Thank you so much Mercury 5 Sky Team ☺️ it is very exciting. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I thank you very much for all you help during this process, it’s been much appreciated! When the time comes to seller buy another/again I’ll be sure to come to you! Thanks

(Buyer – POS Equipment & Support)

I highly recommend the team at Mercury 5 Sky to sell your business. I achieved a sale price well over the asking price and couldn’t be happier with the service that was provided.
Kate (Hardware Products)

Achieved a great result for the buyer and ourselves. Would recommend Mercury 5 to be able to help with selling a business of any size.
Christian (Aged Care Equipment)

Thank you so much Mercury 5 Sky for selling our Business. We felt very excited and encouraged from the very first appointment with our broker who continued to be in contact with us every step of the way. Mercury 5 Sky have a very successful Marketing approach. We received interest from 184 potential Buyers, and a formal offer was received very quickly. We would highly Recommend Mercury Sky to any potential Buyers or sellers.
Ruth and Paul (Health Food Business)

I was amazed how easy it was to list my business with Mercury 5 Sky. The meeting we had and the questions we answered was all that was needed for them to write the entire business profile. All I had to do was review the information and approve for them to proceed. This process started in April and today, 6th August, I sit singing Mercury 5 Sky praises as a retired women. The process was so professional, I can’t believe how quickly the sale happened. I have already recommended them to a business colleague.

 Joanne (Trophy Outlet)


Mercury 5 Sky was very professional and very easy to deal with, as the name of the game was to sell my business, and this is exactly what they did, being highly efficient, effective and did so within a very quick time frame.
Nigel, Sign Business

When deciding to sell the business, I wanted the best not the cheapest, so I chose Mercury 5 Sky. They had a very professional approach right from the start and follow through was excellent. The business sold in a matter of weeks, very close to my asking price. My sincere thanks to all the staff involved….it was a pleasure knowing you.
Di, Seller of Stationery Outlet

Mercury 5 star were on to it from the start. They quickly found several interested parties, promptly arranged meetings & conference calls with these parties and provided professional advise throughout the negotiations. If you want your business sold fast and efficiently, look no further.
Daniel, Seller of Workplace Health & Safety Service Provider

I very much appreciate the energy that went into providing the I.M. This is the most comprehensive information pack I have come across in the search for my new business venture. This level of information helps  prospective buyers to evaluate the business easily and to determine if its a good fit meeting their purchasing criteria. It also says to me that you are transparent and that makes me more confident that what I read is correct and accurate presentation of the business for sale.
Buyer Sandy

Simply the best! Top quality service, highly knowledgeable, super fast and efficient from start to finish! Would recommend Mercury 5 sky to anyone looking to buy or sell a business, you cannot do better than the team here. As a buyer, the process was very smooth and the staff here are very informative and know the businesses they are selling inside and out, Well done and i will be returning in the future! Thank you!

Ben, Buyer Car Services Business

Thank you very much to Mercury 5 Sky for selling our business. Mercury 5 Sky found several interested parties and within 2 weeks of listing, we had an offer. The whole process was smooth and we were well informed along the way. We would highly recommend Mercury 5 Sky to anyone buying or selling a business. Thank you Mercury 5 Sky!

Ali, Seller of Online Childrens Clothing Webstore

We found our experience from the first interview to the sale was very professional.

We liked how we were notified all the time of the potential buyers and their questions that were unique to our business.

We were very impressed with the company profile that went out and would like to thank all the staff for their help in the sale of our business.

A special thanks goes to the Mercury 5 Sky salesperson, If anyone was going to sell our business it would have been her. We would have no trouble at all in recommending Mercury5sky to any of our partners in business.

Thanks again to all,

(Bob & Marie)

For me I thank your team for not being overly pushy and allowing me space to form my own ideas on things.  The Broker seemed to read me well and appreciate what a big step it was for me to consider the business.  I therefore felt comfortable. The fact that, as a chap new to this kind of venture, I was treated with patience and not made to feel inferior.  Previous salespeople/sellers at other agencies did make that mistake and I did not buy through them.  Once again Thank you.

(John, Buyer Pest Control Co.)

