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Direct Importer, Boutique Producer, Online Order Marketer and National Distributor of Beverages #332

$249,600 + SAV Ref: 1024218

This is One of Australia’s Few Direct Importers, Boutique Producers, Online Order Marketers and National Distributors of Beverages. These Products are Differentiated and Come with a Unique Difference! There Being So Few Competitors Nationally, Supplying and Distributing this Rare Type of Product Beverage. A Consumable Product Range Resulting in a Great Number of Diverse, Small through to Large Corporate, Business and Government Clientele. Placing Small Run through to High Volume Repeat Orders. This Product Also Doubles as One of the Very Best Types of Eco-Friendly, Promotional Products Any Business Could Hope to Provide their End User Clientele… Includes 100% Paid Upfront Orders Only! Plus, A High Rate of Inbound Client Requests and Quote Conversions. What’s More to Want? This is a Niche “High Barrier to Entry” and Customised Distribution Boutique Production Business.

  • This is as good as it sounds, once you have read and absorbed the following summary. This operation is a direct importer of its vastly popular beverage product range. Fulfilling a boutique and niche market production process role onshore, providing any new owner or existing / related or strategically aligned company (beverage, promotional industry player etc), with the protections of a high value of semi-automatic equipment, and this operation having an all-important,  first mover market advantage.
  • There are so few competitors vying for clients within this niche segment, of the multi-billion dollar promotional and beverage product industries.
  • In fact, not only are the high number of constantly converted “new clients” being generated via online means, coming in as a steady stream of new leads, (thanks to email based promotions etc.), its effective domain name and website organically ranked, acts as a tempting portal that also attracts new and existing client business.
  • There are ample enticements for clients, involved with this overall product offering, so unique in fact that there are only a few competitors nationally, as this highly differentiated enterprise offers up a “high barrier to entry” for the benefit of its new owner.
  • Yes, it enjoys a high gross profit margin of 60+% (approx.) and with little handling of the product range required in-house, (the semi-automatic machines do the production). This is a simple and highly effective way to make money, via owning this operation. Great for a single owner operator or investment company who wishes to “bolt this” on or take this into an existing organisation’s premise to achieve an additional pipeline of growing income.
  • Locate this business anywhere in Australia! As long as couriers can access the warehouse, as pallets of products distributed to clients is the main order of the day, for this national importer and distribution and boutique product producer. Pallets of beverage products being ready to be shipped to any client in the country.
  • This is a business-to-business operation and investment, growing by the week – and fast, as it enjoys such a high rate of client order conversion, due to having such unique products. This simple, yet dynamic sales and marketing system is all time proven and comes with operational procedures that support a seamless, paid upfront and therefore positive cashflow. No accounts are given to any clientele, plus large deposits are receipted upfront, if not the total order amount.
  • All the combined elements which come together to make this business what it is, ensures that it makes it incredibly difficult for competitors to duplicate its proven system of making money, and a high percentage of its annual sales is being generated as net income return. Being such a low cost operational, overall.
  • Once discovered, this type of high quality beverage and promotional product range, offers the ideal solution to those operating within government funded organisations (as they support environmentally supportive practices and purchases). Plus, the general corporate market from the smaller organisations who invest in small and fast runs to larger, household and internationally renowned brand name companies have also flocked to this product source, so their marketing budgets can be justified and spent effectively, per annum!
  • Again, all clients, including government pay upfront before despatch, including hefty deposits paid, as the product can be produced offshore and the vast majority of the product is imported in from a large number of trusted suppliers.
  • Sometimes, astoundingly simple businesses can be the best kind to own. Simple, effective and monetised, with this business offering all three of these “rare jewel” like benefits.
  • Masterful in its day to day (5 days only) execution of its order fulfilment, just wait until you see and read what this business and its unique range is (few competitors nationally). Your jaw will be on the floor, as ours was (we find businesses for transfer professionally and know a great business investment when we see it).
  • Just wait until enough investors lay their eyes on this detailed business profile, it will be picked up as fast as a “gold nugget” glistening on the ground!
  • All in all, what is in place works highly effectively and with more and more new clients supplied, the more referrals are heralded, as well as then converted clients return to order again, and again. The more creates the more – naturally!
  • This is the sign of a great business, when the clients simply return and new clients can’t resist but to email in their orders and request fa quote to be supplied with this type of popular beverage (suitable for young through to old).
  • Request your own copy of the detailed business profile so you can read and benefit from a high value of equipment being transferred, its net income return, a high-sales volume momentum having been built up, to date.
  • Again, relocate to anywhere in Australia, using this versatile and “always in demand” importer, online lead generator and national distribution business, which certainly meets a need that business, corporate and government clients didn’t think they had, until they were presented with this beverage product type and then they stay and keep ordering more…

Be quick and avoid being disappointed, as it certainly won’t take long for a new investor to decide that this is going to be theirs, and no one else’s for many years to come. All being transferred for family reasons, for just $249,600 + SAV ($35K approx. – fast moving stock)

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