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Best Positioned Car Wash, Fast Populating and High Quality Socio-Economic Region #335

$1,395,000 + SAV Ref: 1024227

This is One of the Best Positioned Car Washes. As, there isn’t Another Car Wash Competing for its Sales nor Clientele within this Fast Populating and High Quality Socio-Economic Region. The Luxury Cars Alone Prove that this Clientele are Wealthy, Constantly Using this Automatic Car Wash! Full Tax Figures Prove this High Net Income. Includes a Manager on Site and Support Staff, Providing an Optional Time Input from this Home-Based Investor. Become Funded for Years, by this Always and Only Car Wash, Capturing and Dominating this Region’s Market Share. Oh What Fun, with Cash Money Collected & “Tap ‘N’ Go” Income Dropping into Your Bank - Around the Clock… All While You’re Absent. These are “Money Making Machines” Literally… Being One of the Best Value, High Profit Car Washes You’ll Ever Find … Here’s Why.

  • Having been established over the long term and throughout this extended trading period, no other car wash has ever stood in competition with this highly frequented, therefore high and consistent sales and net income generating automatic car wash.
  • This fully staff managed and passive income-based investment (including thousands of dollars of cash money banked per week), is poised as one of the very best car wash investments to own in Australia! Having not only a prime and prominent position within this fast growing and most idyllic local region, having no local competition! What an investment to own! As, this business claims the greater market share, client demand and subsequent income from the vehicle owners within this entire region, and this is no ordinary region of Australia…
  • This car wash is able to offer any new owner, no matter their prior skills, experience or background or an existing car wash industry business with the option to become funded over the long time, and not exchanging an owner’s time for income. Now that’s the definition of a true business investment. For any investor or existing owner of a car wash, this would most certainly become the “jewel in the crown” of your investment portfolio.
  • It hasn’t been an easy decision to give this investment up for transfer to ONE fortunate prospective investor, as this is a reluctant transfer for this owner, but this transition must be done now for personal reasons.
  • This being the first time that this investment has been made available for transfer in more than a decade! Yes, this tenure alone proves that owning this “constant income” based business is one of the best types of businesses to own – ever!
  • Welcome to a world where your life becomes funded by machines, and your income is being passively generated, being exchanged for a service that will always be required. For a new, absent and home based investor it will take some adjustment to live this owner’s current free time lifestyle, as it can feel as though you are constantly on holiday, with all the free time that this business affords you. Leaving the majority of your week as free and leisure time. As, the capable manager and staff on site are well trained, ensuring a smooth operational experience for this car wash’s owner/investor.
  • The owner completes the mandatory and expected back of house financial management duties, relating to retaining access to the business’s bank account. Even the cash money can be reconciled accurately with reports, using a remote device, being for the financial comfort and security of this owner.
  • There is even ample potential for further growth, and multiple income streams contributing this this business’s annual revenue. i.e. additional vending machines are also on site generating more pipelines of income, still passive by nature.
  • With full procedures and systems in place, this is a seamless operation, all thanks to the power and grace of modern software and technology. This is not a franchise nor a licensed car wash – all independently owned.
  • Given this high annual net income (tax figures), it would make any full-time business owner wince with envy!
  • Priced deliberately to make this a highly attractive investment, to facilitate its impending and timely transfer…who will this business go to? All will be revealed soon, as there will be, as there always is, a flood of prospective investors exploring this highly detailed businesses profile (enquire now to be one of these contenders), and see for yourself what this investment is truly made of.

This owner/investor said, “This business has funded a great lifestyle, which is hard to move on from”. Such a regular cash flow provides that financial comfort and security in life, that minimises stress and everyone deserves the benefit of that… Request your own copy of the detailed business profile so this reality can become yours. All for only $1.395 Million + SAV $20K (approx.)

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