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Profitable Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business #317

$599,000 + SAV Ref: 1024197

This is One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pool Product Supply Outlets and Large Mobile Servicing Businesses. Having 500+ Pre-Booked and Regular Monthly Pool Services. Boasting a High Net Income, the Population Growth and High-Quality Clientele (Business and Residential), Continues to Expand this Operation Organically. Includes a Pool Outlet Manager, Support Staff and 4 Well Trained Pool Servicing Technicians. (Owner is Not Completing Scheduled Pool Services). Flexible and Optional Hour Input by this Investor/Owner. This Business’s Cashflow is More than Comforting, it Offers Financial Security. Just Wait Until You See the Net Income Return, Now and Historically!

  • Established for more than 21 years and having only had 3 owners during its more than two decades of trading. Yes, the high net income, the free time lifestyle, the management staff, its systemised structure, strong business and client base, having a large surrounding clientele of the highest quality within greater Brisbane area, is just a few of its direct benefits.
  • Plus, there is the added bonus of enjoying the receipt of a massive amount of income from the passive, pre-booked and recurring monthly pool servicing income. This business’s total sales volumes are enough to keep any owner safe and secure within this financial “powerhouse” of a business. No prior knowledge, industry experience or skill is required of its new owner.
  • Let’s talk pools – It being legislated by the government that this type of pool product supplier and servicer is deemed to be an “essential” service. It being unlawful for a client to let their pool become unsafe for its users.
  • This business’s pool technicians enjoy the luxury of not having to drive far to service all the many clients in need of their services and monthly support. This means that this unique business offers its new owner one of the most cost, time and labour efficient pool servicing runs of nearly any other pool servicing business you could name.
  • This internal fact makes this owner proud, and it means that more services can be conducted per day, achieving a very high hourly rate return on staff time invested. But sadly, due to family health issues, must relocate interstate. This being the ONLY reason for giving up such a high-income yield and secure business, both operationally and financially.
  • Clients include a good number of business-to-business clients such as private pool owners, swimming schools, schools, sporting clubs, body corporates, real estate agencies etc. These types of clients make up the vast majority of all pool servicing payments. With thousands of regular clients being held on the internal client database (marketing and advertising is 100% outsourced by this owner and business).
  • Thanks to its prime and convenient location, easily accessible to a fast-growing population that surrounds this business, this business could add another pool tech on immediately, as the demand continues to swell.
  • This owner has spent time “working smarter on the business”, updating internal operating systems and efficiencies.
  • The cashflow of this business is nothing by positive, and when you come to realise the sheer size of its net income, you’ll ‘sleep like a baby’. Yes, this is a flexible hour and optional role for this owner, who chooses to oversee manager and staff of this ‘like clock-work’ operation.
  • This is highly systemised and commercially protected from competitors, as it includes contractual exclusivity.
  • This owner knows just how much latent and untapped potential is sitting within this type of ‘always in demand’ pool business. A growing client demand is literally sitting at this business’s doorstep. This top line sales amount is impressive, all thanks to maintaining a credibility for providing customised attention and personalised servicing of its diverse client base. It also has a very popular outlet and mobile servicing client network.
  • This is a relatively simple and straight forward business, with a diversity of income being generated within it.
  • This means that this business is scalable within its many suburbs, greater servicing and quality client catchment area.
  • The increasing population growth being experienced within this business’s local area continues to serve up more inbound and organic conversion of clients. More pools are simply being added. Clients are adding pools to increase the values of their homes, they are renovating older homes and new homes or multi-dwelling buildings are being built everywhere.
  • Viewing operational and financial and operational reports from the comfort of a home-based office or mobile device. Made easy thanks to a fully integrated, cloud-based management software, providing the support that this operation requires to be grown and expanded in a well-managed way.

Location, Location, Location – and this business has it! Ready for transfer, due to a family health situation that this owner is required to relocate out of state. All for just $599K + SAV ($80-100K – fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers

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