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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 21 Business Days] Profitable Aged Care/Home Care and Disability/Mobility Aid Product Supplier #250

$1,490,000 + SAV Ref: 1023903

This Would Have to be One of the Most Profitable Aged Care/Home Care and Disability/Mobility Aid Product Suppliers Operating on the Gold Coast Today. This is No Ordinary Business, Nor is its Massive Net Income Return! There are Numerous Reasons for this High Financial Reward and Subsequent Operational Security. Its Combined Factors Create One Dynamic, Popular and Frequented Product Supply Business. Sales Increased by a Whopping 38.82% (approx.) in 20/21 and is Already Beyond 12+% Growth for 22/23-YTD! The Reasons for this are Many & Explained Fully. One Major Underlying Factor is that Nearly All Clients are Spending 100% Government Funded Money with this Preferred & Highly Referred Product Provider…

  • This is certainly one financially secure and fast-growing aged care/home care & mobility/disability product supplier and outlet. Its sales growth is due to many combined factors, including having a high number of industry referrers (i.e., major care providers, and occupational therapists etc.) Plus, a rally of constantly received client referrals – day in and day out.
  • This business operates like few others and in fact there are only a few who directly competes against this unique product positioned supplier and outlet, within its chosen ‘niche product’ sector.
  • This business has simply proven and discovered the commercial ‘sweet point’ which makes the most money within this niche aged care and disability product supply industry. This high net income return requiring the least amount of time and energy to achieve it! Not opening weekends was one of the first rules of operating for this lifestyle focused owner. Even though 5 days makes this business and its owner all the money that could ever be hoped for, opening Saturdays could yield up a new owner even more sales and profits.
  • Having no prior industry skill, background or knowledge, this owner knows full well that any new owner or existing industry business could enter this highly efficient and time proven business model, sharing in the ample benefits of this operation.
  • One of which is the outsourced based deliveries, including repairs/maintenance and on-going product servicing, making a handsome passive income by not keeping these services 100% in-house.
  • Why not become an extremely well-funded and personally rewarded owner of a fast growing and always in demand mobility/disability product supply business. As long as there is an ageing population, a government who wishes to continue investing billions per annum supporting those who are disadvantaged within our community, including those being cared for within their homes, then this is a long-term investment to enter and become part of – without any delay!
  • This business can be easily set aside from the rest, due to its chosen product range and its ultimately efficient rules of operating. They are in place for a reason, and it bucks the norm and common trend among other product providers, who also supply the end user. Proud to not ‘run with the pack,’ this business has set about creating a ‘blazing trail of profit glory’ proving what works and what not to do. This system feeds the most money to this business’s bottom line, all whilst helping as many people as possible. A winning combination of elements are at play internally and externally here…
  • It is all based upon a strategic set of operational rules that have served to focus this investment to do only that which works and proves most time and cost efficient.
  • This operation makes the greatest use of blending an outsourced model with a bulk product buying model, thanks to its highly supportive suppliers. This is just the beginning of its winning combo-model, as it can then reward its clients with the instant gratification of using their 100% government gifted funding, by purchasing what they want and need and taking it home that very day, or have it conveniently delivered to their door.
  • No fuss, just customer servicing and having what the elderly and disabled need to make their life more comfortable, free, and mobile.
  • These product margins are great, the supply constant keeps the cashflow ample and positive, which simply reflects the on-going, day in day out (5 days only) demand by one of the largest population sectors of our modern history. It could also be guessed that the government have never in history provided so much money for the support of our ageing population, as is being experienced since the NDIS replaced the disability pension/budget allocation. Since the NDIS was rolled out officially and nationally only recently in 2020 (having been legislated back in 2013).
  • Why not own a business that taps into and profits from the ‘feel good’ nature of helping thousands of people within the fast-growing Gold Coast region in need, whilst they freely spend their government funded allowance (they want to spend their entire allocated budget provided them). Why wouldn’t a client spend every cent of this generous gift, (it’s not their generated or earned money) and they can invest in owning products that improve their quality of life.
  • According to 2016 Census data 16.4% of the Gold Coast population were aged over 65 but this is demographic expected to double by 2031and account for more than 20% of the population.  click the link for reference info
  • There is a natural growth in overall aged care product demand within this government supported and funded aged care/home care and disability industry. With 22+ billion dollars of annual NDIS funding being offered by the government, if this is not enough to make this type of product supply business a sound and secure financial investment then we don’t know what else would?
  • This is one extremely well trusted and popular aged care product supplier. Why not continue profiting from receiving a constant inflow of inbound clients and referred friends of the thousands of existing clients. This business has most certainly “earned its stripes” among the largest and most notary aged care providers, including those who approve client’s product purchasing – such as many locally based occupational therapists.
  • This is a NDIS registered business and receives client referrals from government registered and funded organisations, who in turn support thousands of clients, and therapists who sign off on the funding packages, in the hundreds. They have chosen to simply make this brand and business their preferred product provider, sending clients constantly to make their purchases.
  • Being known for its customised care and attention of its clients, this business and its staff are renowned for saving clients and occupational therapists time, proving ultimately efficient in matching the right products to the individual and personal lifestyle needs of each client. This being fundamental to this business’s internal ethos! It richly deserves its constant flow of income and this substantial net income return per annum.
  • This investment return being banked is a direct reflection of how many people are being helped…
  • This business is also competitively priced, with there being so few direct competitors to this business. The owner could only think of 3-4 approx. on the Gold Coast). They have so little impact upon the high sales growth of this business, which just continues to grow, quarter by quarter.
  • A new owner doesn’t need to do anything differently, nor need any prior industry knowledge, as all will be trained upon transfer.
  • Enjoy the fact that this sales growth is a natural and organic by-product of owning a business that profits from supplying clients within this high demand and massively growing aged care/disability product industry. This independently owned brand is helping thousands of clients. Plus, industry companies, therapists and organisations are referring this product supplier to fulfil their client’s aged/home care and disability/mobility product needs.

Enjoy a business whereby the government funds your client’s product purchases and there is a growing need for this type of business and popular product range. There being billions of dollars provided to clients, which includes the growing number ageing and living within the greater Gold Coast community. This high net income return for $1.49 Million + SAV $170-200K- Fast moving stock (approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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