We found Mercury’s dedication and professionalism to be outstanding. dealing with a broker can be a daunting and impersonal process, however the experience with M5Sky in the industry, is evident in their ability to make both buyer and seller feel confident and safe. I came to Mercury 5 Sky based on a recommendation from a successful buyer and I would in turn have no hesitation recommending them. We thank you for your support and integrity during this time.

(Robyn, Investment Co.)

Many thanks for getting Bill’s business away.  I rarely find business brokers I feel comfortable in referring work to (or at least haven’t in 20 years) so I appreciate the speedy and efficient sale process on this business.

(Stewart, Brisbane Accountant)

Mercury 5 Sky are talented and reliable. They are a pleasure to deal with and made the process easy for me and I will tell anyone who will listen

(Darryl, National Internet Co.)

This was the second time with Mercury 5 Sky as I originally bought the business through you guys as well so it was great seeing both sides of the fence, buying & selling & once again a very happy outcome! I must say the profiles that Mercury provide are excellent & hands down the best I`ve seen. I have looked at around 25 other business brokers profiles provided & they don’t even compare to what you guys provide ,they are comprehensive & give a real insight into what the business is about so well done! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know who may be looking at either selling or purchasing a business in the future.

( Simon, seller of a Home Based & Outsourced Business Model Investment )

From the onset of making an enquiry with Mercury 5 Sky it all went very well, it was actually the marketing material that I initially received & the quick response that encouraged me to go with you guys. One of the biggest things for me was that when we (my solicitor & I )were going through the process of due diligence, the figures on the financials provided by Mercury 5 Sky were extremely accurate, showed a great deal of professionalism on your part & made the process from there extremely straight forward without delays or hiccups. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone that I know that may be in the position of either purchasing or selling a business.

( Tim, a buyer of a Highly Profitable Brisbane Based Logistics/Warehousing & Distribution Business )

 “I was very pleasantly impressed. After I had had a very bad experience with dealing with another business broking firm previously, and all this other broking firm did was lie to me and take my money for nothing being done, therefore, I was admittedly a bit cautious when first meeting with one of Mercury 5 Sky’s representatives. From then on though, they showed us that they knew their stuff, they weren’t just “big talking salespeople”. They really put their money where their mouth is and proved themselves time and time again. We were especially impressed for the fact that I was very picky at who we would sell our business to, as we had put a lot of years into the business and didn’t want to just sell it to just anyone and they really listened and only had people come to view it, that were exactly what we wanted. Also I was really delighted by the huge presentation of the business profile, and I said that it was that good, I would even buy it! Even down to the very last things that needed to be tied up, Mercury 5 Sky always had a grip on things and kept people focused throughout the process. I have since passed on Mercury`s details to people that I know that are thinking about selling. They did a fantastic job and thank you very much.”

(Warren, Seller of a Brisbane Clothing Manufacturer.)

This is by far and away the best information I have ever seen about a business for sale and the details provided give a really precise picture.

Great effort!

(Stephen, D of Brisbane)

From both a seller’s point of view and also now a buyer, I am finding Mercury 5 Sky extremely professional in every way and they are extremely efficient at what they do. As a buyer, I know that every profile I receive for potential businesses are spot on, in essential detail, as was our business profile, which was created by Mercury 5 Sky. Very happy.

(Lorraine, Seller of Brisbane Magazine Publication Distributor)

The whole process went well, I felt the information packs were really good and supplied all the info that was required. I found Mercury 5 Sky very easy to deal with, and was happy right through to settlement, which went well. Have to say that Mercury’s website is definitely better than most of the others and I would definitely recommend you guys to others who are looking at selling or buying a business.

(Shannon, Buyer of a National Jewellery Importer/Wholesaler)

I was extremely happy with Mercury 5 Sky, very professional & positive, which produced a positive outcome of a perfect buyer for our business. Mercury helped us out immensely and we thank them very much for all their hard work.”

(Steve, Seller of Brisbane Blinds & Awnings Manufacturer/Supplier)

“I`m really happy with Mercury 5 Sky and would recommend you guys to anyone that I know who wants to sell or buy a business. It was a fantastic result and like I said, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you guys to anyone.”

(Kevin, Seller of a Wholesale Food Distribution Business)

“Working with Mercury 5 Sky was obviously a successful one, as the business sold without any hiccups, which gives credit to the organisation. The profile of my business that was prepared was extremely well presented and comprehensive. I would have no objection in recommending Mercury to anyone I should know in a similar situation.”

