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High Yield, Specialist Niche Importer, Producer, Provider and Installer of Customised Automatic Gates #333

$986,900 + SAV Ref: 1024219

Long Established and Well Known, this is a High Yield, Specialist Niche Importer (Own Branded Products), Producer, Provider and In-House Installer of a Large Range of Customised Automatic Gates, Related Fencing and Includes Boom Gates. This Business has Multiple Managers in Place, Being Highly Lucrative and a Profitable Investment within the Greater Fencing Industry. This Owner’s Optional, Flexi Hours Is Due to Having a 2nd Investment Activity that Draws Half Week Focus. Yet, this 5 Day Only Business Offers Any New Owner, No Matter their Prior Skill or Background, Including an Existing, Strategically Aligned Industry Business with Ample Free Time and the Lifestyle Freedoms that Most are Just Left to Pine After!

  • Being a diverse income, mature and well-established niche product supply, production and installation business, means that this operation has chosen to specialise within one of the most profitable segments of the multi-million dollar, always in demand fencing industry.
  • Combine this fact with an operation that is sizeable enough to grow by yet another 20-30% (approx.) immediately, without investing in plant and equipment (already includes a high value of equipment ready to be transferred). This means that its “own brand” of imported products could be expanded upon immediately, and internal marketing and campaigning to its large database of already converted, existing clients could be started, as its focus has always been to generate a high number of online and inbound based leads – mission accomplished! The existing clients span thousands across both the residential and commercial sectors, located within our fast growing SE QLD community.
  • With the day-to-day operation being supported by not only multiple managers, there is also a large, well trained and greater team in-house, being loyal as the day is long.
  • This business set about ensuring that all its product supply processes, production / work flow and operational systems were time proven and fully implemented, as well as documented for reference by any staff member or new owner to follow and implement successfully, in future.
  • There has been ample product demand and job growth being experienced to date, with sales growing organically by a massive 11.44% (approx.). Having already eclipsed the total sales of the previous year! This is largely due to a highly successful online campaign – ongoing, and being able to provide clients with their desired product outcome, via the all-important product customisation. Clients are also prepared to pay more money to get exactly what they want, and they know that other providers can’t easily provide them with what they get from this brand!
  • All is controlled in-house by this operation, being able to ensure that its sales team converts the mainly inbound new client enquiries, which continue to stream in weekly. Then, the workflow processes take over, being enacted through to final installation of the clients automatic gate systems.
  • This means that this business’s team maintains total control over the quality and timing of each and every client job, from start to finish. This is for home owners or commercial clients such as schools, childcares, body corporates, gated communities, government organisations. All being for the pleasure, security and convenient use by the end user.
  • It warrants a mention that the “true hero” of this business’s staff managed system is the fact that cashflow has remained king of it all…With all client payments receipted prior to the auto gate’s motor being installed. That’s right, no money worries, not credit being extended to clients, no need for chasing up clients to pay money, or need to become anyone’s bank! This is not a duty required when owning this profitable and sizeable investment.
  • This owner enjoys having owned a business where time input is flexible, even requiring minimal optional part-time hours. Mainly, this is due to wanting to maintain and show an interest in the business, overseeing the managers on team, and ensuring that the business development ideas and initiatives are being well executed and implemented, to the highest standard.
  • Speaking of duties, this owner enjoys delegating the day-to-day management of this business to the trusted staff, there being ample niche segments to explore within this already specialist product and service based organisation.
  • High profit margins are being made on the related and supportive products being directly imported, which are also conveniently own branded (contract manufactured by trusted and long term suppliers offshore).
  • The business is embarking on growing yet another of its income streams, providing even more annual, up to 3-4 times per annum (approx.) automatic gate service visits. This is an area now “ripe and ready” to be marketed even more actively by a new owner or company. With thousands of existing clients already with this brand’s gates installed and onsite, so much more income being generated passively by a team of service techs, is the imminent possibility after investing in this reputable brand.
  • With such a high plant and equipment value, management and this greater team in place, this is simply a diverse income stream business investment. Requiring such a low time input from its new owner or existing industry business.
  • So, go forth and open many more “gates” for so many more clients – automatically of course. This being the answer to so many commercial or residential wants and desires.
  • The expansion into producing and installing even more boom gates, also represents another exciting area for immediate profit growth (high gross margins). There is also a growing demand for this type of product within the market.
  • There is a massive “value package” being transferred here, as well as an extremely pleasing net income return, which is high by anyone’s standards. This owner is now embarking on expanding a sideline business (non-industry related, nor competitive) for interest sake. Having invested many years in building this large operation. Now, having other investment interests are providing the next challenge for this entrepreneur.
  • Ready for the next investor to take this investment to its next level of growth and abundance…

All this mature market share and brand awareness, its high client product order rate, including high profit and niche product segment dominance. Plus having ample new client referrals and an inbound based, online enquiry through to high conversion rate to completed jobs, for any new owner to enjoy.

All this can now be yours for the first time since its inception. All for just $986,900 + SAV ($150-190K) approx.

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