So you are looking to Buy a Business

These are a few initial Steps to Assist you ..

  1. Understand your financial limits (include working capital/ cash flow and legal fees and stamp duties as below and confirm that you have the funds in place or could be readily available to you – research this first to avoid time and money costs.
  2. Know yourself: Consider and understand your abilities/strengths and what would be best suited to you and how much you require to live on weekly/annually.
  3. Bank Guarantees/Bonds: Consider the bank guarantees/or bonds required for shopping centres and most landlords for leased premises.
  4. Debtors/Creditors: Consider and confirm the levels of Debtors and creditors that must be financed and the terms that they currently work on 30-60 days?

For more information about buying, refer to our Businesses for Sale Directory or simply call our office if any further queries or information is required.