(Tony, Seller of Gold Coast IGA Convenience Store)

 “I found the whole experience of working with Mercury 5 Sky to be really good, it all went smoothly. I have to say that the way in which the business was presented to me with the profile & then the financials, were excellent, extremely comprehensive. It was all great.”

(Arjay, Buyer of Gold Coast Stationery Supplier/Distribution Business)

We were very pleased, as Mercury 5 Sky provided lots of buyers and the fact that Mercury checked out the buyers, was great. All in all, it was a good result.”

(Jim, Seller of Childcare Equipment & Supplies Business)

“The whole process went quickly, which is always a good thing when you are selling your business. It was excellent and especially the preparation of documents outlining and presenting our business, they were just great.”

(Marg & Anthony, Gold Coast Confectionery Wholesaler)

“It all went quick and easy, as we haven’t purchased a business before, we weren’t too sure what to expect. We found the business profile to be very comprehensive and gave in detail anything a Buyer would want or need to know about a business that you are looking at purchasing. Mercury 5 Sky is a very efficient, little pocket rockets! And they certainly know their stuff.”

(Helen, Buyer of Brisbane Uniform Company)

“The whole process of selling with you guys was great. It was great working with Mercury 5 Sky as they are very professional with what they do, even keeping to scheduled times for meetings with potential buyers. This is the second time that we have dealt with Mercury 5 Sky, as we originally bought this business from them, I’d like to give them a good rap!”

(Richard, Seller of a Gold Coast, Managed Café)

“The process was very good.  Everything went very, very smoothly.  Mercury 5 Sky was very efficient.  I can’t think of a thing that could have been done better, it all happened nice and quickly, I couldn’t have asked for more.  The thing I liked most was that Mercury 5 Sky really knew what they were talking about, there was no “umming” and “aahing”.  It was a straight forward business deal and that is what I like best.”

(Peiter, Buyer of Gold Coast Uniform Supplier/Distribution Business)

“I felt the whole process was very good.   I was scared of the unknown because it was the first time I had bought a business but Mercury 5 Sky answered all of my questions and really guided me through the whole process.  The thing I liked the most is that I really felt like Mercury was also working for me, the Buyer as well and I think that is so important.  I didn’t feel like I was going to be let down or that I was on my own, at all.”

(Sharon, Buyer of Large Fully Managed Brisbane Beauty Salon)

“I really loved working with Mercury 5 Sky.  I had sold a salon before, but on my own, so I had something to compare the process to.  They are so good at what they do and I always felt completely confident leaving everything in their hands.   They really know their stuff.  I also loved the strict confidentiality factor involved with the sale.”

(Majella, Seller of Brisbane Managed Hair Salon)

“The profile was great, as was the assistance from Mercury 5 Sky. You can’t say that there was anything else that you could have been done to improve the process of buying a business. Thank you all very much, as truly appreciate all your help, it has made all the difference.”

(Anita & Paul, Buyers of a Brisbane Master Franchise for Coffee Machines)

“I was really happy with Mercury 5 Sky, they are very thorough and the profile was extremely well presented and comprehensive. I will be coming back to Mercury 5 Sky.”

(Adrian, Brisbane Water Cooler Distribution)

“I found the service to be very good, very professional.  I don’t think that I can pinpoint anything Mercury 5 Sky could have improved upon.  They really pulled it all together and made it happen – They can really sell!  What I like most about working with Mercury was the great personality of the broker that helped me, which you don’t often get in dealings like this.”

(Andrew, Seller of a Brisbane Cleaning Distributor/Supplier)

“The service was very, very good.  Absolutely professional.” 

(David, Seller of a Brisbane Art & Crafts Importer/Wholesale Business.)

“The service was great, Mercury 5 Sky was very professional. I think that the business was sold speaks for itself, the job was done well.”

(Bill, Seller of a Brisbane Computer & Copy Centre)

“I was extremely happy with the whole process. I felt that Mercury 5 Sky did an excellent job, I would definitely deal with you guys again and would recommend you to anyone I know, wanting to sell their business.”

(Steve, Seller of a Brisbane Massage Clinic)

“The process went very well, as we had purchased the business previously from Mercury 5 Sky, so we knew how the process and way Mercury 5 Sky would be handling things. We found Mercury 5 Sky to be very engaging and very professional. Very happy.”

