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[Offer Received Within 3.5 Months] Staff Managed, Fridge, Freezer, Cold-room Product Supplier, Producer & Distribution Business #251

$59,700 + SAV Ref: 1023936

Established for Nearly 3 ½ Decades, this is a Fully Staff Managed, Niche Fridge, Freezer and Cold room Product Supplier, Producer and Distribution Business. Having No Geographic Limitation to its Supply, this is a Niche Product and Renowned Brand. It Couriers 70%+ (approx.) of its Large Product Range to its Large and Long-Term Business and Commercial Clientele. With Such a High Rate of Repeat and Inbound Product Ordering, this Operation Makes Money Whilst Under Staff Management… Now, Its Ready to be Grown Exponentially by a New Owner or Existing Refrigeration Industry Business!

  • This is certainly one of the South East’s longest established and relied upon niche refrigeration product producers, suppliers, and distributors. Offering such a large range of always in demand fridge, freezer and cold room related products.
  • There are in fact so few direct competitors that can rival this business and given that for many years this current investor owner has been focused elsewhere, staff management has supported its year-on-year sales growth experienced over the last 3 years, at a minimum.
  • This operation suppliers ‘always required products’ which means that for anyone who owns or operates a fridge, freezer, or cold room on site or within their business premise, this business’s products will be required at some time or another. For businesses within the refrigeration industry, they require this dominant and niche market player’s products daily or weekly and usually order in great number.
  • This business has been made highly sophisticated in the way of having all its day-to-day systems, processes, and procedures fully documented, this is due to it always being staff managed for this owner. Plus, it makes great use of and is highly supported by its software management system, which is not only fully integrated but allows its absent owner remote access.
  • This business’s website and online presence within the greater local SE QLD and national market is soon to have a webstore added.
  • These are made to measure products (not requiring staff to visit sites to fulfil client orders) and mainly supplies a large repeat ordering business and commercial clientele, who return often – daily, weekly, and monthly, on average).
  • For the vast majority of its trading years this business was operated from a home base, which this business could be reverted to, if it were convenient for a new owner or investor.
  • The products are made to measure within this business’s premise and all client orders are fulfilled by the staff and the simple equipment used to complete the process can be trained anyone. There being no prior industry skills, knowledge or experience required to oversee this business as an investor, or to operate it as a single or dual owner business (assuming the wage/s of the staff currently managing this business day-to-day). A new owner could choose to assume a staff wage or two, even devote ample free time it provides its investor owner, so it can be actively grown. This is one lucrative and ‘plump with potential’ operation. There are just so many choices for a new owner stepping in at this juncture!
  • This business comes with a high 71.6% (approx.) gross profit margin (21/22), which means that the financial rewards for growing this business are substantial. The regular returning and on-going business/commercial client demand can also be described as substantial, as with the greater market for this business’s large product range.
  • This product is always required by refrigeration companies, schools, hospitals, medical centres, any business or commercial premise that houses a fridge, freezer, or cold room etc.
  • Anyone who owns, operates, or relies upon a fridge, freezer or cold room will require the niche products of this business. There are also so few competitors vying for this niche segment of the market, and what a massive market it is, not limited geographically!
  • With so little marketing or advertising activity being done for many years (Sensis mainly), this is a business whereby clients have simply continued to return, making this brand their trusted exclusive or preferred provider or these products. There are literally so few local even national companies who provide what this business does.
  • All this business requires now is some concerted effort and focus on marketing, growing, and taking this already highly systemised, financially sound, and growing business and make sure that its vast sales and income potential ‘sees the light of day’.
  • Already, without focus and attention from its investor owner, sales and client growth has continued basically organically, and this is the motivation for transfer now. As, this owner knows that they can’t do it justice, and it would be a shame for this fully staff managed business (years under management) to sit idle, collecting mainly inbound business to business orders without encouragement.
  • For any new owner who wants a ‘bolt on’ to an existing refrigeration industry business or for anyone wanting to become financially secure, this business’s clientele just keeps coming back, being relentlessly reliant upon this provider and constantly putting money into the bank account.
  • This is a business that nearly every refrigeration company is supplied by or should be…if they were to know of this business’s benefits and cost saving, this business would become their day-to-day supply option. Existing businesses, commercial clientele including government funded clients (schools etc) have come to know just how much time and money this business’s niche and large product range saves them and their staff on team.

There is so much to explain as this is such a unique and niche product supplier, producer, and distributor. This entire investment package is described within its highly detailed business profile, so email us now. At this low investment value, it represents a bargain investment ready to be grown to one’s heart’s content. All for just $59,700 + SAV ($20K – $25K of fast-moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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