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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 8 BUSINESS DAYS] Online Only, Kitchen/Health Food Equipment Distributor and Supplier #120

$108,000 + SAV Ref: 1023318

Established For More Than 20 Years By This Current Owner, This Is An Online Only, Kitchen/Health Food Equipment & Accessory Direct Importer, National Distributor And Supplier. Sales & Client Orders Being From Around The Nation And 100% Paid Upfront. A New Owner Can Base This Online Product Supply Business From Any Home Office In Australia. This A Niche & Unique Product Range, Being Of The Highest Quality (European Range). This Is Largely a Passive, Under Marketed Business, Requiring Minimal Hours of Input P/Wk. Inbound Order Based Online Store….Has Ample Benefits for Both Client (Direct to Consumer and Businesses), And for the New Owner of This High Potential for Growth, Online Only, Product Provider.

  • Being so well established for the last 22 years, this online only webstore-based business is a direct importer of a high quality range of European, and world renowned branded kitchen equipment, products, utensils, and related accessories. Being a boutique and niche market business, clients pay a high average dollar sale amount upfront. Products range from $300-1200, per item. This means that few client sales generates a high volume of sales, per annum.
  • Having tens of thousands of clients on the database, this list being continually added to, over the last 22 years, since its inception, this owner is not skilled, nor enjoys marketing or advertising, therefore, having done so little of it. This ‘baby boomer’ relies upon a small, set and forget $250 Google AdWords budget, per month to promote this niche product range and its webstore.
  • This is the only advertising that this business does. Having never sent out or marketed to the 20,000+ clients held on file. No email campaigns to existing clients, nor has this owner been inclined towards increasing and adding to these already top selling products.
  • There are so many more products that could further support clients who wish to eat healthier, wholesome and tastier foods. With the current and long term suppliers not only being highly supportive of this online player and direct importer into Australia, but can offer any new owner many more products in which to post online and supply to anyone in the nation, readily.
  • Includes reseller clientele, and this type of client could also be expanded. This business is ready for a new owner to activate.
  • With such little social media activities being actioned, the inbound orders are coming in passively, thanks to this very long-established website, and Google ranking.
  • With these unique kitchen products, equipment, utensils being supplied direct to end user and businesses, means that the gross profit margins can be maintained.
  • A single lock up garage houses the stock being imported regularly, requiring very little area for operating this business from the comfort and convenience of a home based office. The new owner can operate this business from any home in Australia, as couriers and Australia post send products to any client’s home or business.
  • Products are for domestic and commercial use, with very little ever being done to promote these commercially applied products, to targeted business to business clientele.
  • These particular products are of the highest quality in the world, with this business being a proud and approved distributor and online only supplier for these top European brand range. The same suppliers have remained supportive of this importer for decades. With there being so little direct competition in Australia for this niche product type. 
  • COVID-19 has made these types of products even the more popular, with end users, mainly mums with children, choosing to cook and prepare more healthier foods, products and meals from their home base.
  • Already so well known, this successful webstore is just waiting for a new owner to devote more time and energy in educating clients, who are seeking healthier food options to save time and money, including their health, by using these products.
  • This owner, having many other businesses dividing his attention and time, has little motivation to do anything more than accepting the upfront payments from clients who find this website and purchase. Grow this already profitable venture. This long term trading webstore began as a mail-order business, and is now ready for a new home – a new owner who knows just where online product purchasing mania is going. Statistics are confirming a rise of 20-30+% in national online purchasing activities (Australia Post, Local Nightly News confirmed these numbers).
  • Own your own online business, which is supplying products which are not only high value, but high quality, and provide clients with supportive benefits for healthy eating and living.
  • Receive the ready made cashflow and income, being receipted upfront, on a regular basis, by doing what is currently being done – very little.
  • Grow this extremely long-established online venture, to your heart’s content. There are many rewards – across many levels to benefit from, by owning this online business, which simply needs to be marketed actively. Why not, when you have an existing client list that spans 20,000+. Why wouldn’t you reach out, educated, inspire, communicate, even introduce even more helpful products to this already converted fan base. Having never been done, and yet sales and profits still continue. There is a growing market need for this type of niche products.
  • Just receive paid upfront money from your clients, who not only appreciates purchasing high-quality products, but are prepared to pay good money for them! Then, simply pick, pack and dispatch client orders to anywhere in the nation. All within 10-20 hours, per week (dependent upon time of year and number of total orders received).
  • This owner is extremely proud of the product mix being offered, with client testimony confirms that clients don’t go back to alternatives once they have discovered and own these products. Clients can eat even healthier than ever before. Gluten free, nourishing foods, blended, mixed, dehydrated, sprouted and even able to bake products that taste better than what bakeries or what supermarkets provide off the shelf. These products make it quicker and easier than ever before, for clients to make healthier foods from their own kitchen (includes hand, electric and commercial grade products). With clients investing in their health, and cooking at home is on the increase – all thanks to societies behavioural changing in response to COVID-19!
  • The average transaction amount is high per order, as there is a whole lot of value being transferred to every purchaser, and they know it! Being prepared to pay good money to receive a product that works, choosing these over inferior products…

The market is shifting fast to purchasing more and more products online, not only due to the sheer convenience, but these products have proven popular for decades, and travel restrictions and the general state of the world has kept clients at home, cooking, baking, and making more foods from their own kitchens. Many have continued to explore healthier foods to be fed to the family and their children. All for only $108K + SAV ($10-15K) Owner is open to doing vendor finance agreement for the stock at value and open to offers.

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