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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 4.5 Months] This is a Brisbane Maintenance Plumbing Service Business… #234

$795,000 WIWO Ref: 1023921

Established for More Than 25 Years, this Would Have to be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Plumbing Businesses You’ll Find in Years. Having a Diverse, Business-to-Business & Business-to-Government Clientele Mainly. Quality, Great Paying & Contracted to Notary Clients, Being Preferred Supplier to Many Departments/Internally Registered. Has an Extremely High Percentage of Repeat Client Jobs. Businesses & Government (Not Public Focused) Offers Financial Security & High-Volume Sales/Profits. A Near Predictable Cashflow and a 73% Gross Margin. Plumbers on Staff Complete the Vast Majority of all Client Jobs for this Owner, Who is Mainly Office Based! Net Income $306,448 July-December; 22/23 (6 months)

  • Established for a quarter of a century, this is one of those well-known Brisbane plumbing business brands, not marketed actively, as doesn’t need to!
  • 100% of all client jobs are inbound, being mainly referred or repeat…making this business a “market force to be reckoned with”, but non-one has been able to, to date. This would be an obvious and highly profitable ‘bolt-on’ for any existing plumbing service company, adding this large amount of sales, clientele, and profitability, instantly.
  • Can boast long term tenure of staff, the team of plumbers included a plumbing foreman of nearly half a decade!
  • Its ample number of diverse government clientele generates this business a large percentage of its annual sales volumes per annum (41% approx.), and this work being held for many, many years. Includes a large base of well-known brand and reputable real estate agencies, which provides the next largest segment of sales (no real estate generates more than 6% approx. of annual sales.)
  • This investment offers its new owner all the internal registrations, preferred supplier status and long-term government reputations/contracted basis for on-going work. The overall demand from this extremely diverse business to business and business to government clientele just keeps going, organically.
  • Having such great paying, high quality and notary clientele just makes owning a business all that more enjoyable and financially secure. No money worries here – you’ll ‘sleep like a baby’ owning this endeavour, having this number of pillars of constantly flowing, inbound pipelines of client income adding to the ‘income pool’.
  • For an owner who is primarily office based, leaving the plumbing jobs to staff on team, the annual net income return is high, and something a new owner can be proud of! This business’s proven and reliable operational systems and prowess utilises technology to make money most cost and time effectively.
  • It has a great team of plumbers on team, able to support and service the client’s 5-day job requests (no afterhours call out service offered to the public).
  • This business has harnessed the proven operational systems that makes for a wonderful transfer to an existing plumbing business, or a new owner who wishes to become financially secure, for decades to come. This owner finds himself in this very position, retiring early in life thanks to the abundant financial proceeds made him by owning this business.
  • A very high volume of jobs can be completed within expected time frames by this business and its team, thus providing such a high volume of sales revenues – being in the millions!
  • This is a great service and essential service business investment, and an incredibly profitable one, continuing to do what needs to be done, and doing it well. Abiding by what works and what is best for all involved!
  • A long-term trust in this brand has ensued for decades among the thousands of clients serviced.
  • A new owner or an existing plumbing company can take full advantage of all the benefits of a fast-flowing money pipeline, which includes multiple streams of passive income being earned. Income is secured long term and has clients who simply don’t go out of business (i.e., the government and government funded organisations/ corporations who have made this business their long-term preferred provider of maintenance plumbing).
  • There being a constant need and demand for this business’s services. More demand in fact than this retiring owner wants to even supply at present…For all the work presently being turned away, a new owner could employ another plumber full-time, immediately! This can be for the benefit of a new owner instead…
  • With so many great attributes being found within this one business, there is a constant cashflow that this investment generates, paid on average 14-30 days, which will make the new owner sleep extremely well at night…
  • This business has set this owner up financially for decades to come, and therefore is now retiring from the industry.
  • This is not a public client-based maintenance plumbing business.
  • A more than brilliant option to “bolt on” to an existing operation so to make more money instantly or own and let this ‘always in demand’ investment fund you for decades. Why not adopt this long trading history and benefit from its large and diverse base of existing and high return clientele.
  • The high rate of repeat and return job requests makes for one of the best plumbing businesses you’ll find in a lifetime!

Good businesses can be found, but great businesses are hard to find. This is the latter. When a business operates this well and effectively, it is easy to understand why its bottom-line profit is so high. Request your copy of this detailed profile now! $795,000 WIWO Open to all genuine offers

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