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[SOLD] Part Time, Home Based Unique Wholesale/Distributor Food/Beverage, Cleaning & Packaging Products #204

$129,000 WIWO Ref: 1023763

Established for Nearly a Decade by this Current Owner, this is a Unique Wholesale/Distributor of Food & Beverages, Janitorial, Cleaning / Chemical and Packaging Products. This is a Part-time Hour, Home Based and Low-Cost Operation Supplying ‘Always in Demand’ Food & Products for Schools, Sporting Clubs & Food/Beverage Businesses. Full-time Staff Support this Owner’s Lifestyle and Free Time Business. Includes a Long-Term Distribution and Supply Contract…

  • Established for nearly two decades by this founding owner, this is one unique and impressive wholesaler/distributor, having a model that mitigates typical business risks and costs of operating. Supplying a very large range of 3,000+ food and related products to a diversity of business clients who are always in need of them for resale.
  • This owner is proud to confirm that this business is not only robust enough to generate regular inbound ordering, plus a great profitability for investing 20-25 hours (approx.) per week, much of which is spend from the comfort and convenience of a home-based office.
  • This balance between part-time and free hours during the week could be financially or lifestyle rewarding for a new owner, spending the balance of the week growing and initiating business development tasks. But, for years, given this owner’s comfort with the status quo both financially and otherwise, no advertising or marketing has needed to be invested.
  • New clients come by way of existing client recommendation, due to an extensive 17-year trading history within this fast-growing Gold Coast region. A new owner has the option to balance free time during the week with part-time hours invested only.
  • Full-time staff support the everyday client order fulfilment (being a 5-day wholesale business). The owner spends time as a backup and support to staff, including completing admin/financial management duties from a home office. A new owner could spend the free time during the week building this highly scalable (low costs in doing so) investment or simply be engaged as this part hour owner does, overseeing the current operation and staff etc.
  • There is even more money to be banked if a new owner wanted to step in and assume a full-time role!
  • This type of business is one of the most unique you’ll find, supported by a major supplier and distribution contract, as with having many other long-term and highly supportive suppliers.
  • This business’s new owner could make the most of one of the most powerful and rare elements, which most other businesses can’t enjoy… This business’s sales are scalable, but at a very low cost. In other words, many more business to business wholesale clients could be added, sales to be nearly doubled i.e. schools, sporting clubs (who provide high average dollar invoices and high-volume product ordering). This growth would be without needing to add another vehicle, nor invest in a premise in which to store more stock.
  • This is proudly, not a typical distribution business, one that simply offers one of the most lucrative ways to enjoy business life and its subsequent profits.
  • A vast majority of its many business clients have remained loyal over the long-term due to this business being more nimble than the major corporate giants of the food product distribution industry. Able to remain personable and offer responsive servicing that makes all the difference!

This is a rewarding business structure, being highly successful, secure, and offering anyone, no matter their background or prior skill and knowledge with a solid business base. This is a unique wholesale/distribution investment, one of the highest quality and offering one of the very best lifestyles. This is a very high-quality distribution and business-to-business only business, 5 days operating, with staff support and part-time hours. All for just $129K WIWO (fast moving stock, optional two vehicles approx $50-60K, Van & Truck)  Open to all genuine offers

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