(Steve, Seller of Gold Coast, Golf Ball Wholesaler & Outlet)

“Very efficient. If anyone can sell a business, Mercury 5 Sky can! Excellent at their job – definitely!” (Angela, Brisbane Managed Hair & Beauty Business)

Mercury kept us informed as to what was happening throughout the process. They were always honest and truthful with us. They constantly kept us informed. We were most impressed with their communication and professionalism.

(Garth, Nail & Beauty Co.)

The whole process of selling the business  was very quick and smooth, very impressed with the extensive database of buyers that you had available in comparison to the competitor that I was with prior, who offered no-one in 6 mths, and appreciated you selling it within half this time!

(Graham, Brisbane Beauty Salon)

“If you’re serious about selling your business …. then you wouldn’t go anywhere else but Mercury 5 Sky. Despite a softening market and a glut of similar businesses available simultaneously,  M5Sky never gave up! Talk about “above and beyond the call of duty”, they worked tirelessly to get our business sold in the time frame we needed, at the price we needed. When it came to the actual signing of the contract and moving through the sale process with all its legalities, they guided us safely through the minefield with regular communication, simplifying the whole process. I have nothing but praise for there professionalism, commitment and personalised service. If you want the best possible result call Mercury 5 Sky!

(Jeannie, Price Attack)

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your follow-up call today, I really appreciate your detailed profiles with all the attention to detail needed to help make the initial canvassing period of a buyer all that much simpler.

Cheers and Well Done,

(Stephen, Brisbane)

Good service – Mercury was tentative regarding returning calls and communication was good. Worked long hours to ensure that the deal happened

(Tania, Brisbane Accountant)

Very efficient, they really know the business that they are in and it shows. i think that’s great! (Alan, Grocery Wholesaler)

As this was the first time I had purchased a business, I was extremely impressed with the ease and professionalism of the whole process, starting at the initial website information and flowing through to settlement. I would definitely be more than happy to recommend Mercury 5 Sky to anyone looking to purchase a new venture. Very positive experience!”

(Geoff, Art & Craft Products Wholesaler/Importer)

The process was very good.  Everything went very, very smoothly.  Mercury 5 Sky was very efficient.  I can’t think of a thing that could have been done better, as it all happened nice and quickly, I couldn’t have asked for more.  The thing I liked most was that the broker really knew what she was talking about, there was no umming and aahing.  It was a straight  business deal and that is what I like best.

(Kim, Beauty Salon/Day Spa)

I found the service to be very good, very professional.  I don’t think that I can pinpoint anything that could have been improved.  They really pulled it all together and made it all happen – They can really sell!  What I like most about working with Mercury a was the personality that which you don’t often get in dealings like this.

(Andrew, Cleaning Wholesaler)

Our Experience with Mercury 5 Sky was Fantastic, they were pleasant to work with  and provided great service, I have already referred 2 people to them.

(Michael, Gold Coast Vending Co.)

My experience with M5Sky was one better than any other broker firm (Myles, Hair & Beauty Product Wholesaler) The experience that I had with Mercury 5 Sky was very good, the service with Mercury 5 Sky was very ac accommodating everything that needed to be done for me and the Buyer was done.

(Louise, Hair Salon)

We had the best experience with MSky, as I found them great to deal with as I felt that they met the clients expectations.

(Raja, Health & Wellness Centre Brisbane)

“Mercury 5 Sky Business Sales was great, contact was always returned promptly, they really know their stuff, they are fantastic & upfront about everything we went through, they explained everything in relation to expectations. I found Mercury to be a very responsive company. We will definitely come back to Mercury to buy another business.

(Sarah, Seller of National On-Line Distributor of Health Products)

The experience I had with Mercury 5 Sky was good, there service was professional and reliable.

(Daniel, Music tuition Centre)

Thank you for the most comprehensive profile of the Corporate Florist business. Just Excellent!

(David, R, Brisbane)

I am very happy with the service and experience with M5ky, they were professional and were happy to be in service to me.

