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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 38 BUSINESS DAYS] Niche Market Sporting Products #174

$199,000 + SAV Ref: 1023530

Established for More Than 30 Years, This Owner Of 16 Years Supplies Its Large Range of Niche Market, Sporting Products Via a Warehouse Based Outlet and Online (Multiple Online Webstores). This Large Range Is Always in Demand, Providing Consistent and Growing Sales Volumes Throughout the Year. Sales Have Increased by A Massive 20.05% In 20/21! Online Sales Alone Have Grown by A Massive 76.97% (20/21) Since 2019 (Pre Covid-19). There Being So Few Competitors Within This Niche Market Segment of The Massive Mega Sporting Product Market in Australia (Both Direct to Consumer and Online, Nationally).

  • This current owner, after 16 years of trading is now ready for a change of vocation, being for change sake. Openly admitting that with such a fast growth of online and web-based sales, being passive and inbound by nature, is enough to motivate any new owner or industry business to take this operation and continue to grow it.
  • The sales and online order trajectory is impressive, having a highly successful eBay store, its own long term and popular brand webstore and other national deal sites working in its favour.
  • In fact, this owner is not proficient with online marketing and advertising, even though this single owner (5 days a week mainly) has since amassed a 20,000+ strong online client database from supplying clients with always in need sporting products, nationally.
  • Lock downs have encouraged even more sales of this type of sporting equipment. Even the elderly and retirees are also a growing market, as with parents of families.
  • Within the extremely detailed business profile, providing all the ways that the new owner can capitalise on this already organically growing supply business, so little has needed to be done by this current owner. And he knows it, enjoying the comfortable lifestyle of transacting, and supplying sporting products, which is not usually a begrudged purchase.
  • More products could be added, even imported to achieve an even higher profit margin. The direct sales profit margins are healthy and highly supportive of this owner’s robust and growing net income line.
  • Centrally located and operated out of a warehouse-based outlet, this business offers any new owner national online sales, which are passive by nature, including the same area making and supporting direct to consumer (higher product margin sales). This same floor area is used to pick, pack, and dispatch its online orders, which have been continually growing since 2019 and even prior!
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars of income is being generated by this business, which has a diversity of income streams; many online webstores, including the potential to invite online resellers of sporting products to supply nationally and earn a percentage from the sale. This business could also drop ship products to their many clients, being on behalf of these online resellers.
  • There are many benefits to be had, its joint marketing and presence alone, attracting many more end user clients to this business than if were using a different business model. This is a rare and unique model indeed, just wait until you see how this business makes all of its money… This is an independently own and branded business, able to give back so much to its new owner.
  • There being so few direct competitors vying for this same niche product market segment, within the greater, colossal Australian sporting product supply market online and direct. This business is positioned extremely well to keep profiting ‘big’ from the growing population on the Gold Coast.
  • Take the ‘bull by the horns’ here, and even though this owner knows he has taken the lazy approach to making money. Sale just continue to be made by default, both direct via its warehouse based clients and online, nationally.
  • Enjoy the benefit of many income streams, and continue to scoop up both online and direct via outlet profit margins.
  • Staff can easily make this owner’s input obsolete, providing any new owner the option to operate the online business anywhere, and for a new owner to continue to build, market and grow the sales of business, both being relatively passive forms of making money from products that will always be needed by clients within the greater community! 

This high profit and Gold Coast based lifestyle for only $199K + SAV $150 approx.

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