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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 17 BUSINESS DAYS] Niche, Boat Washing Service Business #109

$99,000 WIWO Ref: 1023302

This is a Niche, Boat Washing Service Business (Being Like No Other – Not Standard Washing). Doing What Others Don’t. This is Perfect for an Owner Operator Who Assumes Staff Wages, As Multiple Staff Manage this Business. A Long List of Boat/Yacht Owners are Scheduled for Regular Boat Cleans and Washes, Providing a High Rate of Recurring Income, All Booked in Advance! Servicing the Fast-Growing Regions of both Gold Coast and Brisbane. These Services are Always in Demand, Providing a Predictable Passive Income. Even More Money if a Staff Member’s Wage are Assumed by a New Owner. The Gross Profit Margin is High and Offering this Absent Owner, Ample Free Time, Plus a Passive Income…

  • This is a unique and niche market, boat cleaning and washing service provider, which has established itself well within the marine industry, within both the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. This business provides an always in demand service, with a massive difference, being unlike any other typical boat washer. Offering private boat owners, boat builders, marinas, boat brokers, boat repairers, with a list of services that their clients want and need. This is one successful and profitable business, due to the high profit margins achieved, per client job.
  • There is even more profit if a new owner was to assume one of the staff member’s wage, as, currently, the staff on team make money for this absent owner. This being a staff managed investment, but equally plays into the hands for an avid and keen owner wanting to take wages for him or herself, in addition to the passive income being generated. This service business would be perfect as a dual or single owner operation or remain fully managed.
  • This owner is devoting so little time to growing and further developing this business’s client base and sales opportunities, which are abound. The majority of all new clients have been generated inbound, or organically (referral, seeing the signage on the boat etc). Adding another 10-30 clients within one tradeshow, alone.
  • This is the main reason for transferring this lucrative and passively growing business. With this owner already having a full-time position within another non-competitive business. He can see the potential for generating even more sales, immediately, but doesn’t have the time spare to action any business or marketing initiatives to support this business’s active growth…
  • A new owner would have their week free (as this business’s staff complete all the servicing – but owner can step in if staff are away). The business continues to grow organically, with little active marketing and advertising, but imagine if this was to be supported and encouraged.
  • It is quite something to be earning such a predictable monthly income, all being book ahead, in advance. All thanks to staff and the website, referrals, fellow boat owners and industry members seeing this business’s signage, speaking to each other, and simply calling in etc. This means that there is so much more a new owner could do to take this operation to a new stage of ultimate sales and profit growth. There is equipment being transferred with this package which will facilitate the immediate doubling of sales.
  • This is one unique service, no bucket and typical brush used. All advanced and customised equipment, with the entire boat being cleaned, not just the one side facing the dock.
  • This business boasts an extremely high, existing client retention rate, which sits at a massive 80-90%! Clients simply need these services and pre-book this regular service, on-going. This business’s schedule of regular services are pre-booked weekly, fortnightly, and monthly etc.
  • This predictable passive income is combined with relatively low overheads – able to be based from anywhere. There is also a high value of assets also being transferred – vessels and cleaning/washing equipment being valued at $114K.
  • Who wouldn’t want to own this lifestyle based operation, which is a niche service provider within the marine and cleaning industry, offering any new owner a long list of clients, who have the money, desire, and motivation to keep paying this business for their pre-booked boat washing services. This rare business investment simply provides a predictable and passive income stream – being generated by staff.
  • Enjoy the free time that is afforded you by this business. It has the ability to double its revenues quickly, able to do this for any new owner, no matter their background, skill, or knowledge of the boat/marine industry.
  • This owner did not have any prior background, and has made a complete success of this unique, niche cleaning and marine industry investment.
  • With so little marketing and advertising done, the fact that clients join this business’s list and remain there for the long term, speaks volumes of the quality and demand for this business’s services.
  • There is a genuine client demand for this type of service, and there always will be…You can take comfort in this fact, as there are just so many more clients to target and introduce to this business. Once clients come to discover the time saving benefits, a high rate of client conversion ensues. This begs the question – “who wouldn’t want to go out and generate even more sales, when the demand is literally massive?”
  • Client demand for these services has made this business what it is today…a passive investment, providing what boat owners and industry members need to outsource. Even the mates, neighbours, family, colleagues, and related marine businesses call when they find out what this business does, and how unique the service actually is. Clients come on board (pardon the pun) and the majority never leave…
  • This is just one “in constant demand and asset rich business”, including providing the financial security by way of a predictable income for an absence owner, per month (base yourself from home, anywhere). The real decision is just how much time you want to spend in and on the business, building it.

These regular clients are of the highest order and quality, having ample means to pay for this regular service, which they enjoy outsourcing to this trusted provider. Clients are extremely happy to see the results of choosing this brand, over others. This is ready for transfer, at this value for money investment amount, being for just the bargain price of $99,000 WIWO (Includes $114K of plant and equipment)

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