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[Offer Received Within 2 Months] Home-Based, Online Outdoor Sports Event Management – Low Time, High Reward #268

$649,000 WIWO Ref: 1024020

This is One of Australia’s Most Systemised, Home-Based, Online & Low Time Sports Event Management Companies. It is One of SE QLD’s Market Leaders within this Highly Lucrative and Extremely Profitable Niche Market Segment. Having So Few Competitors It Generates Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Net Income p.a...

  • This service based, sports event management business makes 100% of its total income from thousands of clients pre-paying, prior to each and every event. Even during COVID-19 only 2 of many events was simply delayed, and none were cancelled, so this business has since been proven as COVID-19 proof!
  • The low time input required by this business includes this owner investing only 90 days approx. per year (being a standard 8 hours p/day). Yes, that’s only 3 months invested per annum, leaving any new owner, no matter their prior skills, knowledge, and expertise in the sports event management industry, approx. ¾ of your entire year as free time, to spend as you wish. Plus, be funded annually by this colossal net income earned in exchange for such a meagre time input.
  • In other words, most businesses don’t even come close to earning this business’s high net income return, for working an entire year, therefore this owner’s home-based (comfort and convenience at its best) hourly rate sits in the thousands of dollars per hour! This is ripe and ready for transfer to any new owner.
  • One of the secrets to this endeavour being able to make this amount of money as pure profit, is that it maintains such low operating costs. 100% of all event attendees pre-pay and pre-book their tickets, providing the new owner that all-important ‘positive cash flow’ and ultimate financial security. The total number of tickets sold does not directly affect the cost of holding the event, which means that with these low and set event costs, allows for a profit to fall straight to the bottom line, the more clients there are. This is one motivating reason to be far more active in marketing and promoting than this owner currently is.
  • This business is also renowned, being confirmed by national event goers that this brand and business is one of the very best and most organised sports event management companies within this niche space, not only locally within the SE QLD corner, but nationally! Recently scoring net promoter ore of 83+ in an independent study.
  • At the base of this business, annual, sought-after, repeated events provides a highly systemised model (which has ensured its on-going success when compared to the few competitors that exist). It comes with ample marketing resources, templates, sports event management plans, every detail being covered. The start to finish activity of each and every event has since been documented into helpful manuals, which will guide any new owner in relation to executing this calendar of events seamlessly – resulting in a new owner being able to enjoy, have fun and feel good supporting this business’s activity. All is supported by these step-by-step procedures, being the reason that owning this business requires so little time and effort. A highly supportive handover/transfer is set to be provided to the new owner/investor.
  • This is a “rinse and repeat” model, with the new owner being able to pick up the manual for the event, based on all that has been proven before and it is simply repeated, again and again – successfully, in every way. The business has received support from government who hold the events in hard regard for its planning and execution.
  • This is one scalable operation, so a new owner can take and duplicate these event plans in different areas of the state or country. This business being like no other, especially with this unique operating style. Doing what it does so well, has naturally resulted in providing a ‘hive’ of highly attractive, fun filled activities for nearly 40,000 (approx.) clients and followers. It naturally draws many more attendees to every event, when compared to competitor events.
  • Established for more than a decade, this niche market sports event management company has so much to offer, including waiting lists and sold out events well prior to their dates. There being immediate potential to expand and grow sales and client numbers, but for this owner, no more time and energy can be devoted outside of the 90 days a year, due to having another non-competitive investment and commitment.
  • For any existing and strategically aligned operation to the sports event management industry, they would benefit from hundreds of thousands of dollars of net income and full systemisation – ready to plug and play, again and again.
  • Why not own this low time and cost operation, which operates largely from a laptop within a home base and is able to run events seamlessly – due to its proven processes and fully documented systems.
  • All client bookings and automatic online/web-based pre-payment processing, including marketing and promotional activities per event, is receipted from the convenience and comfort of this owner’s home based office. This business and its massive fan base is ready for the new owner to add more events to this mix and have fun growing to one’s heart’s content, also being for the direct benefit of thousands upon thousands within the local community.
  • There is so much for a new owner to become proud of and is being transferred ‘as value’ here. So, let’s begin with a whopping great net income, hundreds of thousands in pre-paid funds being transferred upon that transfer date to the new owner, and the ability to continue to grow the total number of clients, who continue to be self-proclaimed fans of this brand and attend these popular niche market events (some clients attend each and every event, per annum).
  • With clients and followers spanning near 40,000 (approx.), it is little wonder that this event company’s calendar of events becomes sold out so quickly.
  • There is so much ‘under the hood’ of this sports event management business, ready to share the joy and financial wonderment of events being well executed, for the direct benefit of a new owner and this 90 day a year (approx.) investment’s fast-growing client community!

Request your own copy of the highly detailed business profile which steps out all the reasons this is one of the nation’s best-kept secrets when it comes to executing highly successful and profitable sports event management system! Just wait until you read it, you’ll be as impressed as we were, as we get to see into thousands of businesses… This owner is genuinely transferring this rare and unique service business, all being for only $649K WIWO  Open to all genuine offers

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