(Kylie, Hair Salon)

Mercury 5 Sky’s service was prompt and efficient, my experience all round was a great one

(Michael, Industrial Cafe)

We found our experience with M5Sky to be a very professional

(Bruce, Nail Wholesaler)

“Our whole experience with Mercury 5 Sky business sales was one where we were treated with integrity and excellent service. This definitely summarises Mercury. really couldn’t speak more highly of them, they made the whole process easy, clear and always promptly returned all phone calls. They have the unique ability to treat both the seller & buyer with equal integrity. Also, the layout and detailed information in the profile was fantastic, truly awesome.”

(Renae, Buyer of Natural Product Supply/Distribution Co.)

Mercury 5 Sky’s attention to detail were excellent and I would definitely call them again if we were ever to sell

(Charl, Health Food Wholesaler/On-line Sales)

“The whole buying experience was extremely quick, clear & neat. Very Happy with Mercury 5 Sky Business Sales”

(Jay, Brisbane Cleaning Product Wholesaler/Distributor)

The service was great, Mercury 5 Sky was professional and worked hard to get the sale for us.  The communication was good.  I think that the business was sold, speaks for itself, the job was done well.

(Bill, Brisbane Copy Centre)

We found the whole process to be very good.  Mercury was brilliant.  They do their job very well and we got a great result in the end.

(Ralph, Brisbane Uni Services)

Great Service, Very Happy, Mercury was very helpful the whole time

(Gary, Learning Centre)

Dear Mercury Team, thank you so much for all your help in buying a business and keeping us informed on what new business for sale.

(Teresa, L, Brisbane)

Wow that is service with speed….Many thanks

(Chris, Brisbane Day Spa & Retreat)

Thanks for your great service and the comprehensive information.  I will consider the possible opportunities you’ve listed and continue looking on your site, thanks again. Regards

(Phillip, K, Brisbane)

I must thank you for all your work in selling my business. Your attention to detail and your personal touches made the journey a lot easier than I expected. I had no worries or concerns!

(Steve, Hair Salon Dockside)

Late last year I made the decision to sell my business.  After being referred by my accountant, I made contact with Mercury 5 Sky. From the initial meeting I received true professionalism in all dealings with me and my business.  I had taken the past six year building my business from scratch and so there was an emotional and a financial investment that needed to be taken into consideration. Both were addressed with understanding and practicality. I was looking for a fast sale to enable me to move forward with my new business venture.  The time frame from initial meeting to completion of the sale was only one month.  Mercury 5 Sky sourced the right people that would be interested in purchasing a small business with lots of potential and chased the sale. Once the best applicant was decided on, they advised us on the best plan to facilitate a speedy but efficient sale. I was very impressed by the efficiency and professional service offered by Mercury 5 Sky. I would have no reservations in recommending Mercury 5 Sky to anyone wishing to sell their business.  In fact, I have already handed out several business cards to other business owners I know of that are thinking of selling.

(Scott, Seller of a Online National Distributor of Boutique Food Products.)  

 You guys are bloody good! Really quick turnaround of the sale of the 2 businesses, great! The whole process was great, the profile was really good & so were all I spoke to at your office there. I have already referred an associate onto Mercury 5 Sky who I believe she has already contacted & met & I would recommend you guys again, not a problem.

(Darren, owner of 2 Gold coast, Fully Managed Cafe`s)

 Mercury 5 Sky was outstanding, their professionalism coupled with the whole team of you guys was really  great, I have used you guys before & I will definitely use you again & recommend you to anyone I know. The profiles also were fantastic, extremely comprehensive, definitely nothing lacking. You definitely get what you pay for, excellent service!

(Lorraine, seller of a Corporate Business-to-Business, Motor Industry Product business)

 The profiles were fantastic, they blew my accountant away, and he was amazed at the detail given. Those at Mercury 5 Sky are lovely, honest, open and caring about how they treat people involved and are very professional. I have dealt with quite a few brokers before we came to you guys and there is simply no comparison, you guys are awesome! I already have recommended Mercury 5 Sky to about 5 people and will keep doing so in the future because your company does an outstanding service! Really really happy!

(Renai, buyer of a Pet Grooming Service & Product Business)

The best thing I personally found with Mercury 5 Sky was probably the profiles. We originally saw this same business advertised with another broker & didn’t bother looking at it any further at the time, we then saw it with you and we would have to say it was because of the profile being 100% better that we first took a real good look at it & obviously bought it. We would if asked, definitely refer you guys onto any friends or associates that may be looking at buying or selling a business.

