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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 30 BUSINESS DAYS] Boutique and Home-Based Importers, Wholesaler & Online Supplier of Natural Personal Products #205

$37,400 + SAV Ref: 1023682

This is One of The Nation’s Award Winning, Boutique and Home-Based Importers, National Wholesaler & Online Supplier of a Popular Range of Natural Personal Products, Such as Parfume Oils and Deodorant Products. Having A Diverse Client Market of Both Wholesale Business Stockists and Webstore Consumer Income. Owner Investing Approx. 5-10 Hours P/Wk. Base This From Any Home Office in Australia & Build Upon This Strong Mainly, Paid Upfront Base! Has Hundreds of Clients on The Existing Database…

  • This is one unique and popular online supplier and national wholesale based business model. Much of the hard work has been done for a new owner, as this respected brand has been well established. Achieving a long list of awards for being one of the very best natural product ranges available on the market, means that there are so few direct competitive products. This business is supported by a growing trend, which is seeing clients choose natural products over chemical ones.
  • This business has experienced a great number of online consumers and those who purchase products from this business’s wholesale stockists are more discerning about what they put on their bodies. This range of highly effective and unique formulations and fragrance blends, have been proven for years as popular sellers, and there being another x6 potential products waiting in the wings to be launched (already costed and formulated).
  • This business has literally hit a ‘high note’ by providing the market with these unique personal products, including having ample international and national support for growth, in the way of distribution contacts and general exposure. Products are primed to be distributed throughout Russia, UK, Europe and even USA.
  • This is a popular product range, adorning shelves and front counters of businesses such as chemist, major brand health food stores, fashion, gift, beauty, health related businesses. These are smaller products, providing wholesale business stockists with that all important, additional income stream, as these products are highly attractive as ‘impulse buys’.
  • This home based, low cost and low time input business receives online and paid upfront product orders, including higher volume orders, which are received historically more frequently from its wholesale stockists and brand supporters.
  • Another unique aspect to this importer, wholesaler, and online supplier of this unique and artisan range of parfume oils and natural deodorants, is that its gross profit margins are high. This fact provides a lucrative financial reward for any new owner who is motivated to continue building upon the existing distribution base.
  • All the contract manufactured products & formulations (which are 100% outsourced) are owned and will be transferred to the new owner. By having such a high gross profit margin, this lends to a new owner attracting even more wholesale businesses to the fold, as they can generate great financial returns for stocking these ‘higher than average quality’ products.
  • It will be a proud owner who stands behind this ‘plump with potential’ online and national supplier of this beautiful and attractive range. This range even supports client’s health and provides a beautifying effect, thanks to the high grade of essential oils and ingredients included. Any woman who wishes to smell gorgeous whilst not having to apply harmful chemicals to their bodies, should be introduced to this product range.
  • When articulating the many benefits of owning this small business and beautifully branded and well-presented range, there exists a massive opportunity to grow the existing wholesale business list. Plus, expand the total number of online purchasers. Even keep adding more online based affiliate companies, as a long list generate and forward new client sales to this business now – for a commission amount.
  • This business has several drop-shipping agreements with these online affiliate and client order generators, receiving the order via email and this owner despatching as their drop-shipper, the product order from her home base. This time leveraged model proving highly attractive for these existing online portals, therefore, so many more could easily be added.
  • The detailed business profile (request via email) will provide any new owner a guide to growing the online sales and the national (including international) wholesale and distributor network. All is explained, as this is an extremely unique opportunity to invest in supplying the growing ‘health consciousness’ movement, by marketing personal and beauty products to a diverse business clientele and any end consumers, online.
  • Who wouldn’t want to adorn themselves with a gorgeous aromatic blend of fragrant scents by applying these 100% natural oils. They are the highest grade and are renowned for lasting longer on the skin. Clients who want to avoid the nasties when applying a deodorant and perfumes can delight in wearing these attractive and effective products.
  • There is ample provided a new owner within this business’s ‘treasure chest’ of growth opportunities. Now, ready for a new owner to operate only minimal hours from a home-based office, located anywhere in the country, new offshore distributors are awaiting calls, as this product range is so highly regarded and awarded – having earned its fair share of accolades (a list a page long).
  • But, due to this owner’s personal and family circumstances, including being a consultant for another business, which takes up the majority of her working week, plus carer of her elderly parents, this business simply needs a new owner who can bring this investment more love, care, and attention.
  • It has everything in place, ready for further national and international expansion. Already having a proven product range to continue marketing.
  • This owner doesn’t have the free time to action and implement the many growth options available to this business, even sitting right in front of it now, requiring only a few phone calls or to send a few emails to fan existing interest and follow up on existing leads on file etc. There are thousands more online purchasers to tap into, which could be affected by more google and social media campaigning. Many more wholesale stockists and major product distributors within a diversity of industries could easily take up the option of stocking this type of product range, being highly attractive to their respective clientele.
  • The product formulations owned by this business, including a list of new ones already formulated, but not yet released, are ready for a new owner to simply “press the button”.
  • There is literally so much going for this business, which is now waiting for a new owner to tap into its incredible “well of potential”, which is sitting before it…
  • This business is being transferred for an extremely low “value for money” amount, reflecting how keen this owner is to attract the ‘right’ custodian for this business. For an investor who has a passion for supporting client’s health and supplying beautifying products, one can take this opportunity to market an online and wholesale distribution business, which only requires part-time hours and is operated from the convenience and comfort of a home-based office.
  • A new owner will be able to stand proud of owning and marketing this beautiful range of products, as this current owner is, but alas, personal life demands has resulted in it being transferred. It is too frustrating for this owner to see just how much potential is not being activated, but she doesn’t have the life that supports it…no doubt a new owner’s life could accommodate this investment.

Genuine value of only $37,400 + SAV ($10-15K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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