range of Hair & Beauty Products Offered. Multiple Long-term Employed Managers and 2IC in Place. Manager’s Remaining Employed for 12 -13 years! This is a Successfully Operated Investment, thanks to Well Trained Staff & Highly Effective and Proven Operational Systems…

  • This is one hair & beauty product and service based business where any new owner can simply remain an absent investor or enjoy the part-time hour input per week (during the week), enjoying customer, manager, and staff liaison tasks mainly. This owner chooses to complete the optional financial management tasks within the comfort and convenience of a home-based office, instead of being on site within the business.
  • The new owner of this unique, two in one business investment is not required to be a hairdresser, nor does this owner cut any client’s hair. No prior industry knowledge or experience is required to profit this big by owning this highly lucrative investment (request the many years of financial statements). This owner has enjoyed for more than the last decade of massive profitability, due to this model and brand being well renowned, respected and a national market leader. This is a unique concept which has been proven across many locations within Australia, offering decades long, proven systems which are all documented and easy to follow for managers and staff, day to day.
  • This is prime and convenient location for this always in demand hair stylist and beauty and hair product outlet business, as it is surrounded by a fast-growing population, relentless in its ability to swell the greater Brisbane’s resident numbers.
  • Being such a well trusted and renowned business, this business subsequently enjoys the financial rewards of having a high rate of returning clients, including many walk-ins to its beauty and hair product outlet. The average dollar sale per client is high, being generated across a diversity of clients, hair services, large and popular, including exclusive product range.
  • Providing one of the most dynamic staff managed investments that any new owner can enjoy. As it offers free time and an optional input lifestyle, in addition to providing its owner with a high level of profit!
  • Poised within a prime, popular, and enviable location (being within one of Brisbane’s fastest growing regions), 100% of all client payments are receipted upfront, providing its investor or part-time hour owner with a positive cashflow.
  • This award-winning investment’s (for sales volumes generated) net income is considered by anyone’s standards, high, also being consistently achieved.
  • Enjoy the commercial protections of product and brand exclusively, as well as high gross profit margins across the majority of all products supplied the general market of female hair and beauty product lovers. This business is one of the very few hair salons which can offer its clientele such an extensive product range, for both hair and beauty products.
  • This fact simply adds to this brand’s overall appeal to thousands of frequently returning and new clients.
  • Put simply, this business has provided a financial and operational comfort for this owner, for more than the decade, taking extended month or multi-month holidays away from the business. With such high annual sales and even this near 20% sales growth achieved in full year, 20/21, this extensive range of products and services has met the market’s demands and continues to do so, on into 21/22 – YTD.
  • Stocking leading and always in demand hair and beauty products, and providing the greater female (of all ages) market with what consumables they need to purchase often, means that this is one of the most secure, recession and COVID-19 proof businesses available on the open market – ready for transfer after more than the last decade of ownership, successful and highly profitable trading.
  • A new owner can choose their own hours of input or leave these well-trained managers and staff to continue managing this salon on behalf of the new owner. Be involved for minimal hours or be “hands off” – your choice!
  • This strong upfront money producing business investment, can now be taken to even greater level of sales and income, as this owner has not invested money into existing client marketing or local area marketing or advertising efforts.
  • Being fully computerised, this investor can see exactly what is being transacted real time, from the comfort of the home office or by using any mobile device. This is a lifestyle supportive operation, where the money just keeps rolling in! There ain’t no stopping it, as hair needs to be cut, coloured and style, on average, every 4-6 weeks. There is a great proportion of our population who have hair, which needs attention during this time cycle, year after year, and this income does not include those who purchase supportive and beauty enhancing body, nail hair and beauty products from this same trusted brand and outlet.
  • There are “no money worries when you own this high performance, staff managed investment.” For any new owner who is ready to become financially secure, by finding and owning that ‘right’ investment.

This offers up everything that it promises and more, as it has done for more than a decade for its current and retiring owner! With such a high net profit being earned per annum, it certainly won’t take long for anyone to return this initial transfer amount of $689,800 + SAV ($120-140K) – Open to all genuine offers

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