(Sean, buyer of a Supplier of School, Club & Business Uniforms)

Very positive experience all round. Especially being that Mercury 5 Sky have a wonderful attitude towards detail and so very supportive of me & my business. The way in which they handled the whole thing for me, especially as I had already been through 4 brokers that did nothing for me, they cared about my business and that showed in the detail in which they sold it for me. The profiles also were fantastic, very comprehensive. Since selling it I have and would recommend you to anyone I know.

(Holly, seller of a Brisbane Based Beauty Services Business)

The whole process of selling our business was made easy by Mercury 5 Sky. Being our first time selling a business, it was great. Really good, very helpful, always had time to speak to us regularly when we needed it. Profile provided for us was also very well done.  All questions we asked were answered and Mercury 5 Sky and they always had time for us. Very easy process.

(Heidi, seller of a National, Online Wholesaler/Distributor & Supplier of Pet Products)

It was the easiest sale of any business we`ve sold, the whole experience was great. Probably the best thing I liked was the efficiency of how you guys work, profiles & financials were amazing, & hubby has already referred you guys onto friends that are also looking to sell their businesses!

(Steve, seller of a Supplier of School, Club & Business Uniforms)

It was all really good, you guys were all great. I think probably Mercury 5 Sky`s qualities as being a superb broker is paramount, they managed to get things done in a fashion that was professional and gave a great overall result. If I have a business in the future I would definitely come back to you guys to sell it for me.

(Charl, Seller of a National, Online Health Food Product & Equipment Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor)

Without a doubt you guys are the best in presentation, Mercury 5 Sky`s commitment to taking the reins & ensuring things run as smoothly as possible is a credit to them. The fact that all the buyers that were brought to us were already qualified & checked out by you guys first was great. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know that may be wanting to either buy or sell a business.

(Brendan, Seller of a Pet Grooming Service & Product Business)

The whole process of working with Mercury 5 Sky was really great!, I would have to say that the profile you supplied was the best ,it was simply because of the presentation of your profile of the business that I pursued it further, it was great!

(Ameya, buyer of a Cleaning Services Business)

Personally I found working with Mercury 5 Sky was excellent, it was a great experience.  Any questions I had were always answered. As a first time buyer, I thought that the profile provided was great and Mercury 5 Sky was always available for me which made the whole process very easy.

(Yvette, buyer of a Online, Natural, Home based Wholesaler/Distributor & Supplier of Pet Products)

The whole experience was really good with Mercury 5 Sky, it went very smoothly. The prospectus they provided to us was excellent, I have seen many from very large corporations and they don’t come close to what you guys provide, it’s excellent! Mercury 5 Sky is always very obliging and will go out of their way to make it happen, they are fantastic. I look forward to your help in the future with more businesses I am looking at purchasing.

(Barry, buyer of a large Food Wholesaler/Distributor)

 Mercury 5 Sky was quite responsive, always got back to us when we needed assistance. The profile as well was fantastic, it had everything we needed & wanted to know to allow us to investigate the business further and finally purchase it.

(Vicky, buyer of a Corporate Business-to-Business, Motor Industry Product business)

 I really can`t fault you guys, everything was handled really efficiently. Mercury 5 Sky was great, the whole process was really helpful. If I was to ever sell this business I would definitely use you guys again & would also mention you guys to anyone that we know that might be wanting to buy or sell a business.

(Mark, buyer of a Beauty Services Business)

Mercury 5 Sky was great, I feel that they went above what they should have done to help with the sale going through smoothly.

( Andrew, buyer of a Canvas Photography Service Business )

The whole process from start to finish with Mercury 5 Sky was fantastic !  The team were awesome, the response time from any queries were extremely quick & efficient, really cant recommend you guys higher!.

( Renae, seller of a National Marketing/Advertising Agency )

Mercury 5 Sky was great!, I actually received a fantastic comment from one of our potential buyers where he mentioned that he was really impressed with our profile compiled by you guys, as some he had read from other brokers were extremely long & cumbersome, ours was spot on. We will definitely recommend you guys in the future to anyone that we should know that is looking at possibly buying or selling a business. Great turnaround time & great result in selling our business.

( Tanya, seller of a Upholstery Restoration Business )

For me, the whole process of working with Mercury 5 Sky was all great, everything was done in a timely manner and the service was fantastic,  I would definitely recommend Mercury to others!.

