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High Quality Healthy Snack Food Product, Boutique Producer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier #330

$209,000 + SAV Ref: 1024224

This is a Prime Located (Can be Relocated Anywhere in SE QLD), Part-Time Hour, High Quality Healthy Snack Food Product, Boutique Producer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier. This Being a Popular and Sought After Product Range and Brand, with Great Paying and High-Quality Business Clients; Liquor/Bottle Shops, Grocery/Convenience Stores, Pubs/Clubs & Taverns, Fuel Stations, Airport etc. (A Diverse List). The Loyalty of Clients Spans More than a Decade and the Repeat Ordering Rate Remains at a High 85-90% (approx.). Distributes Throughout the Fast Growing & Populating Regions of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Of Course Nationally, when it Comes to its Online Product Orders!

  • When it comes to providing one of the highest quality and most differentiated product ranges in the food wholesale/distribution market, supplying hundreds of businesses (small through to large), within the fast-populating region of SE QLD, it helps to offer the highest quality range, which just tops them all! There are many reasons for being able to maintain this superior product quality and offering, and still maintain acceptable value for money prices, and still make a high profit per transaction…
  • This owner even expressed the fact that this product range could even rival the same type of products internationally, due to the grade of products and ingredients being used. This being no exaggeration here, as once you read this business’s detailed profile you’ll soon come to realise that this range is 2nd to none, due to sourcing only the very best products, and remaining a boutique producer (*very simple production and bagging process). Being focused on being  mainly a wholesaler/distributor of this popular product type, supplying reliably to its diverse and large wholesale business client base.
  • This business boasts the transfer of this high quality, consistently re-ordering and enviable client list. Including a high number of bottle shops/liquor stores, convenience/grocery, general/corner stores, airport, pubs, clubs, taverns, service stations etc. It enjoys a regular and repeat ordering process which continues to support a comfortable and extremely flexible part-time hour lifestyle (not being considered hard work).
  • Long is the client list, as well as its client’s loyalty, most having remaining supplied by this unique and boutique producer, wholesaler/distributor for up to a decade.
  • The online space, given this wholesaler’s margin of a whopping 70.83% approx. (even more profit is generated per sale, when supplied direct to consumers via the webstore), is ready and waiting to be marketed actively. This business also being an online provider of these healthier snack foods, all be it always organically ranked on the web.
  • The high number of referrals from existing clients continues to expand this operation organically, as generally occurring “word of mouth” has been based predominantly on the quality of products and providing reliable distribution runs throughout the entire SE QLD region.
  • Being set apart and well known within the fast growing and populating areas of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast, even more distributors, agents and wholesale clients could be quickly added to this strong fold. This means that there is ample scope to continue to grow this business’s clientele, total sales and subsequent net profits. This being the case for any new owner, or strategically aligned company, not requiring any specific skills, knowledge or prior industry background to continues this trading success.
  • Major corporate, multi-site supply contracts are presently on offer, being for product distribution throughout the Sydney area and expansion immediately possible, which could substantially grow the client base.
  • This business is currently based within the idyllic area of the Sunshine Coast but could be relocated to any convenient location for the new owner or existing industry business.
  • Investing and owning this type of healthy snack food distribution business means that it can provide a “great in” for other products to also be stocked by this high calibre and highly sought after category of business clients. This being transferred includes many well-known brands, multi-site outlets and stores positioned throughout the Southeast.
  • One thing is for sure, there are so few of this type of boutique production and distribution business, who produces some products in -house and also purchase and re-sells others (just re-packaged in branded packaging imported from offshore suppliers, at a fraction of the costs!). There isn’t any other company who this owner said currently provides this high product quality in the market, no wonder large chain stores are chasing this owner and wholesale business to become one of their suppliers.
  • This business also offers value for money, when compared to inferior products on the market. This business having harnessed and maintained its market share and loyalty – spending just $239 – YTD ‘23/24 on marketing and advertising.
  • Hardly anything has been done to promote, market or encourage its organically ranked, national online webstore. Technology is not this owner’s strong suit, being content with this dual brand and major wholesale distribution business to continue providing what it does, without having to focus on business or sales development activities.
  • This is the commercial comfort that a “high repeat ordering” business provides its owner!
  • The product range quality is what “speaks volumes” for this business, and being what its reputation is built upon. Providing 100% natural ingredients supports its market positioning, attracting wholesale client businesses who appreciate and want to stock quality, instead of peddling inferior and less tasty options to their own business’s customers. Those who want to be proud of the products they re-sell is this business’s staunchly loyal client converts.
  • There are no additives, preservatives or nasties within these healthy snack foods… any new owner or company can be proud of being these 100% natural foods. No corners being cut, no fillers being used, as with other competitor’s products, with the average competitive product being only 30% natural, as example.
  • But, given that this business’s massive gross profit margin ’24 – YTD, which sits at a high 70.83% approx., this means that for any new owner or company, there are plenty of financial rewards to be had, if growth and expansion was on the agenda.
  • This is also a part-time hour operation, flexible and highly lifestyle driven and supportive. You truly have to read about this one to believe it and how unique and highly beneficial this business model is… being just plain smart and ultra-cost effective!
  • The distribution runs are already in place, part days only per month or increase the total number of orders being couriered to clients directly. Your choice.
  • Online product purchasers all pay for their own freight to receive their ordered goods, located anywhere in Australia.
  • This business transfer also includes large distributor clientele, also representing and stocking this business’s products and having hundreds of clients of their own who stock this business’s product range, located throughout QLD mainly.
  • Ready for expansion, as new and existing client offers are currently on the table, ready to be taken up by the new owner. But, due to health issues, this owner has decided that after 11 years, it will be someone else that takes this venture to its next level. All is in place, ready for the new owner to simply say yes to stocking these large volume clients. There being many multi-store networks being supplied, long term. This being in addition to those who are already stocking and re-ordering – like clockwork!

All for just $209K + SAV $20K-40K – (very fast-moving stock, to keep the product fresh – even though its shelf life is 12 months+ when packaged) Plus, optional delivery vehicle. Open to all genuine offers

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