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Established Pool Product Supply Outlet and Pool Servicing Business #338

$339,500 + SAV Ref: 1024238

This 20 Year Established Pool Product Supply Outlet and Pool Servicing Business is One of the Largest Maintainers of Local Area Market Share, within its Immediate Catchment Area. Providing Hundreds of Regular Pool Services Completed by Staff. Offering Any New Owner or Existing Industry Business the Option to Continue with Staff Management of its Large Outlet. Offers the Ultimate Lifestyle Benefits for a New Owner Based from a Home Office (Even the Better if Located on the Sunshine Coast). So, Come and Just ‘Scoop Up’ this Enjoyable, Secure and Predictable Income Pool Based Investment and Continue to Build Using this Already Strong and Secure Profit Base - Until Your Bank Balance Swells to Your Liking!

  • Established for more than two decades, this is one of those businesses who can post more than a million dollars in sales and make it look easy.
  • This is one of the largest and proud to have its reputation precede it that much that it reduces its 2024 – YTD advertising and marketing spend to around just $4,980 approx. (reduced by nearly 40% approx.) Sales have still continued to grow! In fact, sales are up by more than 10.76% approx. when compared to last year – being mainly organically generated.
  • This growth is all thanks to a prized reputation and rests on the back of a vast population increase in and around this well positioned, even prime located outlet. Its many pool technicians service its residential and business clients dutifully, every month or fortnight. There being option for any new owner or existing pool industry business to even add more pool techs to expand servicing throughout the Sunshine Coast and North based regions.
  • The outlet could remain staff managed, if the new investor wanted to remain largely absent from the day to day operating. The new owner has the option to remain within the comfort and convenience of a home-based office, instead of working within this business – use your free time to work on it, and grow its sales and profits actively instead.
  • It is advised, due to the colossal client market share already retained for decades, to use the new owner/investor’s free time during the week to build the sales and overall exposure of this staff managed business, within the greater market. Not only are there many more new pools being built every month, with clients continuing to buy up properties, new housing estates are opening and even smaller blocks are having pools installed.
  • Who wouldn’t want the benefit of having their own pool in the back yard, especially if you live in the idyllic area of SE QLD.
  • There is nothing more valuable in life than your health, family and the free time to support both. This investment can help you to secure and ensure your current and future financial prospects – with the pool industry being classified as an essential service and product provider.
  • Pool water quality is legislated, as the water can pose a health and safety risk if not maintained properly – fines ensue if the water doesn’t maintain a safe PH water balance.
  • Well, the owner knows that due to population growth and a long standing and well-built reputation among thousands of clients, the vast majority of sales are being generated by a high rate of repeat transacting and return clientele.
  • So much so, this rate is so high that this owner classifies advertising as an optional investment for this business.
  • But, if the new owner wanted to market and actively promote this independently owned branded business, there is a level of comfort for this retiring owner that could be surpassed and actively expanded upon. The website could be upgraded, an increased Google AdWords budget could yield up even more inbound client enquiries. Increasing the posts to social media across the different platforms, email/text campaigning to the large client database, including targeting other servicing clients within the same street that serviced clients are being tended to, are all great options to encourage further growth.
  • The supplier rebates and perks, including an additional income stream from suppliers, is due to the overall purchasing power and volumes of this substantial pool service and product business.
  • Also, by enjoying diversified income streams within this same business it serves to minimise commercial risks for the new owner / or absent investor.
  • All in all, the pool industry is renowned for being as ‘safe as houses’ with the pool being an extension of anyone’s home or investment/managed client, in the case of body corporates/real estate agencies etc.

This transfer is due to the current owner retiring. All that is being transferred provides such a high ‘value based’ return on investment. All being for an amount of only $339,500 + SAV ($100-130K approx.)

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