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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 33 BUSINESS DAYS] Unique, Skateboards and Scooters Online and Warehouse/Outlet #127

$349,000 + SAV Ref: 1023333

Established for a Decade, This is One of the Most Unique of its Kind on the Sunshine Coast. Being a High Growth, Online and Warehouse/Outlet Supplier of a Large Range of Well Renowned & Respected Brands of Skateboards, Scooters, and Associated Sun & Surf Products. A High Percentage of Annual Sales are Generated Online, via the Popular Webstore and an eBay Store. Sales Have Grown by a Whopping 35.08% July – Dec (6 months), and the Total Income is Already 77+% of the Entire Previous Year’s Sales!…

  • Being established for the last 10 years (only 2 owners), this is a direct to purchaser and national online supplier of a large range of well-known and respected scooter (electric, commuter and general) skateboard product brands, including popular and in constant demand, protective wear, wetsuits, spare parts, etc.
  • Located in a prime and busy location, within a fast populating and high socio-economic region of the Sunshine Coast, this low overhead operation has multiple streams of on-going income, one major and growing sales generation segment is passive by nature. With the majority of sales being generated and growth experienced to date, being thanks to online orders representing a high percentage of sales. Inbound, paid upfront consumer orders, including supplying products to local charities, quasi-government and schools has not required this owner to active market nor advertise. Its 1,400 existing client database remains untouched, with no communication, offers or promotions being sent for many years. 
  • This business utilises a warehouse/showroom outlet, being at a very low cost for its prime position, which doubles as a time and cost-effective, online order despatch centre, for its high growth, online orders (all being organically generated). 
  • This is a positive cashflow business, with this owner spared of any money worries, as this type of product range will always remain in constant demand. Its popularity among a large cross section of the community, young ones – 6 through to 70 year olds, all paying upfront upon purchasing, enables him to pay suppliers upfront for products, receiving a bonus discount as a result.
  • This is a highly profitable and fast growing sales and profit growth business (both online and via its outlet). This is also a “feel good” industry to become involved with. Just imagine lapping up the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, whilst enjoying flexible hours, having the support of casuals for any weekend trading, having the freedom to be absent or choose your times of input throughout the year. Currently 20- 40 hours per week (peak and low season months respectively). But, this business makes ample money, enough for a new owner to pay the existing and trusted staff to assume more hours during the week, replacing owner input.
  • This business can fund any new owner extremely well, no matter their skill, experience, or industry background, as all will be well trained upon transfer. This owner is not an avid user, nor has experience personally with these types of products, and yet continues to enjoy the financial and operational success offered up by this business.
  • With this range of scooters, (including commuter and electric scooters) which are becoming increasingly popular, as with the basic types of scooter for kids, adults, baby boomers, and even the elderly.
  • This is a trusted provider of a large range of products on the Sunshine Coast, offering more than 650 approx. products. With webstore sales, anyone located anywhere in the nation can purchase products within Australia, and the demand being even greater than ever before.
  • With mobility, commuting efficiently, and electric scooters being sought out more and more by the largest population group the world has ever seen – the baby boomer. Clients of all ages are also wishing to remain mobile, active and have fun using these products of leisure.
  • Now that skateboarding has become an official Olympic sport, the awareness and demand is higher than it has ever been.
  • There is an organically growing number of prepaid, online purchases and subsequent packages being posted from this convenient outlet. This location also supports those clients who want to try, see, and touch the products.
  • There has been a total of $319 invested into marketing and advertising over the last 3 years!
  • With a positive inbound cashflow, receipted both passively and via the warehouse showroom outlet, this multi-income stream business just can’t help itself but to add money to the owner’s bank balance.
  • The 22 product distributors who support and have remained loyal to this business also market this business on their websites, free of charge. Sending new clients to the webstore or to this site to make their product purchases.
  • There is just ample more that could be done, especially using social media platforms, active promotion of the website, or engaging the existing client database for the very first time, if a new owner was so inclined and motivated to continue this upward climb in sales volumes.
  • With such a high net income already, this owner has enjoyed his involvement in this feel-good industry, supporting clients who wish to remain active and mobile…Products supplied that he can confidently stand behind, being able to help so many. Marketing and advertising is nearly non-existent, and sales have been soaring…
  • Yes, this is an investment and lifestyle option for anyone of any background, anyone wishing to profit from not only living and being funded by a growing business on the Sunshine Coast, but being able to help so many, to have more fun.
  • The future demand for scooters, especially commuter and electric scooters for baby boomers seem to be just the be just the beginning of great things ahead. With baby boomers entering retirement not peaking until 2026.
  • There is so much to step in and benefit from, so much more money to be made, without the stress and risk. This lifestyle that enviable indeed, as, when you see the income and the income growth to date, you will be nothing but delighted. Remember, this is all being achieved without this owner actively growing, advertising nor marketing this business, online or otherwise.

This organic consumer demand generates ample financial success and reward. With this owner reluctantly transferring this business, being a genuine reason, due to health issues. Priced for a quick transfer, as owner is open to all genuine offers. Already at a great price of only $349K + SAV ($80-100K approx.)  Owner Open to Offers

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