(Jonathan, buyer of an Upholstery Restoration Business )

The whole process from start to finish working with Mercury was great, I actually know Mercury quite well as I have previously sold another business through your company about 5 yrs ago. Also the quality of the business profiles provided are exceptional, all in all a great result!

(Jenny, seller of a Cosmetic products Imp/Exp, Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier Business )

We had been looking for quite some time for a business & with saying that we had dealt with numerous other brokerage companies , you guys by far stand above the rest, in terms of the structure of your website & more importantly the quality of the businesses you have available is outstanding. If we were in the future looking to purchase another business or we happen to know someone that was looking to sell or buy a business we definitely wouldn’t hesitate recommending Mercury 5 Sky for sure.

(Darren, buyer of a Cosmetic products Imp/Exp, Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier Business )

For me, this is the second time working with Mercury 5 Sky, with the quality of service, potential buyer generation, professional navigation of the negotiation process,for both the seller and buyer, and obviously an appealing end result. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mercury 5 Sky to anyone that I know.

(Shannon, seller of a Market Leading, Importer and Wholesalers of Thousands of High Demand Products Business)

Working with Mercury 5 Sky was definitely a positive experience, they were always available to point me in right direction through the process and I would definitely come back myself in the future and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others.

(Mark, buyer of a Market Leading, Importer and Wholesalers of Thousands of High Demand Products Business)

I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism provided from the initial contact through to settlement. Mercury 5 Sky offer great communication skills which makes transition easier.   The clear instructions provided made it easier to provide all the relevant information required to allow Mercury 5 Sky to sell the business. Other aspects, such as advising the buyer on Leasing etc also helped close the deal. Not only would I not hesitate to recommend Mercury 5 Sky, I have already done so to members of my buying group. Thank you Mercury 5 Sky!

(Colin, seller of a Brisbane Based, Staffed Stationery & Office Product Distribution/Supply Business )

The speed of the sale was incredible, I would definitely recommend Mercury 5 Sky to anyone that I know that may be buying or selling a business in the future.

( Guil, seller of a National, On-Line Only, Health Food Product Distribution/Supply Business )

Mercury 5 Sky was the 3rd broker that I went to ,the other 2 were unable to sell it, even to get the buyer response that you guys did & the best thing is that you sold it for me!  I would without hesitation recommend you guys to others & I have already as I am now enjoying some well earned down time after 14 yrs of hard work!

( Geoff, seller of a Boutique Premium Ice Cream Manufacturer & Supplier )

My experience working with Mercury 5 Sky was fabulous, the most outstanding part for myself would have to have been the business profile provided to me,it was exceptional and by far heads and shoulders above anything that I have received from other brokers.

(Mandy, buyer of a Home Based, Part-Time, Gold Coast Plant Hire Business )

It was great with Mercury 5 Sky to purchase my business, your assistance in all areas was fantastic as were the contacts you made available to me, in particular regards to finance, it was extremely beneficial!. The efficiency of the whole process from initial enquiry to settlement was great & I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know, you guys were great!

( Don, buyer of a Boutique Premium Ice Cream Manufacturer & Supplier )

It was a really positive experience, this is my second time going through Mercury 5 Sky to sell one of my businesses, really happy with the lovely service ,preparation of the prospectus & commitment from you  guys.

( Anand, seller of Home Based, Staff Managed, On-Line, Importer, Distributor/Wholesaler & Supplier of Natural Health Products )

I think the main things that stood out for me during the whole selleing process were that we were extremely impressed with the profile that was prepared for our business, and the details that were put in it. Also that Mercury 5 Sky is extremely approachable and what you guys do is very good. I would definitely without a doubt recommend Mercury 5 Sky to anyone that I know that should be looking at buying or selling a business.

( Kim, seller of a Wholesaler/Distributor of Nuts/Bolts/Screws & Fasteners )

The whole experience with working through Mercury was great, from first contact to settlement the interaction was excellent. The profiles provided by Mercury were comprehensive and held relevant detail which definitely assisted the process for me.  I would like to personally pass on a huge thank you to the whole team and I will be without a doubt recommending Mercury to anyone that I should know that is looking to purchase or sell a business in the future.

( David, buyer of a Brisbane Car Wash)